Professional Cups and Balls Set (Bacon Magic)

Trick by Bacon Magic
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Professional Cups and Balls Set (Bacon Magic)

180.00 usd

Trick by Bacon Magic (180.00)

In stock - very few available.

A premium cups and balls set for any magician looking to enhance their favorite routines.

Key Design Features of "Bacon Magic Cups and Balls Set"

Bacon Cups and Balls adopts the classic bullet-shaped appearance design, smooth and elegant lines, simple atmosphere. The purpose of choosing this cup shape is to let the audience see the performance of "cup" and the ball, rather than "strange cup object" and the ball. Of course, the seemingly simple and conservative appearance hides a lot of clever design for the actual show, which will be described below.

Some large cups can create larger objects such as tennis balls and bring greater visual impact, but they also require a larger court and a larger card pad to perform, and it is very difficult to perform many tricks with large cups.

Bacon Cups and Balls size is relatively small, the height of a single cup is 6.25cm, the inner diameter of the cup mouth is 5.40cm, easy to carry, easy to control. With the common medium-sized card pad, you can easily perform the complete Three-Cup Routine, which is very suitable for close performance in bar tables and other similar occasions.

The cup can be small, but not too light. Bacon Cups and Balls are made from one piece of high quality brass and weigh about 118 grams per cup. As long as you gently collision two cups, you will hear the melodious sound. After long-term use, the cup will naturally oxidize and have a more charming retro texture.

Appearance Details

The data for the Bacon Cups and Balls has been rigorously calculated and adjusted dozens of times. The shape of the cup looks like a long bullet, but the center of gravity is very reasonable, and will not be top-heavy when throwing and receiving; When stacked on top of each other, the cups are very stable and do not sway from side to side when you gently touch.

The two lines of the waist of the cup gather up in just the right radian to ensure elegant modeling while making the big ball on the top of the cup look much bigger than the cup itself. The grooves on the top of the cup were widened around the sides, this small change allows the ball to rest more firmly on the top.

Included balls

Each set of Bacon Cups and Balls contains 8 custom-made red balls with a diameter of 1.7cm. Four of them are common wood core balls, and the other four are steel core balls. The size of 1.7cm is slightly smaller than that of common balls, and proper lifting of the weight of the balls can bring better control.


  • Height per each: 6.25cm
  • Height per set: 10.45cm
  • Inside depth: 5.82cm
  • Inside diameter: 5.40cm
  • Saddle diameter: 3.10cm
  • Dimple depth: 0.29cm
  • Weight per each: 118g
  • Weight per set: 354g

Cups and Balls Set Includes

  • Brass cup x 3
  • Red wood core ball (1.7cm) x 4
  • Red steel core ball (1.7cm) x 4
  • Red wood core ball (4.9cm) x 1
  • Black flannelette storage bag x 1
  • Exclusive online instructional video

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