AmazeBox Black

Trick by Mark Shortland
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AmazeBox Black

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Trick by Mark Shortland (65.00)

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AmazeBox Black - magic
AmazeBox Black AmazeBox Black AmazeBox Black AmazeBox Black AmazeBox Black AmazeBox Black
This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can’t wait to try new magic with AmazeBox!Justin Flom
This is one of the most exciting new tools I have seen. It not only is super cool and clever, it's extremely versatile and completely practical. This is something I will use.Dan White

When we released the original AmazeBox last year magicians across the world immediately recognized the countless uses for such a clever utility prop. Since its release it has been used on some of the largest stages in the world by thousands of magicians, including a number of famous performers.

The AmazeBox, if you haven't heard, is a revolution for switching billets and playing cards. Spectators write, say, their favorite movie on pieces of paper and then drop it into a small cardboard box. You never touch the box; someone comes on stage, opens it up and randomly selects a billet. It is always your force billet.

We got two important pieces of feedback from the professionals that used AmazeBox in their show: they’d like it to contain more billets and they’d prefer it to be black and not white.

Not only is the AmazeBox MUCH bigger (it can hold 200 slips of paper instead of just 30) but it is also stronger. Steel plates between the cardboard mean that this will last MUCH longer and is better suited to travel and the new matte black color means it will blend in perfectly in any environment. After weeks (yes, really!) of re-designing, we have now made it so it fits back into it's packaging so you can transport it flat wherever you go. The box, when flat, it will fit in any large suitcase.

With the AmazeBox Black you can:

  • Switch up to 200 billets
  • Perform surrounded
  • Travel anywhere
  • Have a failsafe method for switching paper, playing cards, and more!

In a 45 minute online video, Mark Shortland takes you through everything from assembling the box, to routines and more. If you have a place for the original AmazeBox in your show, the AmazeBox Black will change everything!

I've performed a Q & A act for over a decade. I've tried so many methods to appear natural and hands free. Bags, boxes, envelopes. This is the most innocent looking method I have ever seen! And completely hands free. I'll take two. When you see something this good, always buy a spare!Paul Draper
The best gimmicks in magic are the ones who fool you even when you know how they work. When I first saw this I knew what it was and what it did, yet I didn't see it happen! Seamless, elegant and beyond deceptive! Best mentalism gimmick I've seen this year!Spidey
Mark Shortland has created an ingenious and devious solution to an age old problem. Natural looking, hands off in operation and simple to use; this might well be exactly what you are looking for.Luke Jermay

Assembled size: 9 3/4 x 7 x 7. Pack Flat Size: 26 x 19 1/4 x 1/4


Customer reviews for AmazeBox Black







I hesitated a long time before buying this. After consulting with a dealer over the best version, I was persuaded that they all work extremely well and it was more a question of size and style. I'm glad I bought the black box, despite the high price. I looks the right size for a box in which people put voting slips. I thoroughly recommend this utility prop if you can work it into a good routine. It's made from rather thin corrugated material (a papery kind of plastic?) I thought it was a bit cheap and flimsy when I opened the huge handsome flat cardboard packet it comes in. I thought," for the money, couldn't they have provided higher quality materials?" However, now it's ready for use, I think it is pretty sturdy and looks great - a kind of slightly mat black finish that, to me, looks great. And it really works! The video is very well filmed, in good lighting and Mark Shortland is well miked. I have to warn you that Mark has a wicked sense of humour. Quite near the beginning, when he's explaining what tools you'll need, he teases you, so DON'T PANIC! I would recommend you watch the whole video before attempting to build the box. (It comes flat packed with a few extra things you need. It can also be flat packed a gain for travel - probably would travel more safely that way - so don't throw away the excellent cardboard packet.) Having watched the video, I was able to build it from memory and only had to check the video again for a couple of details. You'll need to decide whether or not to cut an oblong slit to make it easy for a spectator to open the inner lid of the box during a performance. I decided not to. Instead, I fitted a piece of webbing (the end of a luggage strap) glued to the inside of the folded half of the inner lid, poking through a narrow slit I made on the edge of the fold with a Stanley knife. That looks smart and gives the box a really professional looking finish. I also found a couple of better methods for sections of the construction process compared with video instructions. Tips: 1.) Use double sided tape to fix the metal, reinforcing strips in position BEFORE covering them with black gaffer tape. 2.) Fit the m*****s BEFORE sticking the folded parts of the inner lid together. If you've watched the whole video first, you'll know exactly where they need to be fixed. Also, use double sided tape (trimmed to a circle) to fix one m***** in position. Put the other one on the first with double sided tape on its back. Then fold the inner lid so that the 2nd m***** sticks to the lid in exactly the right place. Repeat on the other side of the lid. Finally, cover each m***** with black gaffer tape. This method is much easier than the one shown in the video and, because the parts are fitted in exactly the right place, they do their job perfectly. I intend to make a laminated label for the front of the box (fixed on only by blue tac) with the words, "Please vote for your favourite T.V. programme here." (I'm building it into a routine for a family wedding on a Doctor Who theme. The reveal for the forced T.V. programme will include the production of a flight control Dr Who Tardis (one of the ones with light and sound when you lift it up.) Then I'll do Josh Zandman's Time Machine Book test and the Pegasus page will be found inside the previously empty Tardis. A talking donkey toy from Shrek will also make an appearance for the children.


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  • Steven asks: Hi, I love this item and the video is great with one exception, where do the metal pieces go?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Please follow the instruction carefully or email to for this kind of question
    • 2. Quenton answers: Can the box be examined before and after?
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  • Quenton asks: Is the box ready to use or do you have to make the gimmick?

    • 1. Jim answers: The box comes flat. You will need to fold it and spend maybe 5 to 10 minutes with it at most.
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