Imagination Coin

Trick by Eric Chien and Bacon Magic
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Imagination Coin

240.00 usd

Trick by Eric Chien and Bacon Magic (240.00)

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Imagination Coin - magic
Imagination Coin Imagination Coin Imagination Coin Imagination Coin Imagination Coin Imagination Coin

"Like one of James Bond's gadgets...'Imagination Coin' helps us achieve a dream effect in magic: to make money appear between two empty hands." Joshua Jay

FISM Winner Eric Chien is FINALLY ready to release his secret weapon: "Imagination Coin."

Produced in partnership with Bacon Magic, this amazing professional-quality gimmick allows you to show both hands empty before closing them together and making tons of coins appear between them. The ultimate true magic miracle.

The innovative and sophisticated gimmick allows you to mechanically control everything. You never have to worry about electronics being damaged or batteries dying during performance. You can perform "Imagination Coin" with confidence every time.

This competition-level gimmick was designed to perfectly match every user. You can quickly adjust the main body of the gimmick according to your height and the height of table you're using, making "Imagination Coin" tremendously flexible and convenient.

Each gimmick can hold up to 9 one dollar coins or up to 24 ultra-thin coins or palming coins. It can even be adapted to accommodate small objects like sponge balls.

  • Professional, competition grade coin magic device
  • Two modes: single release or multiple release
  • Strong and durable
  • Silent and instant trigger

Comes with

  • Imagination Coin gimmick
  • Two top clamps
  • Replacement tools
  • 10 ultra-thin Morgan Coins
  • Eric Chien's complete routine

Customer reviews for Imagination Coin



Here's what you need to know. Yes, you absolutely can make handfuls of coins appear the way Eric does. However,1) There are some alterations to the gimmick you need to make for it to work really smoothly. Eric explains these in detail. Some of what you need is included. For one or two items you'll probably need to visit your local crafts store.2) The gimmick is beautifully made and works smoothly. But it's finicky, especially in setting it up at the venue where you're performing. You'll need some time alone to do the setup.3) For owners: two "C" batteries work better than the steel balls Eric suggests. And they're more readily obtainable.4) This trick is for formal close-up settings.5) It will take a lot of practice. 6) But then, you knew that.


Community questions about Imagination Coin

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  • Christopher asks: How difficult are s the trick to learn. Do you need to be an experienced coin magician?

    • 1. Jim answers: This will take a lot of practice. I would recommend it only for experienced performers.
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  • Thomas asks: The trailer and the ad gives no information whether I have to use a table and/or a jacket, and whether I can use the gimmick surrounded or not.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We don't talk about methods in public, but if you email our Support Wizards I am sure someone will be able to help you.
  • Guy asks: Do we need a vest while performing this ? And if we do, could we roll a little bit our sleeve ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need a vest when performing this and can roll your sleeve up a tad.
  • Darryl asks: Imagination coin is this trick for beginners or intermediate level and advanced

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I would recommend it only for experienced performers.
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