AmazeBox Kraft

Trick by Mark Shortland
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AmazeBox Kraft

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Trick by Mark Shortland (47.96 - normally $59.95)

In stock.
AmazeBox Kraft - magic
AmazeBox Kraft AmazeBox Kraft AmazeBox Kraft AmazeBox Kraft AmazeBox Kraft AmazeBox Kraft

The Amazebox and Amazebox Black remain Vanishing Inc's best sellers of ALL TIME. Now this critically-praised, best-selling trick just got three notches BETTER.

Introducing the Amazebox Kraft by Mark Shortland - a collaboration with our friends at Theory 11. This tool is the finest stage switching device ever manufactured, and is now in kraft cardboard. By camouflaging the same ingenious Amazebox design with a standard, cardboard-brown box, the prop doesn't feel like a prop at all--it's just a simple box that your spectators drop their ideas into. If only they knew...

The Amazebox Kraft allows you to switch up to 200 small, folded pieces of paper (or playing cards) for your own pre-written papers...without EVER touching the box. For example, during your intermission you can invite everyone at your show to think of their favorite film, write it down, and drop it into the "simple" cardboard box onstage. YOU NEVER GO NEAR IT. When you return to the stage, you can invite any spectator onstage to open the box, reach inside, and pull out any paper at random. Voila! You've just executed the cleanest, most direct force we've ever encountered, all thanks to the Amazebox Kraft!

There are THREE notable design improvements to get excited about:

  • It packs smaller than previous models, and still packs totally flat.
  • There are now metal reinforcements and a magnetic locking system, making assembly at your gig a four-second process.
  • Stronger materials. This cardboard is long-lasting and durable.

There is also a completely new instruction video detailing several new handling ideas and suggestions from the thousands of happy users around the world.If you already have an Amazebox you know the POWER of this prop, and you can see the advantages of Amazebox Kraft. If you've never experimented with Amazebox before, Amazebox Kraft is PERFECT entry model to add to your next parlor or stage performance.

Assembled size: 9 5/8 x 6 7/8 x 7 1/8. Pack Flat Size: 22 5/8” x 16 7/8


Customer reviews for AmazeBox Kraft



The ultimate utility for both magicians and mentalists, AmazeBox is an ingenious, hands-off system for switching a huge amount of billets inconspicuously. The uses for this are pretty much endless, and any parlour or stage magician will certainly find myriad ways of integrating AmazeBox into their working repertoire.



Excellent well done. A very simple and effective switch.





What a wonderful utility device! The neat thing is the spectator does the "dirty work" when they open it - without a clue that they are doing it. Plus this works for adults and kids - have kids draw an animal and it matches the prediction! The bonus is the fun after the show, looking at their drawings. Highly recommended!



Amazing utility! Great quality since it’s made out of this tough craft material And the magnets really help with use and construction. I know he say this about a lot of things, but this really is limited only by your imagination! Definitely get the complementing e-book as well full of great ideas that will really get your creative juices flowing!



It is an ingenious utility device that allows magicians to perform a wide range of effects involving predictions, transformations, and productions.
The AmazeBox Kraft is essentially a box made from kraft paper, which gives it a natural and organic appearance. It has a simple yet elegant design that can be customized to suit different performance styles. The box is lightweight and compact, making it convenient for transportation and performance.
The primary feature of the AmazeBox Kraft is its ability to switch, transform, or reveal written predictions, small objects, or any other item that fits within its dimensions. The performer can openly show the box empty before using it to collect predictions or objects from the audience. Then, in a magical moment, the box can be opened to reveal an entirely different item, seemingly defying logic and creating a sense of astonishment.
I am super glad of having purchased this product, and you will be too!



I am absolutely thrilled with it! The quality of the product is top-notch, and it is clear that a lot of thought and care went into its design. The box itself is beautifully crafted and looks amazing on stage.

The AmazeBox Kraft is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of routines. The possibilities are truly endless with this clever device. It is also very easy to use and can be mastered in no time. This is the one prop I purchased that I will always use in my show.

Overall, I would highly recommend the AmazeBox Kraft to any magician looking to add a powerful and versatile prop to their repertoire. It is a must-have for any serious performer and will undoubtedly become a staple in your shows.

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All I can say is this thing is COOL.
Completely under the radar.
Great for shows, classrooms, parties, whatever!
Many applications and simple to execute.
So deceptive I forget that I’m using a prop myself.



Absolutely perfect! The box looks like a simple cardboard box that does not attract any suspicion from the audience for forcing.



Love this effect been using it for a couple of years. Hassle free, and easy to use. I’ve themed it in several routines now; great fun to think of different ways to use it, including multiple predictions. Goes down really well would highly recommend it.



The AmazeBox Kraft is a sturdy and well-constructed billet box. The explanation and video that you receive after purchase is very good. AmazeBox Kraft offers magicians many possible routines that work well with small to large audiences.



I love this prop. The material is tough, and organic looking. I am going to give a few critiques, but I will still stick with the excellent rating. In order to make it easier to set up, it would be nice of every fold was pre-worked: it is a bit more difficult to work the folds after the product is put together (as a result, trying to work the folds caused some wrinkle around the opening on the inside). As others have mentioned, the Velcro for the side flaps is weak (large rubber bands can be used to hold them down). Also, I did not like that the folds around the flap area are perforated so much: I know that this was done to make it easier to fold. I think that the perforations could be more space out, or they did not even have to be done - the flaps could have been made with one thickness of material, thus eliminating some material. I found that using a large serving spoon was helpful in breaking down and opening up the secret. I would probably install some Velcro on the inside bottom flaps to hold them down. All in all, it is a great item.



Haha the name of the box is exactly what I get while watching the video about the box.
Really impressed by the minimalistic incredible simple sturdy design!
I just started to practice magic for a few months now and I am investing fairly large in myself but this AmazeB0X will be added to one of my favorites!!!
My mind started to spin in overdrive with ideas haha this b0x can be used for so many things I am even considering buying another one to do something completely different as well????.
I do hope the box will last a very long time, but it feels strong dough.

I also like the freedom with the blanck box, what I ment by that is that you could use it like unprinted, orrrrrrr you could print a sleeve for the box and have it match to performance or show without having to redo every flap of the box.
I hope maybe the next model comes with a sleeve 4 or 5 Unprinted so we can be creative with what we put on the sleeves
And please make the sleeves frome the same material as the thin card that is inn the package.
Also 1 idea popped up that adding 1 sleeve with a glossy layer of paint for the whiteboard markers that would be AMAZINGLY GREAT! ????????
Also I do like the fact that i can fold the box back up afterwards.

Mark, my complements for the nice video as well!!!

Allot of thanks from The Netherlands

Regards Tristan Gomes



This is a fantastic utility device. It has a concise instructional video that fully explains how to set up, pack up and integrate the apparatus quickly and easily into your show. It definitely has a lot of applications for mentalism routines and I am excited to experiment with different presentations and uses for the prop. As a bonus, for those to whom this matters, it looks beguilingly organic and innocent.

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Very Simple and Ingenius design. I use it to open my stage show and love it, my 1st effect is done before I walk on stage! I have the Amaze Box Black and this is a tremendous improvement. Very durable and as far as the spectators are concerned, it's just a cardboard box, you can even have the closed box passed around if you like, with no worries.



This is EXACTLY the thing I needed for my show.
I’m not a “secret” collector. I do not regularly buy magic. I only buy magic that fills a clear need in my show. Often I feel magicians buy a new prop and try to figure out where it could go in a show instead of having an idea for a show and finding the missing piece. This is a perfect jigsaw puzzle piece to the rest of my program and I will gladly spend the money.

The Amazebox is clear, direct, looks absolutely innocent and solves a massive problem. That of a natural way to collect and force billets. I can’t think of a better solutions than this. While billet boxes are nothing new, Amazebox packs flat! (Important if you travel) looks like a cardboard box because it is, doesn’t draw attention to itself and the mechanism is beautifully simple and self working. Best magic utility of the last decade. Very happy with my purchase.



This box is beautifully made and does exactly what it says it does.

Clever idea, well implemented. If you're looking for something like this..quit looking. This is it!



I recently upgraded from the original Amazebox to the "Kraft" version and I am very pleased with my purchase. In addition to it being able to hold more billets, it's also sturdier and more deceptive than the original (those who already own this will understand). I also like that it packs flat and can be transported inside the shipping carton (just be sure to cover the word Amazebox!). If you elect to purchase this then you may also want to pick up a copy of the new AmazeBook by creator Mark Shortland. It contains many useful routines and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.



AmazeBox just keeps getting better and better. This one is the least suspicious of all, has pre-assembled closures (not that the original was difficult), holds enough for a stage show, and packs flat!



Excellent tool for my act.
Simple to use and very convincing.



Absolutely love this! The kraft version is so unassuming that it couldn't possibly arouse suspicion but has the potential for devastating effects. Superb utility device.



I bought the first Amaze box when it came out and that was a great product. This one is made even better and looks innocent. Two thumbs up.



Really great forcing device. Very unsuspicious (if that's a word!).
Super simple (I love easy and simple). So I love this.



VI Monthly


It’s a great prop. Deceptive because it doesn’t “read” like a prop. The design is quite clever — with a principle that feels like something out of Tarbell applied in a quirky way. The potential uses are infinite. Unfortunately the Velcro isn’t strong enough to stick the sides down. It looks totally goofy if the sides don’t stay down. At the good suggestion of someone at Vanishing’s help desk, I went out and bought slightly bigger Velcro stickers, carefully peeled off the old ones and replaced them with 1 1/2” rounds. Now it works fine. Cost about $9 on Amazon for the stickers. One might legitimately ask why the prop doesn’t ship that way as it’s clearly a product defect, but not hard to fix. Just plan on fixing it. Other than this issue 5 stars. Vanishing should just fix it for the next production run and perhaps be a bit more up front about the need for arts and crafts. Might even ship it with a couple of replacement velcros to avoid the hassle.



This is an excellent switching device, but I have to admit the tabs don't want to stay down for me. And believe me, I've worked that part of the box through about 200 open/shut cycles, and it just is "iffy".

Which doesn't REALLY affect the trick.

I wish it was smaller, as it's difficult for me to carry, but it is one wonderful device.

VI Monthly


Just bought another one after reading what I had thought to be the "updated" description above. The ad copy claims that "there are now metal reinforcements and a magnetic locking system." If so, they are nowhere in evidence in either of the two "AmazeBox Krafts" that I now own. Yes, the box is of heavy-duty cardboard, but it is held together, and just barely, by velcro rather than magnets, and there is no sign of metal reinforcement. A great prop, but either the prop should be altered to match the description or the description altered to match the prop.



It is a great idea and I will use it. My only concerns are, the velcro does not hold as strong as it should. There might be a better way to hold down the side flaps than the two small pieces of velcro. There is also a concern about the bottom opening when you don't want it to, especially if handed out and passed around the audience; however, this box is a great idea and is worth the cost. I just think there needs to be a couple of slight variations/improvements to fix these two small concerns.




Professional Review AmazeBox Kraft

Community questions about AmazeBox Kraft

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Randy asks: Can you tell me more about “the magnetic locking system” - I have an Amazebox Black - so what is reinforced and where are the magnets? Thanks Randy

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The magnets are in place to help hold the secret area more tightly.
  • Paul asks: What are the dimension of the Box ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Approximately 9 ¾ x 7 x 7 inches.
  • Bryan asks: Can you open up the box to show it empty before spectators start to put their slips of paper into the box?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I don't think you can do that, but you can let spectator look thought the hole.
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  • One asks: Is there a explanation video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes there is!
  • Torsten asks: Is this the same as amaze box black and amaze box Kraft and if not what are the differences?

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    • Manos asks: Compared to the original white Amazebox which I own, how much bigger is the secret compartment in the Kraft version. I want to use it to switch in/out #1 coin envelopes. How many approximately can fit in the Kraft's secret compartment? Thanks in advance.

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      • doug asks: I purchased the 'Amazebox' craft cardboard version about a year ago. I see in the latest product description that "There are now metal reinforcements and a magnetic locking system, making assembly at your gig a four-second process." Can you explain this and are there instructions on how I can retrofit my model to incorporate these charges?

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        • Frankie asks: Is there printing on outside of the box (i.e. AMAZEBOX, Theory 11, etc.,) as shown in the pictures; or is it completely blank?

          • 1. Adam answers: Blank.
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        • Mark asks: I take my show on the plane with me when I fly. I don't check it. On Southwest Airlines, which I fly a lot, the carryon luggage can be 24" in length, 16 inches wide. Your product when folded flat is 22 5/8 inches long, that's good. but it is 16 7/8 inches wide, meaning it is bigger than would fit in my carry-on case. Am I correct about that or did I read it wrong? Mark

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          • Gami asks: Is there any slight of hand involved?

            • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: None at all. You don't even touch the box.
          • Chris asks: This looks great for forcing. Can this also be used for a q&a routine where the spectators' billets can secretly be accessed?

            • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It must be pre-loaded so I don't think it would work for a Q&A routine.
          • Louis asks: Can i use this as close up and can i use coins any small objects thanks

            • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can do that but make sure to keep the objects flat. Coins might make a little noise when switching.
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