How to Control Minds Kit

Trick by Peter Turner and
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How to Control Minds Kit

149.00 usd

Trick by Peter Turner and (149.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
How to Control Minds Kit - magic
How to Control Minds Kit How to Control Minds Kit How to Control Minds Kit How to Control Minds Kit How to Control Minds Kit How to Control Minds Kit

Harness the key to the deepest secrets of mentalism and mind control.

Following the success of their "How to Read Mind Kids Kit", Ellusionist and Peter return with the "How to Control Minds Kit". With this amazing kit, you'll get all the tools you need to captivate everyone you meet. There is no boring, corny party tricks here. Just tons of amazingly powerful mentalism.

"How to Control Minds" is a hand-picked selection of easy, yet powerful, mentalism designed with both beginners and working magicians in mind. You don't need any prior experience to jump into the "How to Control Minds Kit." It's the perfect gift for magicians or mentalists (or even yourself).

There is something in here for everyone. You'll learn the secrets to harnessing a perfect blend of mentalism, psychology, magic and pseudo-hypnotic suggestion to give the illusion of truly being able to control minds. All in the name of fun and entertainment.

With the "How to Control Minds" Kit, you'll learn how to:

  • Invisibly touch strangers from 6 feet away using Peter Turner's coveted "Midas Touch" method
  • Convince an adult they can no longer read
  • Make your friend believe their hand is stuck to a table and convince them to share their pin code
  • Remove someone's ability to say their own name.
  • Make a right-handed person switch to fully left-handed.
  • Steal someone's strength so they can no longer push something on a table.
  • Persuade someone to give you ALL of their possessions in an instant.

What's in the "How to Control Minds Kit"

Midas Touch
This reputation maker from Peter Turner is worth the price of this kit alone. It's a powerful take on the classic PK touch routine that truly allows you to make strangers feel like they've have been touched, despite the fact you are 6 feet away from them. This is Peter's go-to effect and one of his most cherished creations. If this is all you take away from the "How to Control Minds Kit", then it will be money well spent.

The Try Principle
A versatile technique that allows you easily replicate a sense of hypnosis. You'll be able to make spectators be unable to say their own name or remove a pen from their own hand. You can even make them feel like their feet are stuck to the floor.

The Force
Like a Star Wars Jedi, you'll be able to move someone using an invisible force. No need to touch them.

Perfect for groups of all sizes, this effect allows you to steal a thought from someone's mind and then "hypnotically" replace it with one of your own. The method for this makes it nearly impossible to retrace. So, they will truly believe their thought has been replaced.

Hand Stick
Arguably the most impressive feat of "mind control" in the kit, "Hand Stick" allows you to get a stranger to feel as if their hand is stuck to a table and they're unable to say their own name. This isn't some sort of hypnotic trance. It's just very pure and raw suggestion. And, if things go wrong, Peter Turner provides the perfect "out" to make it look like it worked perfectly.

BONUS: When your spectator's hand is stuck to the table, you'll learn how to make them say their pin code instead of their own name. They'll feel like they can't hold it back even if they wanted too.

IPI (aka. Instant Pseudo Induction)
Fast and elegant pseudo-hypnosis that looks better than most real hypnosis. It's almost impossible to fail and will blow audiences away. Without touching a stranger, you can make them instantly fall into a "hypnotic trance."

Robin Hood
Pull of a "robbery" in broad daylight. Within less than 30 seconds, you'll be able to convince strangers that they should give you all their most precious belongings from their phone to their wallet. This is a powerful lesson in how easy it is for someone's mind to be controlled. Lots of presentation possibilities. And, of course, since this is for entertainment, not theft, they walk away with all their items.

This one is wild. You'll learn how to switch your participant's dominant hand. If they write with their right hand, they'll temporarily know how to write with their left hand. This mind control technique is actually quite simple too.

Using nothing but mental barriers (no physical barriers needed) you can take away the strength of a stranger. So much so, even the tiniest bit of friction between an object and the tabletop is enough to prevent them being able to push it. They simply cannot move it.

Knock-Back Induction
This is the perfect principle to use when trying to gain the attention of the whole room. It's very visul and a true display of "hypnosis" as entertainment.

BONUS 1: Secrets of TV & Stage
Peter Turner will share the technique used by nearly every performer on everything from stage performances to Netflix specials. The "secret sauce" to elevating basic effects to miracle status—especially when performing on a large stage, TV show or social media video. While it's not necessary to apply it to your effects, this is the technique that allows you to convince people that you know how to control minds, even if they rewind and watch the video over and over again.

BONUS 2: Mind Control Jam Session
Pete sits down with world-renowned magic consultant Mark Lemon for an expert jam session on of all the different ways to get the most out of every routine. There's some great subtelties and extra bits of information that will really help you get the ultimate impact. They even touch on how to deal with difficult spectators, hecklers and less than ideal locations. While working pros already understand the value this adds, we feel its necessary to stress to beginners that this is a section you don't want to skip!

IMPORTANT: The files for this project come on a USB key and are in .m4v format. Depending on the computer you have, you may need to download VLC Player to play them. This is a free and safe software that allows you to easily watch nearly any video type. If you have any trouble with this, please contact us and we will help. Ellusionist would like to remind everyone that these techniques are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

Customer reviews for How to Control Minds Kit


Dan Thorpe Guitar Ltd

I have wanted to venture into performing some mentalism effects but could never take the first steps using Corinda. Then I us3e How to read minds and how to control minds. I would recommend these to anyone interested in learning mentalism. These set teach a good introduction into mentalism



So first, let's see what's in the box: a 60 page booklet, a solid brass (I'm assuming!) ink pen inscribed with some of Peter Turner's signature symbols, a set of solid brass dice (again, I'm assuming; I'm not a metallurgist!) marked with his 'crossed keys', a deck of Crossed Keys cards, and a 'skeleton key thumbdrive' that's literally stuck in the end of a big, antuque-replica key.
The book is a very brief bio and explanation of how and why the set was put together the way it was (there are places in the book for YOU to fill out and use if you want), and a short routine you can use with the included dice.
The pen (someone referred to as cheap- I beg to differ!) appears practically seamless until you fiddle with it, and once assembled, writes beautifully! Peter never addresses the pen, but without saying too much, he had to know it would be PERFECT for the first part of 'Step Two' in Corinda's '13 Steps to Mentalism'. The weight, thickness, and bulk of the utensil ease that process a bit, and like I said, it's a boss pen.
The dice are heavy, and well made. The cards are Peter's own design, and could be worked into practically any routine included on the thumbdrive, but YOU have to figure out how!
The thumbdrive itself, as cool as it is, is my only gripe; its heavy, and if your USB port sets higher than the key is thick, you'll need to support it, or it could bend/snap off inside the USB port.
What's on the key- A lot more personal info than I thought there would be, but it adds a level to everything. The effects are exactly as advertised (which kinda blew my mind!), and the secrets use some principles I've never encountered, but work nonetheless, IF you follow the scripts, and apply them as suggested.
Be careful! We live in a time where people get sketched out over practically nothing... if you do this stuff, then awaken in the early AM to an angry mob of villagers, RUN!! Yes, this stuff is really THAT GOOD! I hope this helped!



How to Control Minds isn’t what many reviews say. I haven’t ran into any pre show set ups. What I’ve done does work. You do have to follow script to get ‘total mind control’ but it’s with great ease once scripts are memorized. Peter gives a lot more then I expected…it’s pretty cool when someone gives me all their possessions on their person!..or can’t say their name…
For mentalists this is a must fact this may fit into many magicians act. I was very skeptical when I opened the box but I’m sold.


Community questions about How to Control Minds Kit

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  • Thomas asks: Is there anything to download, or is everything self contained?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive everything you need including the instructional links.
  • Tom asks: I sort of have the obvious question. If this is all about just using your words, human psychology and prop-less mentalism then why is there even a 'kit' of a bunch of 'stuff' like a marked deck...a crossed key die, a brass pen etc? Seems like you're getting a bunch of 'random stuff' that has nothing to do with anything and is an excuse to upcharge. Why wouldn't this just be a download? Nowhere in the trailer do you see him using dice or a deck of cards or a special brass pen. In fact quite the opposite. Am I missing something here?

    • 1. Leonardo answers: It's true, the stuff in the kit is just novelties, but you can use the pen and billets (he doesn't mention them in the video but, he does go over ideas, so having those around can be useful... the dice are just kinda there but he tells you his story about using them), me personally I love having more stuff with it, yeah its unnecessary but it's still pretty cool to have them
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  • Thomas asks: Concerning the instructional links; can they be downloaded and saved on my device, or is a situation where I'll need an internet connection each time I want to view them?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. You actually receive a USB containing the video files.
  • Gerardo asks: Does it work on any language?

    • 1. Jim answers: The How To Control Minds techniques work in ANY language...not just English. That said, you will need to understand English to learn them.
    • 2. Gerardo answers: Sorry, just saw the answer in the actual trailer! Should have watched it first!
    • 3. Daniel Jose answers: No.
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  • Sam asks: Why didn't anyone mention this is a Mac format video? I didn't know you needed an apple product to watch the video.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As far as I am aware, there is no such thing as a "Mac format" video. We always recommend Video Line Client (VLC) as an app to play videos as that will play any format you throw at it. Hope that sorts the issue, if not please email our Support Wizards ( and someone will help you further or issue you a refund/store credit. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Aidan asks: I’m aware that I would receive a USB with the downloads but when I purchase this will the downloads be added to my vanishing inc account?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The downloads will not be added to your Vanishing Inc. account.
  • Valentin asks: have the videos English subtitles?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It doesn't look like it
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