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Shalosh: Stage Work Book
Shalosh: Stage Work
Book by Nimrod Harel - $55.00

Nimrod Harel is one of the busiest mentalists in the world. He has his own television show ('Inconceivable') which has just completed its fourth season, and he performs daily before company audiences with his original mentalist show. After his first booklet "SHALOSH" SOLD OUT!!! Now comes his...

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On Stage With Illusions Book
On Stage With Illusions
Book by Duane Laflin - $69.00

J.C. Sum, in reviewing this book, says, "It is a book I would have read cover to cover one hundred times at the start of my illusion career." He also says, "If you are considering performing illusions, or already do a small-scale illusion show, but are thinking of creating a full illusion show,...

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BIP Book 2.0 Book
BIP Book 2.0
Book by Scott Creasey - $38.50

EffectBIP 2.0 - Upgraded for use anywhere in the world and with a new killer finale. Imagine handing out a small, official-looking book from the British Institute of Parapsychology. You freely show each page to contain several different pieces of information: a word, a time, some different-coloured...

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