Cesaral Mental Frisbee

Trick by PITATA
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Cesaral Mental Frisbee

495.00 usd

Trick by PITATA (420.75 - normally $495.00)

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Cesaral Mental Frisbee - magic
Cesaral Mental Frisbee Cesaral Mental Frisbee Cesaral Mental Frisbee Cesaral Mental Frisbee Cesaral Mental Frisbee Cesaral Mental Frisbee

Transform the most uneventful portion of your show into an unforgettable highlight.

Using a frisbee has been long one of the most common ways for magicians and mentalists to randomly select a member of the audience to assist them during their parlor or stage show. For just as long, that has been its only purpose. PITATA Magic changes all that with their incredible way to use the frisbee itself as part of a professional mind-reading effect.

Multiple routines are included with your purchase!

For a bit of classic mind-reading, you can reveal their selected symbol immediately, or leave it as a follow-up reveal or callback. You can also perform a highly-interactive color match routine (colored stickers included). As an extra bonus, you'll learn a triple mind reading effect that uses two extra colored Frisbees to perform a magical three-person mind reading routine where you can even give away the colored frisbees at the end.

What is the "Cesaral Mental Frisbee"

The "Cesaral Mental Frisbee (CMF)" is a revolutionary piece of magic technology with an integrated accelerometer and ultra-long range wireless transmitter. It transmits an audience members's selection to the performers receiver in real-time, unlocking an unprecedented way to reinvent a part of your show that is typically boring and time-consuming.

Highly Customizable and Realistic

The sticker on the surface of the frisbee can be replaced with any symbol selection of choices you want. Numbers, ESP symbols, zodiac signs, animals, locations, fruits, characters, brands...even the product line of your corporate clients.

The outer shell is exactly that of an actual frisbee. As far as your audience can tell, it is a real frisbee. A real Frisbee weighs 200g, and the CMF weighs 280g.

Incredible Range and Well-Designed Receiver

The CMF's signal uses 433 MHz and can travel up to 100 meters, allowing it to be performed across almost any stage.

The receiver has dual means of a display screen plus vibration haptic feedback. The vibration pulse is coded similarly to Roman numerals. No matter what the number is, it can be obtained in seconds.

Multiple Performance Modes

The performance mode settings on the "CMF Frisbee" can be switched between 6 or 12 zones to suit your performance needs.

Built to Last

The Frisbee has been drop-tested vigorously on concrete floors. Even if the audience misses catching it during your performance, there is no need to worry.

If you are not sure about your skill of throwing a frisbee, or the audience is really too far away, you could give it to someone in the first row and pass the frisbee to the others until they want to stop.

Comes With

  • The gimmick Frisbee X 1
  • The receiver X 1
  • Wireless charger X 1
  • Charging cable X 1
  • Stickers for color match (6 colors/20 each)
  • Zodiac sticker X 1
  • Animal sticker X 1
  • Fruit sticker X 1


  • Frisbee: 30mm X 280mm,
  • Receiver: 16mm X 25mm X 46mm,
  • Round sticker: 195mm.
  • Weight: Frisbee 280g, receiver 14g.
  • Standby time: Frisbee 8 hours, receiver 5 hours.
  • Maximum signal range: ~100m

Important Manufacturer / Warranty Notes

"Cesaral Mental Frisbee" by PITATA Magic is professionally produced with expert quality control. Each one has been tested before shipping to ensure perfect functionality. In the rare case it arrives and does not work right, PITATA does offer a warranty. They will fix or replace it.

Vanishing Inc. does not manage this warranty. For any issues regarding the actual product itself (and not the ordering or shipping of it), please contact PITATA magic directly: pitatamagic@gmail.com.

You can also email them to get the signal range test and the violence test/drop test videos of the "Cesaral Mental Frisbee" that were used to ensure it's durability.


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  • Dave asks: Not clear how the audience chooses? Is it the symbol closest to them when they catch it?

    • 1. Wayne answers: The video shows you how things are selected.
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