The Dupe Escape Room in an Envelope

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The Dupe Escape Room in an Envelope

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Puzzle (19.95)

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All the fun of an escape room, without every needing to leave home.

“The Dupe” is a unique and challenging puzzle experience for all ages—with a personalized twist!

Packed into the slim envelope is everything you need for an immersive puzzle adventure that will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you work to unravel the mystery of an art deal gone wrong.

After brokering a deal that put his life at risk, a formerly reputable art dealer is on the run. He’s left a secret message in his vault and it’s up to you to retrieve it and escape. To do so, you must work through a series of puzzles that combine to create the final passcode.

Do you think you have what it takes? Follow the clues, decipher the code, and uncover the truth.

Whether tackling the mission with a group, or going it alone, puzzle solvers old and new will love “The Dupe Escape Room” by PuzzlePost. With it’s expertly-crafted storyline, stunning artwork and wily puzzles, you’re guaranteed for a night of fun.

Don’t worry about getting stuck either. There’s a helpful hint system to keep you on the right path if needed.

Personalize Your Experience

Using “The Dupe Escape Room” for game night or giving it as a gift? One of the coolest features is you can personalize the final message to be anything you’d like. Just upload it to the online vault and it will be exposed once the passcode is deciphered.

It’s a fantastic way to send someone a unique Happy Birthday or Happy Aniversary message, or just add an extra layer of intrigue and fun to the experience. Send them the secret message and they won't know it's you until they crack the code!

Get your “Escape Room in an Envelope: The Dupe” today and be sure to also check out the “Missed Flight Escape Room" as well!

Players: 1-4 | Ages: 14+ | Average Solve Time: 45-60 minutes


Customer reviews for The Dupe Escape Room in an Envelope



A good way to spend a night in. We really loved the fact you could personalize the end message. We'd definitely try the other one too.



A fun night over the long holiday weekend! We're always looking for fun things to do as a family when my kids are home and this one hit the mark. It wasn't overly difficult, but was more than enough fun for two 50+ year olds and our 23 yo son.



This is a well put together 'paper escape room' (whatever that means!). The materials are well designed, and of good quality. The puzzle is rated 'three out of five' for difficulty, with a playing time of 45-90 minutes. For reference, I would consider myself to be an advanced puzzle person, and I would say that the puzzles were in line with the stated skill level (it took me just under twenty minutes, but some of the puzzles are based on common methods).

I imaging that playing with a group would be possible, where each person takes one or two of the clues and works on them individually, but I suspect that it would be hard to distribute the items without knowing their individual uses, and if everyone solves their piece in a few minutes, then it's all done very quickly. Having said that, as a solo game it was fun to play.

There is one section where you need access to the internet, and not for entering the final code. When the time came, the ID code that was provided in my kit didn't work, and I had to use the generic code given in the FAQ. This didn't change the outcome of the game, but it did slow me down by a few minutes as I repeatedly entered the code I was given, and got bounced each time.

If you are newish to this type of game, I think you'll enjoy playing The Dupe. If you have experience in this sort of thing, you may find it too easy.


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  • Robert asks: Could this be used in a competition style game night? Clues in various places and teams competing to solve it first?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Using “The Dupe Escape Room” for game night, One of the coolest features is you can personalize the final message to be anything you’d like.
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