Microphone Management

Magic download (video) by Michael Kent
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Microphone Management

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Magic download (video) by Michael Kent (49.95)

Discover how just one simple change can make you a better performer.

With his one-of-a-kind informative lecture “Microphone Management for Magicians”, Michael Kent proves why using a handheld microphone is the key to taking your magic act to entirely new heights. An award-winning magician and mainstay on the college circuit, Michael is one of the busiest magicians in the country and is excited to share his real-world knowledge with you.

We get it, handheld microphones are a nuisance. They get in the way and are another prop that you need to block and stage as part of your act. This is why many magicians choose to avoid the hassle by using a lavalier microphone or a headset or headworn microphone. However, Michael is ready to prove why that convenience might just come at the sacrifice of quality.

Using a handheld microphone is an art form in its own right and this lecture offers you to the tools needed to make the switch. Even if you already use a handheld, there’s a wealth of information in this 90-minute lecture that is bound to help you improve your act including:

  • The benefits of using a handheld microphone
  • All the technical know-how needed to understand and operate different handheld microphones
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for managing a microphone like a pro
  • As an ADDED BONUS, there are a variety of pro tips on the general art of performing magic

“Michael Kent is one of the busiest magicians in America. And he is a master at using the handheld microphone. Those two facts are related.” Ken Weber

"Using a handheld microphone is an art, and Michael Kent is an artist." Brent Braun


Customer reviews for Microphone Management

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I ordered this lecture after recently bombing at a gig due to inexperience with a handheld mic. The tips and tricks laid out in this lecture are absolutely wonderful. Much of it seems like it would be common sense, but I just needed someone to lay it out for me in a straightforward way. I’ve already started reworking my show to incorporate the lessons taught here, and I can already feel my confidence with the mic growing. I highly recommend this to anyone who ever plans on using any sort of mic.



I just finished watching this one time through. My first impression is that this is GREAT for those who are new to the stage or are transitioning from close-up work to stage work. I've been working on stage for a while and I use a Countryman cheek mic mostly, but want to figure out how to incorporate a stick mic for a just-in-case scenario. Because of that, I was hoping for a bit more information on how to best choreograph with the mic itself. There is some info on that, but a little less specifics than I was hoping for - it seemed to be mostly, "Make sure you choreograph with the mic before you step on stage," which is great advice, but not enough.

That being said, I would absolutely recommend this if you are new to the stage or want to feel more professional when it comes to the other areas of your magic show (besides the tricks and sleights).


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