Joker Tube and Box

Trick by Sadik & Co.
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Joker Tube and Box

75.00 usd

Trick by Sadik & Co. (75.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

Great for kid's show performances or parlor magic shows.

The magician draws attention to an opaque tube resting on a black base.

There are three balls (red,yellow & green from the top) printed on the front side of the tube. After lifting this opaque tube they reveal that another tube is still resting on the stand. This tube is smaller & transparent containing three plastic balls resembling the color sequence of the outer opaque tube. Then, the magician removes the balls from the transparent tube and covers it with the opaque tube.

They then drop the balls one after another into the nested tube according to the sequence printed on the outer tube (with the red ball going last). Then, after some magical gestures, they lift the outer tube and find that the red ball is impossibly at the bottom instead of the top.

This action is then repeated but, mysteriously, the result is same.

Finally, the frustrated magician drops the green ball followed by the yellow ball into the nested tube and then puts the red one inside a separate square box (beautifully colored with a vibrant yellow & two contrasting black doors). However, when the magician opens up both the front and back doors the box, they are confused to find the red ball has vanished completely.

They then lift up the outer opaque tube to find that the red ball has not only re-joined the other balls, but is back the bottom again.

The Joker Tube and Box is super easy to use.


Customer reviews for Joker Tube and Box



You know the trick. It's classic and people tend to be baffled by it. The props work as expected but the build quality is just not there for the price. The acrylic (more like mylar) tube is very thin/flimsy and mine was held together at the seam by tape. Also the stickers on the front of the opaque tube are not aligned and the yellow "dot" or "circle" on the front is Orange while the actual ball is Yellow. So again for the price it just isn't there.

The box that comes with the tube to disappear the ball is good to go except it doesn't have magnets to keep the doors closed. Again for the price, you would expect that stuff.

Anyway time to return


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