Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle

Trick by Martin Lewis and Magikraft Studios
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Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle

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Trick by Martin Lewis and Magikraft Studios (From $24.95)

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A vintage Martin Lewis effect, still used by magicians everywhere after nearly four decades, is now available in a convenient poker size version.

This three-phase routine builds toward an unexpected finale that will knock them out.

In the first two phases three blank cards and an Ace are shown. A blank is placed aside facedown, and the Ace is put between the other two blanks. A spectator fails to find the Ace because the three cards are shown one by one to be blank, and the Ace is on the table.

The third time the spectator usually guesses that the ace is on the table. But it is shown to be really a blank card, and the cards in the hand are shown to now be all Aces.

Parlor and stage version has 10.5in by 7.5in cards made from durable plastic that are about the thickness of four playing cards stacked together. The close up version is made from poker-sized cards and is great for walkaround performers.

Comes with booklet and online instructions.

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Customer reviews for Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle



During the mid to late 70s, I was a magician at Mr. C's Magic Lounge in Berwyn. IL, one of only two magic lounges in the Chicago area. I was the comedy magician and the Original Sidewalk Shuffle was a staple of my close-up routines. This is a gem and honestly, today magic has gone too much for the flashy and in many instances leaves out the fun and laughter. The Sidewalk Shuffle is one the audience really gets into and the comedy presentation is the approach I used with great success. This is a classic and EVERY closeup and palour magician should have this in his act. Having lost my original version over twenty years ago, I was ecstatic to find it here and have it once again!

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In my recent review of the less-expensive version of this trick (Great Big Sidewalk Shuffle), I complained of the flimsiness of the cards, comparing them unfavorably to the Ken Brooke Signature Series version. The Brooke version sold for the then princely sum of $100, yet I'd suggest that this version is every bit equal, if not superior, to the Ken Brooke cards. They are a bit larger, "prettier," and handle as well, if not better. DEFINITELY worth the few additional bucks this will cost you compared to the "no fat" version! A classy version of a classic!



I have good and bad to say.
The good is that I have always liked the Sidewalk Shuffle. Commercial, funny, and easy to do.

I wanted to purchase the normal jumbo card version of this effect but was told it is no longer available. Darn! So, I purchased this super jumbo size version. Not happy. Maybe on stage this is great, but I work behind a bar, and it looks stupid being so huge! I will never use. So I wasted $75.

And speaking of money, this item is way overpriced. This is not normal for Vanishing as I have always been pleased with the value of the products that I have purchase. But not this time. Just super overpriced.


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