Kinda Tricky Puzzles

All 4 Puzzles for 99.95 (SAVE $32.05)
Also available individually
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Kinda Tricky Puzzles

99.95 usd

Puzzles (All 4 Puzzles for 99.95 (SAVE $32.05)
Also available individually)

Already tackled all of our amazing, bestselling pentomino puzzles? Or, just looking for a new challenge? Then it's time to kick your creative thinking into hyperdrive with our exciting "Kinda Tricky Puzzles."

Price is for exclusive "Kinda Tricky Puzzle Set." Each puzzle is also available individually below.

These are the best puzzles for adults and kids looking for a fun and unique challenge that puts both their creative thinking and spatial recgonition to the test. They're the perfect balance of simplicity and difficulty. They're not so hard to solve that you'll be pulling your hair out, but these are definitely brainteasers to challenge your friends and family with.

Each "Kinda Tricky Puzzle" comes with durable acrylic pieces with vibrant colors that nest perfectly in the gorgeous wooden base...once you've manged to figure out how they get them back in there, of course. They're the perfect coffee table puzzle and conversation starter.

Four unique puzzles are available, each one offering their own distinct challenge.

You can choose your favorite below, or save big by getting all four as part of an exclusive set.


Also available individually:

Adventure Honeycomb Puzzle (out of stock)

Buzz, Buzz! The “Adventure Honeycomb Puzzle” is here to test your puzzle solving skills. The finished puzzle is almost as much fun to look at as it is to solve. While not a total brain buster, this puzzle definitely doesn't go easy on you. Prepare for some exciting and unique challenges as you piece it together.

5in by 5in

Coney Island Squiggle Puzzle (out of stock)

Grab a hot dog and some cotton candy, and bring the energy of the legendary Coney Island boardwalk into your home with this colorful and exciting “Coney Island Squiggle Puzzle”. This puzzle is more difficult than it looks and is the perfect gift for that someone special who is always looking for a coffee table challenge.

5in by 5in

Funhouse Hexiamond Puzzle (out of stock)

Lose yourself in the vibrant madness of the “Funhouse Hexiamond Puzzle.” It tantalizes you with its deceptive simplicity, before showing you its true colors. You’ll find it offers quite a bit more challenge than you might initially expect, but is a ton of fun to solve.

5in by 5in

Pink Heart Tangram Puzzle (out of stock)

Send some love to a spouse, partner, friend, or even show some love to yourself, with the “Pink Heart Tangram Puzzle”. This delightful tiling puzzle builds an eye-popping bright pink heart and comes with a booklet filled with extra challenges for you to solve using the included pieces.

5in by 7in


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