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Menny Lindenfeld  Live Lecture  Live lecture
Menny Lindenfeld Live Lecture
Live lecture by Menny Lindenfeld - $7.95

If you've never seen Menny Lindenfeld, AKA, "The ParaMentalist" perform, you are in for a real treat. An award-winning, international paranormal entertainer, Menny has appeared on numerous highly-rated international TV shows: including Phenomenon - (The Next Uri Geller), and was one of the...

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PENomenon Writer Accessory
PENomenon Writer
Accessory by Menny Lindenfeld and Koontz - $70.00

PENomenon Writer is a revolutionary new device that was invented and perfected for every-day situations.  It gives the performer the ability to make visible live predictions appear on any surface, paper, wood, concrete-floor, glass, or mirrors and even on beer bottles and soda...

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Band Writer (Pencil) Accessory
Band Writer (Pencil)
Accessory by Scott Brown - $25.00

One of the greatest hidden writing gimmicks ever made.Be able to predict anything you can think of that can be predicted at a moments notice with this hidden gimmick. All professionals know the value of these hidden writers. Note: The Pencil Lead can be replaced and the gimmick comes with a refill....

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