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Acro Index Dry Erase

Trick by Blake Vogt
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Acro Index Dry Erase

49.95 usd

Trick by Blake Vogt (From $49.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Acro Index Dry Erase - magic
Acro Index Dry Erase Acro Index Dry Erase Acro Index Dry Erase

Larger parlor and stage version now available!

Blake Vogt's innovative Acro Index has been modified into an amazing re-usable dry erase version!

This seemingly innocent index card allows you to perform a remarkably visual change of anything into anything. Since it's so visual, you're better off just watching the demo video to see what we mean!

Unlike the original version, the "Acro Index Dry Erase" can be easily reset by wiping your writing away. It will work with any dry erase marker (not included). All of the mechanics are built directly into a regular-looking 3x5 (Standard) or 5x8 (Large) index card.

The standard version is great for close-up magic or street magic, while the large version is best suited for parlor or stage magic performances. Either version also makes a great addition to any virtual magic show.

"Acro Index Dry Erase" is completely self-working and the possibilities are truly limitless. This is a must-have utility prop for any magician or mentalist.

As each "Acro Index Dry Erase" is handmade by Blake himself, supplies are very limited. Get yours now before they sell out!


Community questions about Acro Index Dry Erase

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  • Ron asks: Is there any way to see a "full performance"?

    • 1. Tony answers: It similar to "Acro Index" so you can view the performance of the Acro Index
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  • Ron asks: In the demo, the words are already written. Am I correct in assuming that one word must be written in advance and the second word can be written in front of the spectator......then it changes into the "force" word. Is there any way to do the opposite??? (An already written word, number or picture turn into the random word number or picture that the spectator just said.) Or am I asking for the impossible?

    • 1. Tony answers: I think you can use a thumb writer (you need to modify the gimmick by yourself) for the one you need
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  • Riku asks: Is it possible to get an examinable duplicate? I'd love to let 'them' touch this normal piece of paper (laminate) after the impossible occurs.

    • 1. Tony answers: You can't let the spectator examine the gimmick unless you make your own ungimmick and switch it with the gimmicked one
    • 2. Raleigh answers: Amazon appears to have similar 3x5 cards, ungimmicked, that also have the red line at the top. However, not having purchased them (yet) I'm not sure how well they would stand up when swapped out with the gimmicked card. But they ARE the exact size with the exact same lines. I'm thinking I might have to add darker ink on top of the commercial cards. We'll see!
    • 3. richard answers: I have the normal Acro Index by Vogt, and even that is made from a considerably different paper that he prints himself. As such, you can't take the gimmick from a stack on your desk, or switch it for an ungimmicked one after the change. Which relegates this to an Instagram trick. I've asked Vogt directly, but he will not be supplying ungimmicked ones, unfortunately.
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  • Timothy asks: How durable is this prop? Is it easily broken? And if so, how easy is it fixed? The trick looks fantastic and very versatile. I just want to make sure it is not easily ruined.

    • 1. Jim answers: Fairly durable. Treat it with care, and it will last. If you are good at DIY and craftsmanship, you can fix it.
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Customer reviews for Acro Index Dry Erase



Not cheap but worth every penny. Better in my opinion to use in subtle ways...



The craftsmanship and durability of this product are decent. The video instructions also give good verbal and visual explanations, with some decent trick ideas. However, I would only use a dry erasable marker. Do not use a pencil as you would need to use too much pressure which would leave a permanent imprint on the product. Also, erasing the graphite tends to leave a gray hue.

Acro Index Dry Erase by Blake Vogt