Trick by Gustavo Raley
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Trick by Gustavo Raley (30.00)

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CineMagic - magic
CineMagic CineMagic CineMagic CineMagic CineMagic

Like having a movie in the palm of your hands.

CineMagic is a visual, movie-based experience from the creative mind of Gustavo Raley.

A movie ticket is introduced as a prediction. You then show a variety of different tickets with a blank screen on one side and then a movie and seat number on the other.

The spectator selects one of the tickets and is amazed to see it matches your prediction. But, that's just ONE part of this incredible effect.

As an amazing kicker ending, you then put all the tickets together (which, remember, initially had a blank movie screen on them) and riffle through them like a flipbook to show a scene from the spectator's selected movie.

Using an innovative system, CineMagic is a visual and fun effect that will delight audiences of all ages. It's perfect for parlor magic or virtual magic shows, and even works well in close-up magic and street magic scenarios.

Three different versions are available: Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Superman. Grab your favorite or get all three to suit any audience.

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Customer reviews for CineMagic



This effect is very easy and fun to perform! Always have an excellent reaction from the audience. The only con I found is if you perform for example in bars be carefull performing with wet hands (from beer bottles), damages the book is made of paper. Apart from that this effect is great I recommend it.



You can choose your own version I.e Superman, Star Wars or Jurassic Park to suit your performance and as the reveal.
There are different effects and stages. I.e The first effect, the spectator chooses a ticket and you, the performer, reveal that it matches your prediction, I.e a movie and a seat number.
There is a really good kicker ending where the cards are riffled and to reveal an animated section of the movie chosen.

The trick can only be performed once, with the same outcome.


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