Trick by Curtis Kam
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Trick by Curtis Kam (75.00)

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Echo - magic
Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo

Visual. Audible. Tactile. Inconceivable.

Echo is a professional performance piece that Curtis Kam has featured in his close up, parlor, and stand up shows in Hawaii, at the Magic Castle, and at magic conventions all over the world. Purpose-built to make every moment crystal clear and engaging, Echo draws amazing responses from the onstage participant, and then from the crowd.

Someone from the audience inspects five coins, each a different color, shape, or size.

Four vanish one at a time and appear in your pocket with a loud "clink".

The first one vanishes from the glass they're holding.

They make the second one go themselves.

The third to vanish is their choice, which they do not reveal until after it lands in your pocket.

The fourth one vanishes from your fingertips at the spectator's command. This moment has sent people screaming from the stage.

The last coin is signed. In fact, all of the coins could be, since the coins that arrive in your pocket are the exact same coins the spectator examined.

Incredibly commercial. Fits in your pocket, but plays to a large room. The participant on stage is fully engaged, and controls most of the action. The routine cancels all possible explanations as you go, leading up to the impossible flight of the signed coin. Plus, it's fun. Coins flying into your pants is always fun.

You know what's not fun? Special clothing, complicated devices, things that wear out, need replacing, or might break. Echo has none of that stuff. Just simple intermediate sleight of hand, and one classic gaff.

Perfect for close up, walk around, stand up and stage.

Everything is included

Available only in Half Dollar size

Easy to do!


Customer reviews for Echo



I loce the product yet I believe the instructions are long and not clear. That's the only reason I'm not reviewing this as Excellent.

VI Monthly


Got my ECHO today - marvelous service as always from Vanishing Inc. However, I am quite disappointed with the coins provided. Yes, they are half dollar-sized when the instruction is for dollar-sized coins. It was fully disclosed when I ordered, so I am not claiming a "bait and switch" situation. But the dollar coins rest in the glass completely differently - at an oblique angle, not fully resting in the bottom of the class. This is key to the refractive cuts in the glass to enhance the illusion. It does make a difference.

So now I have to spend another +/- $90 to get the necessary coins and gimmick. God forbid I want to use Morgans. Ouch.



Reference the ad copy stating "Half Dollar size only". I believe there is a reason for that clarification. Curtis Kam promotes the "Dollar size" coins in the tutorial and performs "Echo" using the dollar size coins. Coin size is a personal preference for a performer. The half dollar size may work well for some performers, however, I am now searching for the necessary dollar size coins to purchase. I believe the handling and visibility will be better.


Community questions about Echo

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  • Andreas asks: Hey. So it says "Available only in Half Dollar size". Is this really only related to the size of the coins (and we get the Asian coins) or does it mean we actually get Half Dollars? Thank you.

    • 1. Andreas answers: Found the answer. Thanks though :)
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  • Roy Tore asks: Hi Is the glass and the pen also included?.

    • 1. Andreas answers: Glass, coins, and gimmick. Pen is not. I just read Kozmo's answer in the cafe. There is a discussion about it.
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  • Robert asks: I'd also like to know more about the coins included since the photo and video are not representative. As I understand it, the glass is included. Anything else? Thanks!

    • 1. Andreas answers: I just read a discussion about it in the cafe. You get the glass, the coins (half dollar size), the gimmick and that's it.
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  • John asks: I understand the instructions are online. Can the instructions be legally downloaded and retained by the buyer or is it only accessible to view on line.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The three supplied videos can be downloaded.
  • Allan asks: What difference does it make to use the half dollar as opposed to the dollar-sized coins? Is there an advantage to using the one over the other besides the factor of hand-size?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's very little difference. Dollar coins are obviously larger, so more visible on stage. This set is half dollar sized.
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