Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition

Trick by Martin Lewis
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Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition

69.95 usd

Trick by Martin Lewis (69.95)

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Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition - magic
Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition

Martin Lewis has done it again. And this time it’s for the children’s magician. If his famous Cardiographic Sketch Pad met up with the Look--Don’t See Principle, you’d get the Action Bunny Birthday Cardiographic Lite.

Watch the video and you’ll see the potential for your kids birthday party shows. It’s quite possible that this is the best ever trick that results in a giveaway to the birthday child. On a 10” x 18” sketchpad you draw a picture of a top hat. Then you ask the children, “What comes out of a top hat?”

They all shout, “A bunny!” But, of course you explain that can’t happen today because it’s a drawing, not a real top hat. As you’re looking away, a cute bunny peeks his head out of the hat to the delightful screams of the kids—and ducks back inside, before you can look back at the pad.

That’s right, this sketch pad allows for dual action. It’s easy to make the bunny go up or down making it perfect for the Look-Don’t See scenario.

How many times can you repeat the gag? That’s up to you and your kid management skills. But when the “Action Bunny” finally rises all the way, he’s holding a “Happy Birthday Card” that you can personalize with the child’s name, (and their friends can sign it too!) making it the perfect magical giveaway for the birthday child.

You get:

  • Cardiographic Lite sketch pad measuring 10" x 18”
  • Dual action gimmick
  • 30 refills
  • Instructions

Get the Birthday Cardiographic Lite and you’ll get a routine that delights the kids, mystifies the adults and gives the birthday child a magical gift they’ll remember for a long, long time.

You can also purchase extra refills for Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition.


Customer reviews for Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition



A new staple in my birthday shows! It does take some time and can be a little knacky but once you get it wow super cool effect. Not sure who likes it more the kids or the adults.



I've used this trick at a whole bunch of birthday party magic shows as my closer, and the kids are always amazed. Even the know-it-all heckler kids don't know what is going on by the time you finish the trick. So if you do birthday parties for kids, this is a must have. It's fun, it's cute, it's magical!


Community questions about Cardiographic Lite - Birthday Edition

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  • Michael asks: When the 30 handouts are passed out can the performer purchase a new set of 30 plus handouts or must the trick be purchased again?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We sell inexpensive refills for them.
  • WIL asks: What does Lite means in this version, do I have to make things myself?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Lite means that this is an economy version of Cardiographic. The non-lite versions tend to be more durable, larger and about $200. This comes ready to use.
  • Shane asks: Can we get this in a non happy birthday version?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Cardiographic Lite is available in a couple of versions. You can use the search box above to see options.
  • Steven asks: The size listed says the sketchpad is 10"x18" Are you sure this correct?

    • 1. Brandon answers: Can you buy the add ins for this so you can do the birthday one day and the next day do the card rise??
    • 2. Jim answers: "Lite" refers to a smaller size.
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