Let's Go

Trick by Gustavo Raley
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Let's Go

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Trick by Gustavo Raley (45.00)

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Let's Go - magic
Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go

Gustavo Raley presents "Let's Go", a fun and original superhero and LEGO-themed effect that's great for any children's magic or parlor magic show. It can even work over Zoom.

A LEGO-style figure missing its head is introduced. The spectator is then invited to choose between different Superhero heads for this LEGO figure. The head they choose is placed on the body and the magician proves that they knew which would be chosen by turning the entire character around to show the back matches the superhero.

Then, the character is turned around again for you to do the suprising kicker ending. Like a true superhero, the character's boring plain clothes "explode" off their body to reveal they're wearing a special superhero suit completing the full character.

Each set comes with all the materials and a base to hold the character. The online tutorial will teach you everything you need to start performing right away.

"Let's Go" is super easy to perform and will delight all audiences.

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Customer reviews for Let's Go



Great trick has a faster rest set I cut up some confetti and have in a zip lock bag and just add when needed. I have gotten some very good reactions with this! I also have added out to lunch principal to the effect to make it longer affect. So many ways you can go with this.



You I looked at this trick and I wasn’t to sure about it. It’s a short routine. Easy to do and prep for. It uses audience participation by having the helper choose the character head. Has a visually mind blowing to kids magical ending.
I preformed it at three live shows so far and it hits big. The routine is short but you could mix it up with other superhero type tricks to extend the routine. But the flash change from and ordinary lego man to a superhero the child picked. Kids love it so far. It’s hitting big because to a kid it’s like real magic to see that change.
I feel … ok I’ll say it. Packs small and plays big.



I want to give this 5 stars but at this point I can't. The positives are what you see in trailer. It's easy to perform, adults and kids know what it is and you can play up the different characters on the cards.

My issues are:
1. Mine appears to have arrived bent. I've been able to flatten it out to where it doesn't seem warped but it's still not flat
2. Disengaging the gimmick via flicking is not 100%. Can take few flicks or seemingly unnecessary force
3 because of the amount of force needed to disengage the gimmick when flicking it the head has a tendency to fall off
4. The card board has already split to to point where I've had to glue it back together as the outfit was coming off.

So for $45.00. I don't know? Maybe I should return for a different one and that will solve my issues.


Community questions about Let's Go

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  • Steven asks: Is the exploding thing reusable? Will we eventually run out?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is confetti, which you can make yourself. So it is infinitely reusable.
  • Timothy asks: What is the set up time and prep like for this, If i am doing 3-4 kids shows a day is it practical to reset it in between shows. I like to keep my show reset time under a few minutes. Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: Outside of cutting up confetti, the reset is under one minute. Very practical, in my opinion.
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  • Robert asks: Is this a free choice for the spectator?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a force involved, but it's very fairly done.
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