Easy Money

Trick by Spencer Kennard
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Easy Money

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Trick by Spencer Kennard (34.95)

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Easy Money - magic
Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money Easy Money

A slick and modern update to a classic effect.

Magicians around the world have been using Tom Burgoon's "Power Pickpocket" for decades. It is a truly classic piece of magic that has stood the test of time.

Now, with Tom's kind blessing, Spencer Kennard is excited to introduce an all new iteration of this amazing effect to a new generation of magicians.

"Easy Money" allows you to produce, vanish and transpose a wallet from the most unexpected places. It's a delightful bit of visual chaos that truly feel like wallets are coming out of nowhere.

While the original "Wallet from Anywhere" effect was geared toward parlor magic and stage magic performers, "Easy Money" was designed with close-up magicians and street magicians in mind as well. The "Easy Money" wallet truly looks like an ordinary wallet. Audiences will never expect the visual miracles it can perform.

This is super easy and fun to perform. It packs flat and plays huge with big visual moments audiences will love.

Get "Easy Money" today in either Black or Brown.

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Customer reviews for Easy Money



Big fan of this gimmick. It's such great fun to play with and practice with. You almost definitely know what the gimmick is already — it's a little tricky to conceal but I think with the plethora of routines provided there'll be one with a level of misdirection that helps you 'get away with it.' The direct/instant production e.g. flat onto the table will definitely take some practice but looks so visual that its worth the effort.

The wallet obviously can't be used as a real wallet but it looks damn convincing — the family members I've shown it exposed too did a double take at some of the finer details — and you can tell from the leather that it will last for ages.

PS — the wallet works great as a final reveal for James Brown's 'pot of jam' routine!



Awesome affect and easily carried



This trick has so many possibilities and can do really cool things, but a trick like this needs to come with a warning "Best for people with large hands." Even with averaged sized hands you can do this trick, it's just not as easy or smooth. I would have made it 3 stars because of this issue but the trick is so cool it gets +1 for me back to 4 stars.



I have no idea why this product is getting less than 4 stars! Gimmick is great. Better than Power Pickpocket IMO. I’ve had absolutely no problems with it.
People mention that you can’t hand it out to be examined. I’m sorry but if your presentation is solid why would you need to hand things out to “be examined” after you’ve ended a routine? In the hundreds of times I’ve performed my routine with this wallet I’ve never had anyone try to examine my wallet.
Bonus tip: the whole “Apple Pay” line in the demo inspired something for me. I perform Garrett Thomas’ 8 ball from wallet effect but pull an apple out of my wallet to start my routine!
Anyway-great idea. Great gimmick. It goes everywhere with me??

VI Monthly


Well, I knew what I was getting, but would have to count myself as disappointed. I had hoped that concealing the wallet would be easier and less cumbersome than it proves to be. Yes, once produced, the wallet looks convincing, but though it may be effective in a routine with LOTS of misdirection, needed both for the "load" and the "hold," its bulkiness keeps this from being the versatile utility item I was hoping for and is unusable for the effect I had planned to do with it.


Community questions about Easy Money

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  • Ben asks: Does it come with a matching ungimmicked wallet? That would open up great presentational possibilities...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not come with an ungimmicked wallet.
  • Alonzo asks: I also am curious about a second ungimmicked wallet, although i expect not judging by the pics.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not come with an ungimmicked wallet.
  • Grant asks: Can this wallet also be used as an everyday personal wallet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It cannot.
  • Adrian asks: I’m not blessed with large hands (palming cards is a real problem for me etc). Will I have an issue with this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Without exposing the method, you might have some trouble palming this gimmick but the wallet is not super big.
  • jim asks: The original by Tom Burgoon was easily compressed with one hand when apparently placed back in spectator’s pocket. Can you quickly do the same with this one, one handed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can do the same with this one as well! It's a different more realistic texture but works exactly the same.
  • Westley asks: I have this, loads of possibilities! Is there a user group on Facebook?

    • 1. Ted answers: Not that I can find.
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