Mental Die

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi
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Mental Die

149.95 usd

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi (149.95)

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Mental Die - magic
Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die Mental Die

Both versions finally back in stock!

This incredible, modernized version of the classic Mental Die effect by Tony Anverdi uses powerful new technology to help you perform a variety of mind-blowing magic tricks.

The Mental Die offers ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that go well beyond a simple number divination. In fact, the included tutorial features a variety of powerful and creative routines that help you unlock the true potential of the Mental Die such as:

Color Match
A fun color by the numbers game where a spectator randomly fills in a drawing with 6 different colors. You then show you correctly predicted the choices they'd make. You can even be wearing the prediction!

Dream Lunch
The spectator random selects various foods based on how they roll the die. Despite how fair this is, you somehow have already purchased every item they selected.

Two spectators roll the die and secretly memorize their numbers. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. Each spectator then takes turns dealing down cards until they get to their secret number. Impossibly, the last card dealt turns out to be their selected card. This can be performed in large groups or even one-on-one.

The Mental Shuffle
A spectator secretly memorizes the number they rolled. Six different items are then mixed up until they freely call stop. They then pick the object that corresponds with their secret number. Despite the fact they made all these free choices, you are able to reveal that your prediction (which has been in view the entire time) perfectly matches their choice.

Mental Die Features

Look and Feel
Each Mental Die is a standard "casino gaming" size die (.625in / 1.58cm) that looks exactly like a regular die. It can be rolled normally without raising any suspicion or damaging the device. Built with exceptional materials, this durable prop is designed to last you for countless performances.

Tactile Vibration Remote Receiver
This new Mental Die receiver contains the latest remote technology that can be used with a single die (included). It also contains a newly coded vibration system that can be adjusted (soft/medium/hard) to suit any environment.

Original Mental Dice Compatibility
This new vibration system also allows you to receive individual, tactile signals to be used in place of the receiver included with Anverdi's original Mental Dice Set!

Incredible Accuracy and Distance
You won't need to worry about potential misfires as the Mental Die offers unrivaled accuracy. You can comfortably use your Mental Die up to 40 feet from the receiver.

Removable Receiver Clip and Band
A super durable, removable receiver housing allows you to clip the receiver to your pants, socks, and more. You can also clip it to the adjustable, high-quality arm/leg band that is included with every Mental Die set.

Battery Life & Wireless Charging
Each Mental Die features an unbelievably long-lasting battery and is equipped with the latest wireless charging technology. Each set comes with a convenient charging platform and USB cord for on-the-go performers. The set also has a light to indicate when it's charging.

Shutdown and Sleep Mode
The receiver gives you the ability to easily shut down your Mental Die set or put it in "sleep mode" to conserve battery life. When in sleep mode, the "wake-up" time is almost instant. There is also an ON/OFF indicator light, so you always know when you're reading to perform!

Power Level Indicator
Every time you activate the receiver, you'll be alerted if the die needs charging.

Available in White or Black.

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Customer reviews for Mental Die



Simply Perfect. I don't have much to say, it is one of the best tricks I've ever purchased. Using a simple dice, you can spend hours and hours performing the trick with many variations and people will always mind-blow. Very well-made and resistant



It's amazing the look on some peoples faces you can get from a "simple, harmless Die". Very easy to use and very well made. If you put a little thought into this you can build it up to a pretty mind blowing affect. Did think that the packaging was a bit OTT which could of been dropped in order to shave a few quid off the price but having said that it's still worth the money.



This is a phenomenal tool. Upon first opening the box, you are greeted by the product bathed in a (frankly ridiculous) light.

The dice itself is a standard shape and size - I have loads of ungimmicked dice that are identical.

The receiver is great, and I have had no issues at all.

The tuition is a great starting point, and the colour match effect is a particular stand out.

I’m highly recommend Mental Die - well worth every penny!



The MENTAL DIE is absolutely amazing .
With a little imagination this opens up so many effects .
And of course , you can combine it with your favourite card routine to produce something extra special .

The tutorial that came with it is perfectly done too . This explains all you need to know .
Highly recommended.



Very ingenious and very nicely made! Super easy and deceptive to use. Looks, feels and rolls like any normal die. With a variety of ways to conceal the receiver, it is a real baffler. The instructional video gives a number of ideas for using the die, but you'll come up with your own ideas. Well worth the price!



Love it! Already own mental dice but love the fact this requires no visual device, and great that I can pair mental dice with this. So many routines included but the possibilities are endless. The box is classy too! Great service from Vanishing Inc as always too, my first stop when looking for my next effect!



Absolutely great piece of kit. I eschew almost every electronic gimmick when performing professionally, as I simply don't want to rely on tech.

This is the exception: has never failed me (thus far, fingers crossed!).

And as importantly, it's just a great device to use in a range of ways, especially in getting one ahead of a volunteer.




What's to say? It works great, and is stupid simple. And of course you can invent your own various ways to present it: Mentalism - just read the person's mind. X-Ray Vision - have them shake the die in a solo cup and invert it on the table w the cup over it, and pretend to see through the cup, so you AND the audience see the number at the same time. My favorite way to really sell it is Lie Detection: I tell them to toss the die, remember the number, then cover it. I then look into their face and tell them to answer "no" to everything. "Is it a one"? "No". "Is it a two"? "No", etc. After going through all 6 numbers, I then tell them which of their answers was a lie. It's hilarious; you wind up with people covering their mouths when they talk, using funny voices, everything they can think of to disguise their "lying".



I want to tell you of a small nuance I added to my performance which takes it to another level. I tell people that I've gotten good at reading people's "tells" as in playing poker. I say everyone has a tell or action they make subconsciously, and I took a class and I'm getting good at it. I let them know maybe I influenced them to pick a certain number. At the very end, I say "I really had a good connection with you, here you keep the dice."(then I hand them a dice blank on all sides) So far the reactions w/blank dice, 1 person ran out of the bar, and another stopped speaking to me and says I'm a warlock.
EXTRA ADDED- I came up with this while performing last night. She rolls die. I tell her you can lie or tell the truth. She tells a real or fake number. I know immediately. To keep the mystery, I say I can't guess the number because it is a separate "tell" from the numbers. Then, you can say "ok, I'll try to tell lie or truth AND the number...I keep it vague. The ULTIMATE way is guessing both, but take your time getting there and start small, take steps. I think of a new way to present this each time! This is so much fun. God I love this die.




I've known of a few dice effects that use a visual/vibrating receiver and have always debated between them all

I opted for this one because of the vibrating receiver which can be hidden oit of sight and I can focus solely on my presentation and performance without worrying about a visual peek of other ones out there

I love the fact I can change the intensity of the vibrations between soft, medium and hard and I almost always use the softest vibration which I cleverly hide in my hand and perform naturally

If it's in a busy/noisy place then I can switch to the hardest vibration setting and place the receiver in my sock and still be able to feel the vibrations with no issues at all

This is so good that I bought 2 and I'm getting custom made 1.5" dice to put this inside so I'm performing with a bigger die for bigger groups of people as it .ages the die easier to see and does not affect the performance or connectivity at all



Just received Mental Die and what a great effect. One of the best items of magic I have ever purchased. The packaging is great and the instructions are very detailed. Easy to do and can be used in many close up and strolling situations. I cannot wait to get more use from it and so far it has caused many gasps from those that I have shown.


Martin S

Absolutely first-rate. The die looks *exactly* like a normal die. It's the perfect size. Any bigger would look suspiciously 'proppy'; any smaller would be too hard to see. Some of the blurb says it's a 'standard gaming die'. I'm not sure what that means, but if it's supposed to mean a die like they use in casinos, it isn't – casino dice are perfect cubes (with razor accurate edges) and bigger than this. This is just like you'd get with a board game, and looks totally natural.

The thumper is, again, perfectly designed. Small, discreet, easy to sense and with three settings according to how loud you want it to be. I find the best place to put it is in my underpants. I will say no more.

Two little gripes. Firstly, it follows the current trend for instructions to be given on a video. Sometimes this is good. If a prop needs difficult handling, for instance, or if a tricky sleight is involved, in which case it's helpful to see it being performed. But when the instructions can easily be given verbally a written instruction book makes much more sense. It's easy to refer back to, and it's easy to skip bits I don't need. The Anverdi Die comes with a *two-hour* video, which is massively comprehensive, and although it's indexed exceptionally well, I'd still rather have a book. Harder to pirate a book, too. (Though not impossible, obviously).

Secondly, the (welcome) trend for slick and appealing packaging has got a little out of hand when the box this thing comes in has a little LED which lights up when you open the lid. I mean, how often are you going to open this box? The whole beauty of the Anverdi Die is that it looks like something you just happen to have in your pocket, and isn't a precious artefact that needs to be carried in a velvet box. Package it nicely, yes, but save a few quid on that LED.

But don't let these quibbles detract from the trick itself. Of course it's expensive, but if you take magic seriously it's absolutely worth paying for quality, and you don't often get quality like this.



1st Class all the way from the reusable packaging to the video instructions production to the use cases.

It was up and running in 53 minutes and after 12 audience tested routines never failed once. The distance, though, failed after 25 feet with unobstructed line of sight. However, in almost all the routines I have used, I am sitting at a table or in the same room.

The die secret is undetectable and decoy dice are available from Murphy's. I only charge the unit the day I perform and do not leave it plugged in. I avoid any routine where a die is out of the ordinary. There are many board games which use dice and I simply weave a presentation around the game substituting the game die with the Mental Die.

All in all, it is expensive but so worth it.



I am totally amazed at the amount of technology that is incorporated in this trick. It has absolutely fooled everyone that I have performed it for. I wish I could find more tricks of this caliber.



I am completely blown away with the trick Mental Die. It is beautifully made, very high quality, and easy to perform. I love high tech illusions, being a mechanical engineer, and wish there were more of them. I hope you guys can keep them coming. "The Great Bodini"



A steal of a price for one of the most powerful secret weapons a magician or mentalist can have. This is just an incredibly reliably and secretive way of divining the number of a dice that you don't even touch, although just a one in six trust me when I say this blows spectators away.

Of course using it just as a divination is worth the money, but there are so many other possibilities and routines possible with this device, and its all up to your imagination what you do with it. If you want to perform TV style magic in the real world, this is one of the best ways to achieve it.



I have performed this effect quite a few times and it really blows people's minds. They laugh, they want to do it again, they are mystified. I don't like to have a spectator roll the dice for the purpose of rebealing their number though because they sometimes will ask if the die is bugged. So I have them select a number on the die and place it face up in their palm. This seems to work better. I do have them roll the dice when doing the color prediction effect though. I am very happy with this effect and really enjoy fooling people with it. Some actually believe that I have powers of exceptional concentration even when I've told them I'm imitating thought reading.



Works very well. Although you get some routines with it, the possible uses for this are endless.



Super awesome dice, countless effects you can do with this! I got the black one and it looks super clean! Just buy it now!!!



Mental Die is the second best modern magic prop, ever!
Sorry, but Mental Dice still wins first place as best modern, ever!

I have a box full of no-longer-working old Anverdi props that I just can't seem to part with. So cool at the time. I used his self-closing card case doing Houdini Séance shows at the Magic Castle for about 16 months, until it gave out.

But, I've had Mental Dice much longer than the singular Die, and I'm pleased that that the system is working properly and perfectly!

And, although both props are "only limited by one's imagination", the download videos provided me with routine ideas that I'd never thought of. Very cool.

Oh, yes, Murphy's did provide exquisite packaging.



Fantastic, Really Fantastic.
Already the box is a sight to behold, for its shape, for its external designs and its interiors which are stunning.
For me, it is worth exactly all its price.
And with this Trick you can invent many Routines in addition to those already included.
Thanks to all the Vanisching staff.



After one performance, the trick will not work. Either the thumper or the die will not hold a charge.



well I purchased this effect about a year and a half ago. It was great while it worked. I had it in storage for about six months and recently took it out to start working on some routines with it. Sadly the die and the device no longer pair. The die doesn't even hold a charge anymore. While in storage the die and its associated paraphernalia were kept clean and dry. essentially it no longer works. I am now leary of any and all electronic mentalism effects and will be sticking with old school effects that do not rely on electronics.


Community questions about Mental Die

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Timothy asks: Do you also sell non gimmicked duplicates of the die?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
    • 2. Raleigh answers: Having purchased this, I don't think the only reason to have a non-gimmicked duplicate with the sole exception being if you want to give away a die (after swapping out the gimmicked one) after a performance. The original dies/dice are very much indistinguishable for non-gimmicked regular dies/dice and can be inspected with zilch problems. I'm also pretty sure if you don't have a perfect non-gimmicked duplicate that anything close enough in color and size will work. I can't think of anyone (non-magician) who would pay attention to a millimeter or so difference between the performance dies/dice and a swapped out version. Anyway, only reason anyone needs a duplicate copy is for giving out a single die.
  • A. Hudson asks: Is it possible to purchase the new receiver by itself?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
  • Rich asks: I own the Mental Dice set, so if I purchase this I can use the vibration device with any of the other dice from the Mental Dice set?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, it will work with the Mental Dice dice.
    • 2. Frank answers: Vanishing Inc., could you clarify ? Two earlier answers by you (at the bottom of the page) said: 1) "Unfortunately, it is only tuned to this die." 2) "Unfortunately, you cannot use the same receiver for different products." So that kind of reads like a contradiction to me...?
    • 3. Brian answers: Yes you absolutely CAN use it with mental dice This is explained how to pair them with the receiver in the download instructions
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  • Rich asks: Also, the dice from the Mental Dice set are the same size as the Mental Die?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, they are.
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  • Robert asks: I've seen a picture of the die and the one I saw has very pronounce, pointy corners. It is a cube with straight lines. Looks like a die used in board games in the 70s. In all of the promo shots/videos by the manufacturer, the die shown has 'rounded' corners, (which is consistent with modern makes of dice, and makes for better 'rolling' action). If I purchase this, will the die I receive match the images in the promos, ('rounded' corners), or will it look more old-fashioned, with sharper corners?

    • 1. Charlie answers: The white die I received has rounded corners.
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  • Napoleon asks: For Zoom and other online shows where no audience volunteer is physically present in the same space as the magician to roll the die, is it possible as the magician to roll the die in a cup or other container, cover the cup with a book or piece of card, turn it all upside down and place it on a table and still be able to predict the face up number on the die?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could do that, but this prop is not meant for online shows. It's more built for live shows where your audience member can handle the die.
    • 2. Napoleon answers: Thank you so much. I appreciate the response and knowing that it is possible to perform the effect even without the active physical involvement of an audience member in the imminent future.
  • Volker asks: How loud is the remote receiver, Can other spectators hear it when there is silence in the room?

    • 1. Jim answers: The receiver has three settings (soft/medium/hard) so it should be fine in most environments.
    • 2. Scott answers: The remote buzzes the number, pauses, then buzzes it again and repeats.I found it almost buzzes too loud. I won't do it in a silent room without very creative placement of the buzzer.
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  • Sang Soo asks: does it break if someone roll the dice very hard?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's unlikely to break but if you are using it with more force than it's designed for then you do risk breaking it.
  • Gary asks: Can you cover the dice once rolled with a cup and still get a reading?

    • 1. David answers: Yes.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Matthew asks: Does this come with a guarantee? If so, how long?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not come with a warranty, but Vanishing Inc. has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will help you out should any issues come up.
  • Mark asks: When performing walk-around magic, I may place the die or transmitter in the same pocket as a magnetic coin. Will this be harmful?

    • 1. Jim answers: I wouldn't store them on a shelf that way, but a magnet should not harm the props when they are all casually in your pocket for a night.
    • 2. James answers: Interesting question. I don't know if the magnetic coin could cause harm. Personally, I am cautious with magnets and expensive electronics.
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  • Joseph asks: Has anyone else had a problem with their mental Die? mine has stopped working after 10 months

    • 1. Jim answers: Mine have been fine.
    • 2. Alfred answers: Yes mine is no longer working after eighteen months. I would not recommend this effect to anyone.
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  • Michael asks: With Anverdi tricks can you use mental die along with color match in the same set

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, you cannot use the same receiver for different products.
  • Mike asks: How long should the die take to charge? The ring has been pulsating for over two hours now. Is there a problem with my die?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's good to leave it charging for 24 hours. If you continue to have issues, please contact customer service, and someone from our team will happily help you!
  • Mark asks: Can the transmitter be used with this dice and the mental dice set at the same time (ie four dice)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, it is only tuned to this die.
  • Gerardo asks: Will this product come back to stock any time soon?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on it.
  • Christopher asks: How long does the battery last before it can no longer be charged and a new unit must be purchased?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We've yet to hear of anyone needing to replace the battery fully. However, the charge will hold for a while!
  • Christopher asks: It is stated that the vibration receive that accompanies this single die also woks with the set of three dice. When using it with the three dice, is it capable of indicating WHICH of the three dice has been rolled as well as the number it roles to?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes the instructions explain how to tell which dice and rolled which number
  • Jose asks: I understand that the receiver can work with the mental dice set. Once I set it up that way, how easy is it to set it back to this die? Could that be done in performance?

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    • Thomas asks: Does it work with Peeksmith 3?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not.
    • John asks: I already have a dice set, is it possible to get the routines described separately as a download for less?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, that is not possible
    • Matthew asks: I have this product. Is it possible to buy add-on dice to use with the thumper?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time.
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