Mystery Formula

Trick by ZIHU and Phuc LD
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Mystery Formula

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Trick by ZIHU and Phuc LD (30.00)

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Mystery Formula - magic
Mystery Formula Mystery Formula Mystery Formula Mystery Formula

Four killer Rubik's Cube effects from Rubik's Cube Magic master Phuc LD. This underground sensation from Vietnam is excited to share some of his strongest routines.

"Mystery Formula" features step-by-step instruction for the following amazing effects:

Visual Self Solve
Unlock the secret to making a Rubik's Cube seemingly solve itself.

Impossible Solve
A surprisingly easy single-handed Rubik's Cube solve that doesn't even require you to be looking at the cube.

Blink Peek
A deceptive peek that enables you to peek any face's color while seemingly never looking at all.

Mentalism Mix
As you mix the Rubik's Cube behind your back, the spectator names a color. You then reveal that all of the sides are mixed, except the side with the named color, which is perfectly solved.

What's even crazier is that you can also perform all theses tricks one-handed and/or blindfolded.

Grab "Mystery Formula" by Phuc LD and Zihu today!


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  • Bud asks: What is included with this trick?

    • 1. Ben answers: You get a link to the tutorial video and a gimmick type thing to help doing the blindfolded effect without peeking.
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  • Andy asks: Does he actually show you how to solve a cube

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They do not teach you how to solve a shuffled cube but go over some essential speed cubing techniques. The good news, there are tons of free tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to solve a cube. You can also check out Cube3 as an option for beginner learning.
  • Willis asks: I am interested in the Trick "Mystery Formula"...Question: I do not know how to solve the Cube. Ok here comes "Duh"..Do I need to be able to solve the Cube before ordering "Mystery Formula"? Question: Will I need to be able to solve the Cube before performing tricks with the Mystery Formula Cube? Thank you Willis Sutherland

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