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Sponge Poo Accessory
Sponge Poo
Accessory by Alan Wong - $6.00

Sponge Poo.

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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD or download
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks
DVD or download by Big Blind Media - DVD $30.00 or download for $29.95

Now if you're anything like us, you have some DVDs or books on this topic already. And you took them home and excitedly delved into the material only to find it was jam packed with horrendous mathematical procedure and tricks so well known that your Granny learnt them off the back of a box of...

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Self-Flipping Notepad Trick
Self-Flipping Notepad
Trick by Victor Sanz - $29.99

Your audience will flip their lids when they see the Self-Flipping Notepad! This might be your new favorite revelation! The Self-Flipping Notepad is just that: a notepad that flips by itself to a specific page. But, now imagine forcing an object, card, person, symbol, etc., on the spectator, having...

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