Chris Philpott's PANTHEON

Trick by Chris Philpott
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Chris Philpott's PANTHEON

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Trick by Chris Philpott (75.00)

In stock - very few available.
Chris Philpott's PANTHEON - magic
Chris Philpott's PANTHEON Chris Philpott's PANTHEON Chris Philpott's PANTHEON Chris Philpott's PANTHEON Chris Philpott's PANTHEON Chris Philpott's PANTHEON

Classic Mentalist Effects Supercharged with The 100th Monkey Principle!

24 Effects, 3 DVDs, 12 Postcards, 9 full performances, over 500 Jpegs and a 220-page eBook! Effects for close-up and stage performance - most are easy-to-perform miracles!

"I love this! The new directions in which Chris has taken the 100th Monkey principle are brilliant. This is very strong, easy-to-do mentalism that allows the performer to concentrate on performance. While Chris respects the classic plots of mentalism, he pushes the limits and methods farther, adding another layer of mystery and making them cleaner and more direct. This is a valuable addition to any mentalist's arsenal."
- Banachek

"Like a breath of fresh air, this principle's application to many of our classics makes everything new again."
- Paul Vigil

"Chris Philpott has taken some classic mentalism plots and made them even better. Not only in method, but in the effect they have on your audiences."
- Jon Armstrong

"This is incredible! You are crazy insane putting out all these ideas. So good"
- Ran Pink

"Chris Philpott created a whole new area of mentalism with the 100th Monkey and he owns it! Chris lives for his wonderful new principle and he is always creating new effects and ideas that are straightforward and mind-boggling. Pantheon is the latest, biggest, and best to date. You will find endless ideas that have been carefully developed for all areas of classic mentalism. (The Mental Epic idea is one of my favorites!). There are gimmicks for close-up and stage and for any type of mentalism you may perform. Because the 100th Monkey principle is so well hidden within these clever routines, you never have to worry about someone discovering the general principle. This is top-notch stuff for professional workers. You can't go wrong with this mammoth package. Get this!"
- Richard Osterlind

Effects include:

Mental Epic
12 different versions featuring classic plots like Let's Make a Movie, Dream Vacation, and Dream Date. But in these versions, there is no need for suspicious-looking boards - the predictions are written on ungimmicked paper or white boards and covered with clearly-labeled cards. Once you place them down, you never touch them again - a spectator handles them after that - the cards switch themselves!

Drawing Duplication
5 different, super-clean versions of this classic mentalist effect. In one, you show them a poster with 44 different objects to draw and they think of any one - and yet you know exactly what they will draw!

Bank Night
You display envelopes clearly labeled 1 through 5 - and yet you can force each of five spectators to choose any envelope you want! An invaluable utility that can be used for many other effects.

The Chair Test
3 separate 100th Monkey gimmicks that can be used in any Chair Test you do now, plus a full show-stopping routine (which solves the sight-line issues with the effect).

After a spectator secretly writes down a first name, you not only name the person they are thinking of, but reveal detailed information about who they are!

Monkeys Ahoy
Based on Luke Jermay's Touching on Hoy, three spectators think of two spices, sports and shapes - and you are able to divine each thought accurately with no questions and nothing written down!

The Celebrity Baby Gag
You show a spectator a poster with dozens of celebrities and they think of any one - and you know exactly which celebrity they are thinking of! Now pre-show or stooges.

Memory Erasure
5 different effects where you take away someone's memory. Create a perfect assassin who has no recollection of the murder he has committed! Wipe away a person's anxiety with a calming spell. There is even a version for the corporate magician in which a spectator misinterprets customer feedback.

Book Tests
This includes effects that make it possible for one spectator to read another's mind by seeing a word in a word-find puzzle.

Psychological Forces
Makes popular psychological forces seem fairer and more impossible.

Plus, much more!

Updates, extra cards and bonus effects for those who register, including:

Q and A
Musical Mind Reading Force Poster
Headline Prediction

Thanks to Steve Valentine, Aiden Sinclair, Rob Gould, Christine Barger, Michael Rangel, Joe Skilton and Leeman Parker for performing in this video and to The Magic Castle for allowing us to film there.

Thanks also to Max Maven, Finn Jon, Luke Jermay and Millard Longman for allowing me to use their methods and effects on this release.

"The first time I saw Chris Philpott's 100 monkeys I didn't believe it - it's such a strong effect. But after I tried for a few times in front of real people, it became something that I use in every show that I do. The new DVD has so many variations and effects that are very clever and workable. This is an A1 product. I am very excited!"
- Lior Manor

"It is VERY rare when we add any marketed effect to our shows. These new uses for this amazing principle are so great and wide open to creative presentations that I'm having a hard time deciding what MIRACLES I'm going to create next. I say that in plural because the ideas flow faster than I can write them down; there are at least 1000 Monkeys here! A tool beyond compare for the professional Wonder-Maker!"
- Joe Givan, FISM Champion

"If Chris Philpott was digging in the ground, by now he'd be more than halfway to China. Fortunately, he's been digging further into the 100th Monkey principle, with bountiful results. So, he gets to stay home, and we get to enjoy the results. In short: You'll dig this!"
- Max Maven


Customer reviews for Chris Philpott's PANTHEON



This is an absolute beauty of a project!!! and im not even finished exploring! This is an absolute must for a hundred monkey lover


Dr. Joaquin M.

Ever since the 100th Monkey came out a few years ago, I have been completely enamoured with the principle and have used it in almost every parlour and stage show that I have done since. I had even incorporated some of it into my close-up work before Narcissus came out, which was geared toward the close-up arena where as the others, including this one, are geared more (and in some cases, are better suited) to stage work.

With Pantheon, Chris has taken some of the classic effects of mentalism and combine their inner workings with the 100th Monkey Principle. In doing so, he has vastly improved the methods for many of them and some of them were rendered even more impossible in appearance.

First things first: As they always are (thus far) with Philpott products, the ad copy and the trailer(s) for Pantheon are 100% honest and accurate.

The lighting, sound and video quality are good, but there are some things to take note of. Some of the performances take place in the Magic Castle and another in a small theater where they did not have access to the lighting board - more on that in a bit. All the performances were recorded on a handheld by Chris and the video quality is just fine (you can see everything and read the cards in use, except for one time), but it just does not have the usual crispness of HD. The sound and lighting are very good.

In the theater where they did not have access to control the lighting, the cards got washed out but that is okay because one, the performer (Steve Valentine) reads the envelopes out and two, during the instructional section Chris shows you what you were unable to see in the performance.

As far as the video, audio and lighting quality of the instructional portions? Fantastic quality. As usual, Chris is seated in front of the still camera with the familiar (loud?) red curtain behind him (those of you familiar with his previous releases know what I am talking about). Everything is clear and easy to understand, and as always Chris does a fantastic job at covering the ins and outs of each effect, and he offers up lots of additional tips and ideas for each one too.

I always love watching the instructional portions of the products that Chris puts out because his personality really comes out. The one-on-one aspect gives a conversational feeling, almost like it was personalized instruction just for you - a rare thing in magic instruction videos.

As with the other Monkey series releases, you get some printed cards with this set, 12 total. These are the usual high-quality notecard prints.

Chris thought he was going to be able to get everything pertaining to the video instructions on one disc, but he was wrong! Instead, you get two DVDs with video instructions, with a total running time of just over three hours(!). The third disc contains all of the necessary artwork to reproduce all of the effects and their variations on the DVDs. As much detail as Chris goes into on the DVDs for each effect, there is all of that and even more for each on in the 220 page PDF performance manual.

With each release that Chris puts out he always gives you an email address and a subject heading (acting as a password, of sorts) to register the product, which will give you access to all future updates to the effects/artwork in that project. Same goes for Pantheon.

This is an absolutely massive project with a cubic butt load (that is a real unit of measurement...look it up!) - there are 24 effects in this set (effects, not variations) and a few of them have two, three or even five different variations, and the artwork for every single one of them is included on the third disc! Most of the effects have live performances and a few do not. Chris does mention why some do not have a performance video. There are a couple of performances that were cut a little short because Chris had to pause the video to reposition people in the best spot for the shot, and then forgot to turn the camera back on. This is not really a big deal because you can still see what the effect is and how it plays.

The performances are done by some magicians that most people have heard of, and a few of them that maybe some of you have not heard of.

Now on to the effects. I will not cover everything that is in this project - there is simply too much to mention, but I will point out some particular favourites.

One of my favorite effects to perform is Mental Epic (created by Hen Fetsch) but I never really fell in love with the old boards. When Marc Oberon released his Mental Epic Pad and Paul Romhany wrote his Mental Epic Compendium, I had some favorites (and I still use Mental Epic Pad), but the version in Pantheon is revolutionary in my humble opinion. In this version you use three separate writing pads, each with a paper label acting as a cover. Just as the ad copy says, once you write the prediction on the ungimmicked writing surface and place them down, you do not in fact touch them again (really). The cards do all the work for you!

The Monkey Sits is a version of The Chair Test, an effect which has seen many great (and some not-so-great) methods over the years. The Monkey Sits is right up there with the best of them if not right on top. This is without a doubt the most complicated routine in this set. The gimmicks used here can be used with any other version that you might already do, but this version cleans up a lot of things in various older methods. The setup is nothing difficult but it can take you some time - you have to prepare the envolopes, the gift bags, the cards and a number of balloons. It is well worth it but again, it is nothing difficult.

Monkeys Ahoy is a fantastic twist to the Luke Jermay work on the Hoy Book Test, which Luke called 'Touching on Hoy'. This version requires no books at all - just three cards which do all of the work for you and in turn, create a very clean and seemingly impossible effect!

One fo my other top favorites were the Memory Erasure effects. This is a plot that many people are familiar with due to its prevalence in pop culture; characters in books, TV shows, movies, etc. having the ability to erase memories, but in magic it has been largely unexplored due to not having a workable method. The question was always, "How can that be accomplished"? The answer is: With this! Some of the variaions are purely hypnotic in effect but a few are rather empowering (the deep-down, feel-good kind of empowering) and uplifting.

You will find some great touches on the classic Bank Night (which Chris calls Monk Night) where the effect can be not only personalized for each participant, but also brings the whole effect to a satisfying conclusion (by taking the typical "stinginess" out of it). There is work on the Headline Prediction and a great Book Test method which is also a Spectator-As-Mindreader plot, as well as some great work on Q&A methods. Speaking of which: There are 100th Monkey Forcing Posters. What is a 100th Monkey Forcing Poster, you ask? You will just have to get Pantheon and see for yourself! Suffice to say that it is an extremely versatile and as-yet not fully explored/developed use for the 100th Monkey Principle that will make some devastating effects possible!

With everything that you get in Pantheon - the two instructional DVDs with just over three hours of instruction, the third disc with all of the necessary artwork, the 220 page PDF manual, the 24 effects, multiple variations, the performances, the hints, tips and extra ideas and further updates if you register (and you should because not registering for future updates should be a crime), this project is easily worth double the price. $75 is an insanely good price.

So, this is all good, but who is it for? In reality if you are a close-up coin or card guy, this will not be for you. If you are mentalist that performs classic effects in a parlour or stage setting, you will get a lot out of this, especially if you like the 100th Monkey Principle. Also, if you are a stage/parlour performer and have previous experience with the 100th Monkey Principle (and assuming you like it), this will also suit you well. That is not to say that close-up mentalists cannot use some of the stuff on here - you can if you adapt it right but this is really geared for larger venues/audiences.

Though you could get this as your first exposure to the 100th Monkey Principle, I would not suggest it. It really is better for those more experienced with it. If you have never used the principle before, I would suggest starting with 100th Monkey as Chris goes into the most detail on that set as to the ins and outs of the various performance conditions. Yes, he does cover them here but just not near in as much detail as the beginner would benefit the most from.

SO, if you are a mentalist or previous 100th Monkey fan and you perform in parlour and stage settings, I VERY HIGHLY recommend this project!


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