Gravity Reel

Trick by Tom Wright and Joao Miranda
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Gravity Reel

350.00 usd

Trick by Tom Wright and Joao Miranda (350.00)

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Gravity Reel - magic
Gravity Reel Gravity Reel Gravity Reel Gravity Reel Gravity Reel Gravity Reel

The ultimate Invisible Thread Reel for close-up workers!

This incredible “Gravity Reel” is an ITR designed by Joao Miranda in conjunction with an incredible team lead by invisible thread expert Tom Wright. Using a one-of-a-kind double motor system, the “Gravity Reel” allows you to perform miracles at a moment’s notice.

Dual Motors and Programmable Recordings

With the revolutionary dual motor system, you can gain access to a giant hoop or loop of invisible thread at any moment. If you prefer a single thread, you can also always have a second thread ready to use at anytime.

This powerful device also has a built-in program-saving mechanism that allows you to record up to 3 different programs (or full routines) and then have the “Gravity Reel” reproduce every movement with just the push of a button.

Combining the hoop and recording systems, you can perform truly one-of-a-kind effects with ease. Imagine being able to have an object fall on your command and then have the thread automatically retract to your pocket. With “Gravity Reel,” you can do exactly this! Start and end clean every time.

Vibration Feedback Recording

“Gravity Reel” also offers special vibration feedback recording that uses programmable vibrations to send vibrations at key parts of your routine. This is a critical feature for pre-recorded performances or movements because it allows you to focus on your presentation while still being completely aware of key actions before they occur.

For example, in a floating dollar effect, you can program the “Gravity Reel” to buzz right before the bill begins jumping in a glass and another one when it’s about to automatically fly into your waiting hand.

Adjustable Speed Control

The adjustable speed control allows you to individually manage the speed of each motor from a scale of 1 (ITR constant pulling mode) to 8 (maximum speed). This ensures every routine can be finely tuned to the exact speed you need.

Fast and Easy Refills

While the unique design of the “Gravity Reel” causes 90% less breakage than a traditional ITR, putting in refills when you need to is super quick and easy. There are NO difficult knots needed and refilling a spool takes less than a minute.

Gravity Reel Thread and Gravity Reel Tack are also easily purchased.

Long-Lasting Batteries

The batteries in both the reel and controller are designed to last dozens of performances. A “low battery” light also ensures you’ll never be caught by surprise with a low battery.

Unique Attachment and Effects

The Gravity ITR has two built-in magnets so you can attach it anywhere. Also, thanks to its small size it fits inside a small leather wallet or any card case, so it's hidden in plain sight and not attached to the performer. This allows for total freedom (and new effects).

With more than 4 hours of instruction, you’ll learn how to become a master of invisible thread. There are more than 20 effects and tips designed for everyone from beginners magicians to advanced invisible thread workers. You’ll learn how to use the “Gravity Reel” to perform miracles with everyday objects from cards to glasses, pencils, rings, rubber bands and more.

While learning invisible thread effects can sometimes be difficult on video, each effect is explained step-by-step with easy-to-see red wool before being shown again at speed with invisible thread.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As part of your “Gravity Reel”, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind warranty code that can be used to email Tom Wright directly with any questions about the device or accompanying routines. Having direct access with the creator is a huge bonus.

Each Gravity Reel Kit Comes With:

  • Unique Dual Motor ITR (w/ Remote control)
  • 49ft of pre-stripped Gravity Thread
  • 2 empty white spools (+ 2 bonus spools)
  • Special spooling kit that allows you thread your spools in under 60 seconds
  • Gravity Tack sample (a special version of magician’s wax)
  • USB charging connecter
  • Warranty code

Gravity Thread Standard Refills, XL Refills and additional Gravity Tack are available separately.

Want to control your Gravity Reel hands-free? Check out the Gravity Reel Toe Switch.

You can also easily carry your Gravity Reel inside your jacket or on your belt with the Gravity Reel Holder.

Extra Gravity Reel Spools now available in packs of 10.


Customer reviews for Gravity Reel



I have tried sooooo many different thread items
I am really liking this
Lots of time and thought went into this
Get it


Dan Thorpe Guitar Ltd

I tried a few cheaper manual ITR, but there is nothing that matched this. I am going to get a toes switch and holder as well. For the price I would have liked the holder to have been included. Saying that it is an amazing item. I am still practicing and my wife walked in and she saw an effect and she just said that's impressive. She said that although she had an idea of the method she couldn't work out the method. After practice getting used to the various features there will be an amazing set of ideas and it is a matter of just being creative. I highly recommend this. Thanks to the wizard who suggested the idea to me.



I have used many different threads and reels, but I always felt like I wanted more versatility and more control. I bought Gravity hoping to find a little of both. I got a LOT of both! Wow, this is not only going to work for the routine I was planning, this opens the door for almost anything I can imagine.

The instructions and videos opened my mind to a host of ideas that will lead to miracles. Truly a gimmick that is a work of art!


VI Monthly


Hi, this is my first review. I am really excited about exploring all the possibilities with the Gravity Reel. So far it does everything it claims in the ads. Also the instructional info online is great. This is a great product and I have already gone ahead and bought the extras, Toe Switch, holder, thread refill, etc.
Thanks Vanishing Inc.! George



After the unboxing, review of the video's and then setting up and practicing. This is a very nice reel, easy to setup and re-string. The ability to program is awesome! I was very disappointed that for the price, they should have included Thread XL, Gravity Toe Switch, or the Gravity Holder. They have instructions for, but appears it would be a separate buy and does not appear to be available anywhere ?


Community questions about Gravity Reel

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Edward Alexander asks: What's the cost for a refill?

    • 1. Edward Alexander answers: Sorry I just noticed the cost for refills, right in front of my eyes.
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  • Jay asks: What is the length of time each program can be? Is it programmed in real-time or key framed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No length limitations are mentioned n in the instructions. It is programmed in real-time.
  • Derek asks: When playing a recorded sequence at home, must you be in pretty much the same exact setup when performing live?

    • 1. Jim answers: For the sake of consistency, yes.
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  • Carlos asks: Is easy to perform the floating rose with the gravity reel..than regular itr? Boss Tarantula etc?

    • 1. Jim answers: In general, if you can perform an effect with a ITR, Tarantula, etc, the Gravity Reel should work well.
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  • Christopher asks: Is the remote independent of the unit that it comes with? Meaning, if I have two Gravity Reels set up can I trigger the one without setting off the other or will they both go off when the one remote is activated?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's only meant for vanishing or producing one coin. But, yes, you could absolutely use it with the nest of wallets. In fact, it might just be the cleanest way ever to use the nest of wallets. You can show an empty hand before going to grab the wallet in your pocket.
  • Roberto asks: Can the motors be heard when activated?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is really quiet. Unless you are in a exceedingly quiet room, you won't hear it.
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  • Sean asks: Can this be worth using for a intimate theatrical séance?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is possible, you would want a reel with stronger thread depending on what you would like to animate.
  • Thomas asks: Would this be able to either open a door slowly or slam a door closed ? Like for use in a haunted house for Halloween.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The thread is not strong enough to do that without breaking. However, if you want to move smaller objects, it's possible.
  • Michael asks: Could this be used as a pull for a ring vanish?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Using the reel in that way might cause the string to break
  • Jordan asks: What kind of batteries does this ITR take because it said the spider, Pen X takes AAAA batteries so I want to know what batteries does this ITR take?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is an internal battery that cannot be removed. The unit is rechargeable so you don't have to worry about replacing the battery.
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