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CRAZY DOTS - magic

Dizzy Domino, What's Next, Spot Card. This classic has been known by many names. Optical illusion combined with a few secret moves and you can have a great routine. You fool your audience, then pretend to tell them the secret, then go ahead and fool them anyway in the final triple climax at dots appear everywhere!

You show your audience a large white card with a single big black dot on one side. You turn the card over and find four dots on the other side...Turn over the card again and there are now THREE dots!! Turn it over again and find SIX dots! You explain that by covering some dots with your fingers and not covering others it creates an illusion based on the patterns of dots we see on dice and dominoes.

Your audience THINKS they understand the trick until, all of a sudden 6 dots appear on one side, then three on the back and then, when you turn the card over one last time, like magic, EIGHT dots appear!!

This is the most well-made version using this method that we've seen

You get:

  • Card made of thick, no-bend steel
  • High-gloss, white powder coat finish
  • Super-smooth movement
  • Super thin matte finished dots
  • Downloadable PDF

When you check out, choose your choice of size. Parlor size: 6.5" x 9.5" or Stage size: 9" x 11.5" You and your audience will love Crazy Dots. It's easy to learn and will drive your audience crazy!


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  • Paul asks: Is this the traditional moving spots ala magnetic spots, or the invisible threaded spots that slide into position, ala Ken Brooke card from years ago? Thanks. Paul

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Traditional.
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Customer reviews for CRAZY DOTS



I was 17 when I 1st had this summer class effect it must have for any stage effect ,it easy funny to do! Any one who see you with this stand alone effect will say wow and it a lot of fun for kids party too!



I love this trick! I did it a lot on the street and got great reactions. Some little kids 2-4 did not get the trick but still great.



When I first open it I thought “dots” weren’t included. Their flat design is great along with the sturdy card design makes this a dream to perform.



I never had this as a kid so there is no nostalgia here for me. However, this is a very strong piece of magic, don't underestimate it. Everyone I've shown this to has been pretty floored by it. The prop is built very well and will last a lifetime. You will be up and performing this within an hour.



The construction of this is way better than I expected based off the price. The gimmicks are nearly imperceptible, even up close. The card itself is super strong and will last many performances. I’m very happy with this purchase.



Although I’ve been doing magic for 50 years, I have never performed this effect. I’ve seen it done by many performers, including, yes, D.C. but never considered it before now. This is a beautifully made and extremely deceptive version. Hard to see the gaffs even when you’re the one doing the trick. Crazy Dots gets my highest recommendation!

CRAZY DOTS by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.