Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)

Trick by Bacon Magic
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Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)

19.95 usd

Trick by Bacon Magic (19.95)

In stock.

A pro "Egg Bag" designed by workers, for workers. This premium "Egg Bag" by Bacon Magic is the perfect magic accessory for any professional magician.

Even after decades of performances, the "Egg Bag" still dazzles audiences of all ages and sizes. It's a great piece of magic and having a good "Egg Bag" can make or break your performance. The "Bacon Egg Bag" looks like a seemingly ordinary bag. But, it contains all the necessary design details needed by the working pro.


The cloth used to construct the "Bacon Egg Bag" was discovered after trying numerous samples. It's fine-woven with a soft feel that is also durable enough for repeat performances. It is wrinkle-resistant too so you can travel with it and not have to worry about it becoming and ugly wrinkled mess.

There is the perfect amount of drape and texture to perform, with a minimal degree of reflection (too much gloss will reflect the outline of the egg in the bag). Workmanship:

Top Notch Craftsmanship

This "Premium Egg Bag" has exquisite workmanship, precise cutting and a neat sewing line. There are three layers of cloth on the side of the gimmick. In order to balance the two sides of the bag, the other side of the bag is also sewn by three layers of cloth. In total, this light and supple bag is sewn by a full 6 layers of cloth.

Imperceptible Gimmick

Other types of egg bags on the market are basically made of single-layer cloth, these egg bags are easy to be folded a few millimeters at the edge of the gimmick, which leads to a thick "edge" on the gimmick. When the audience reaches into the bag, they are likely to feel the presence of this strange edge directly, and even see the shape of the edge from the outside of the bag.

With the "Premium Egg Bag" from Bacon Magic, the edge of the gimmick adopts invisible stitching technology. The edge of the gimmick is smooth and non-marked. It lays flat and is attached to the outer cloth.

Easy-to-Use Gimmick

The "Bacon Egg Bag" also adds a circle of imperceptible "decorative" stitches in the corner with the gimmick. You can easily identify the position of the gimmick by "looking" or "touching". You don't have to worry about forgetting which side has the gimmick during your performance.

Perfect Size and Color

The size of Bacon Egg Bag is 18cm x 21cm. This the perfect size for everything from close up magic to stage and parlor magic.

Multiple gorgeous colors are available too: Black, Red, Red Plaid & Blue Plaid

Expert Teaching

Every "Bacon Egg Bag" comes with an expert online video that will help you quickly master your "Egg Bag" skills and implement a powerful routine right into your working set.

Comes With

  • Egg Bag
  • Realistic wooden egg
  • Online Instructions

Note: this bag is a Tarbell style bag—it is not like the Malini style.


Customer reviews for Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)



For the price, you are getting a great quality egg bag, with an included prop egg.

The instructional video is brief, but sufficient to learn the effect. I bought this as a gift for my 8 year old son and he’s been practicing it in order to get it perfect.

This is what I know as a Tarbell style egg bag, rather than a Malini style.



The description says that it is a Tarbell egg bag style. Not true. The bags in solid colors (black and red are Malini style egg bags) , the plaid color bags are Sterling (Mardo) bags. The difference between Tarbell and Sterling bags is the placement of the gimmick. Tarbell's gimmick is lower.
I ordered a blue plaid bag. I received a green and black plaid bag (not advertised). Ugly. Also the description says that there are 3 layers of material on both sides of the bag. Again, not true there are two.
The video instructions are in Chinese (at least,I think) with English subtitles. The subtitles appear and disappear very quickly. I have to stop the image to be able to read.
I regret buying it. I won't return it, It is to much trouble and too costly.
Vanishing Inc should be stricter about the descriptions of the products that it sells.


Community questions about Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)

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  • Sidney asks: Is this a Malini design?

    • 1. David A answers: Not exactly, but it is close.
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  • Carlo asks: Does it come with an egg?

    • 1. Carlo answers: Never mind, sorry, it does! (I should thoroughly read before asking...)
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  • Sam asks: Is it like the Senor Mardo Egg Bag or is the secret in the corner like the Malini style? Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: This bag is a Tarbell style bag—it is not like the Malini style.
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  • Bret asks: Is the inside of the red egg bag black? I'm thinking of performing for stage and it would be great for the audience to see a different color when I turn it inside out.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The inside of the red bag is red.
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