Electric Deck Deluxe (Tetra 4-Color Fanning)

Deck of cards by Ronjo Magic Inc.
35.00 In stock - very few available.
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Electric Deck Deluxe (Tetra 4-Color Fanning)

35.00 usd

Deck of cards by Ronjo Magic Inc. (35.00)

In stock - very few available.

Playing cards spread, fan, waterfall, rotate and move in any direction with the completely self-working Electric Deck Deluxe (Tetra 4-Color Fanning). This is the most versatile and powerful Electric Deck ever made.

With this incredible deck of cards, you can make it look like you have the ability to perform expert level card manipulations that would typically take years to master. As this deck uses the vibrant Magic Makers Bicycle Tetra 4-Way Fanning Playing Cards, you can now also add an eye-popping splash of color into your card flourishes.

Here's the best part! If you use this Electric Deck enough, you can actually train your muscle memory to prepare for tackling the real moves with any ordinary deck of cards.

Each Electric Deck Deluxe is painstakingly handcrafted. Unlike other Electric Decks, it does not use strings, tape or staples. As a result, you can freely maneuver the cards in any direction with a seamless flow and speed unlike you've ever seen before.

This is the perfect deck of cards for taking unforgettable photos and videos for your Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

If you add a few loose Magic Makers Tetra Playing Cards to the top, you can give the illusion that you're using a normal deck of cards. You can shuffle and cut them, or even having a playing card selected.

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Customer reviews for Electric Deck Deluxe (Tetra 4-Color Fanning)

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I owned a terrific electric deck by Wladimir that eventually wore down and I saw this deck that was the same price so I assumed it would be just as good but it is worthless. They made it seem like you could do numerous flourishes but the deck is so tightly tied together that you can’t perform anything close to what they claim in the promo. Very disappointed that I wasted $35 on this piece of trash.
This is the only item I have purchased from vanishinginc that I regret. Oh well you can’t win em all


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