Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro)

Trick by Martin Lewis and Magikraft Studios
280.00 In stock - very few available.
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Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro)

280.00 usd

Trick by Martin Lewis and Magikraft Studios (280.00)

In stock - very few available.
Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro) - magic
Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro) Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro) Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro) Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro)

"Cardiographic" is now easier and quicker than ever.

Martin Lewis' "Cardiographic" is one of the most iconic parlor and stage magic effects of all time. This is the same effect used by everyone from David Copperfield during his touring show to Jon Dorenbos during his Golden Buzzer act on America's Got Talent.

While the trick is an undeniable smash-hit among all audiences, the reset could be sometimes be a bit tedious for some performers. Especially those doing multiple shows back-to-back.

Designed with the working pro in mind, the stage-size "Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro)" has been completely reimagined to reset in seconds instead of minutes. It's also been redesigned to use paper more economically. All of this while still operating the same way. So, if you've been performing this for years, you won't have to change a thing!

Comes with 24 shows worth of paper (7h and 5d), 2 special pens and downloadable instructions.

Paper refills are available here and replacement pens will be available in the near future.

Different playing card reveals are also available via this special add-on gimmick.

"Your new Cardiographic arrived today and I don't know what to say. You took my breath away! You have truly taken one of the best magic routines that you created many years ago and elevated it a level that makes it something every magic performer will want to do. The reset is a workers dream! I now no longer have to prepare this prop between shows and when working gigs where I've got a small amount of time to prepare, this truly is the ultimate version." Paul Romhany

"There's just so much great about this trick I don't think any trick is stood to test of time this long and kept getting improved and now it's at the pinnacle. I don't think there's ever been a trick in old magic or modern magic that isn't been improved to the point of perfection like this one has!" James Dimmare

"Martin, back in 2002 I performed your cardiograph in a bunker in Afghanistan while getting shelled by the Taliban. I would often do magic in the shelter outside our tent during the mortar attacks. That story has been a staple in my act now ever since. This is such an amazing improvement! I will be purchasing it immediately." Anderson


Customer reviews for Cardiographic RRP (Rapid Reset Pro)



This version of Cardiographic is a must have for working pros, the ability to load it with multiple sheets and reset in under 30 seconds is a real bonus.
The construction is of the usual, excellent quality and it comes with a good stock of sheets and everything needed to hit the ground running.
Would highly recommend!!



This is a parlor-sized or even stage-sized presentation. And it's a stunner! Could anyone reading about this special illusion doubt that? The pedigree includes not only Martin Lewis, but also David Copperfield and a Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent. Audiences are thrilled and shocked by this trick, especially when you tear off the paper from the drawing pad, sign it, and give it to an audience member. They see only ink on paper, and minds are blown...
There are multiple versions available for Cardiographic. I went with Rapid Reset Pro, but it's additional feature of being rapidly resettable is not actually something I must have. Still, I am glad to have purchased this amazing product.
Audiences will talk about your show if this trick is in the lineup, I assure you. They will tell others that you are a serious and talented magician.


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  • Allan asks: Where can I see this in action being performed... please let me know? Thanks much

    • 1. Jim answers: The creator didn't supply one. Here is one of the same effect:
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  • Adrian asks: Hello. Is this the same as the Cardiographic Lite that was being sold a while back? Do you have the dimensions of the pad - is it the same size as the old “lite” version or the original signature version?

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