People Power

Trick by Andi Gladwin
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People Power

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Trick by Andi Gladwin (49.95)

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People Power - magic
People Power People Power People Power People Power People Power People Power People Power

Andi Gladwin’s direct, powerful, and easy-to-do stage and parlor magic routine that plays as big for 20 people as it does for 2,000. This is the rare stage effect that genuinely packs small and plays huge. For over a decade, Andi has been able to command rooms of any size with nothing more than just one slim folder, and now you can too!

Six people join you on stage for an interactive and engaging game featuring three simple elimination steps. Despite each step being a completely fair choice leading to a seemingly random outcome, you are always able to predict the winner with 100% accuracy. This is not a vague guess either like “the person in glasses will win”. Your prediction containing the winning player’s actual name is locked in before the game even begins.

You’re getting 5 to 7 minutes of entertaining and amazing audience-proven material that can be put right into your working set. It’s super easy to do and, most importantly, doesn’t require you to lug any heavy or delicate props from location to location. Your onstage participants are the main “props”, and the few other things you need pack flat—high-quality, specially-printed game cards and their accompanying numbered envelopes that all fit into one convenient, slim carrying folder that easily fits into any bag.

“People Power” is one of Andi Gladwin’s most beloved signature effects. It was the first thing that came to mind when he was asked to perform something truly unique and astonishing on Masters of Illusion. Now, you can get the complete routine and all the props needed to start performing it right away.

You won't believe how easy "People Power" is to do. This revolutionary new approach to equivoque and Chair Test style routines takes just a few minutes to master. Every detail has been thought out to ensure there are no “bad” outcomes like you often find in this style of this routine and to guarantee each performance flows just as smoothly as the one in the trailer.

You get Andi’s full presentation, but at its heart, “People Power” is a flexible framework that allows you to add your own personalizations to the routine. You can change the rules of the game, use it as a fun way to select a participant, or simply use Andi’s three-phase routine with several killer moments of magic.

Everything you need to get started right away is covered in the detailed instructional video. This includes a look at the main three-phase prediction routine, as well as how you can easily adapt the performance/theme to fit various environments and audiences. Whether presenting it as a game show or a showcase of your ability to influence people, there are so many ways to perform “People Power”.

As an added bonus, Andi also shows you how you can perform the supercharged version he did on TV where you not only guess the winner, but also what prize they’ll select. All you need for that powerhouse routine is just a few extra supplies that you likely already own or can easily get at any store, plus a smartly-used additional little technique to discover the participant’s prize (the type of method you'll learn about it in Before We Begin).

Grab “People Power” and take command of every audience today!


Customer reviews for People Power



With "People Power" Andi Gladwin publishes one of his keystones for the big stage, whose method he described 20 years ago in MAGIC. Six people are needed for this game, in which there is something to be won. One remains after several actions. You will have predicted the winner. Everything seems completely fair. You control the apparent chance with instructions on cards in a large envelope. That's all you need. "Packs small, plays big," as the Americans say. Gimmicks are not used. At the core, they use Equivoque and prove with the cards that they don't use Equivoque. A small drop of bitterness: "People Power" is advertised with an awesome performance by Andi Gladwin on a TV show. Here, alongside the winner, he predicts the prize she will choose and charmingly and surprisingly reveals it in a gift box. Vanishinginc. is fair enough to point out on their website that this upgrade requires some extra work, including that you should be proficient in pre-show work. Nevertheless the video is good for inspiration for your own ideas in your show for adults and for children. All materials are sturdy and look innocuous; only the instruction cards need to be re-labeled



People Power is an excellent parlor illusion. It allows you a number of ways to present the trick and still stay in Andi routine. I present it in all my parlor shows and I get great response using the concept that game shows already have the winner selected before the six people walk onstage.



This is just a great effect to use with a group of people. Easy to do and very entertaining. I see it is out of stock but if it comes back be sure to purchase it. Great for parlor presentations.



People Power by Andi Gladwin is a captivating magic trick that engages and entertains the audience like no other! ??????????

Andi Gladwin's People Power is a unique and unforgettable magic experience that involves numerous audience members and keeps them thoroughly entertained. This trick is a true masterpiece, showcasing Andi Gladwin's exceptional method in captivating and engaging spectators. The involvement of the audience adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a standout performance. If you're looking for a magic trick that will leave your audience in awe and thoroughly entertained, People Power is the one to choose. It's pure fun at its finest!



I love this resourceful device! I use it for kid shows, I use it for care home shows and I also use it for church shows!

This is a very versatile device that can work for any venue and any type of audience!



Wow! Practice until you can’t miss and this trick KILLS! No stooge is used. It’ll blow people away and it’s simple. I did it twice today for crowds of about 100 people. First time got a great reaction because the guy who “won” looked absolutely nothing like a plant. Second time was a much lesser reaction because the “winner” I choose was too happy and I interacted with her before the trick and people smelled a rat. DON’T DO THAT. Lesson learned. Small group? No problem. You can do this trick for 1 person, 3 people, whatever on up.





Very flexible and easy to customize.
Well worth the money.



Just received people mover and all I can say is WOW!!!! Cards are printed on heavy duty paper and trick is super simple to perform. I was able to perform this in front of people a few hours after I received it and not was it a fooler. I highly recommend purchasing! Well done Andi Gladwin and the vanishing Inc team!





I enjoyed this routine very much. I just used it in the real world for a paying audience. The part of the routine using name tags got laughs and applause, and the people power prediction finale got gasps. So laughs and gasps in the same routine....awesome!

I also like that this filled my performace area with six volunteers.

I plan on performing it again for an upcoming show for a group looking for an "ice breaker" session to start a conference.

Overall, nice. Give it a try!



Thank you for all you do in this wonderful world of Magic, this is a fabulous pack small, play big.



I for one am very happy with the purchase of the professionally made props, which is why I made this investment. I was already familiar with the core method and routine, both having seen it in MAGIC magazine as well as Andi's Penguin Live Lecture. But having them printed on high quality plastic and the envelopes was a no-brainer for the investment. To be honest, it would have been more expensive to go to Staples or something similar to have them made.

No offense to Andi or the marketing team with VI, but I think they missed the boat in advertising not showing the additional routining with the effect, namely the name tag psychometry. That was one of my favorite parts about his lecture and glad to see it is actually included with this package.

Highly worth the purchase for me. I look forward to doing this for a number of corporate meeting events and will probably buy an extra set to have one to keep in my car and one for my stand-up act case.



I really love “People Power”. It is so easy and also such great magic. It gives the performer the opportunity to streamline the action and make the magic fit your volunteering spectators. Lots of fun to do and all participants have such great fun. This is a trick the audience will love and ask you to do it every time they see you.

VI Monthly


I enjoy straight-to-the-point instructions of effects that are easy to learn, hit super hard and engage numerous spectators. All four of those elements are fully realized with People Power. The addition of two likewise effects to do before PP raises my rating to 5++. One of the best ROIs for my magic purchases this year, and I purchase probably too much.



very nice



I have been using this routine since seeing Andi explain it at the Peterborough Magic Day six years ago.

£40 for the superb props and 3 routines is a steal.

I use it for my corporate clients where it is a constant repeat request when I am
rebooked and fills a stage.

Can’t recommend this highly enough!



Amazing. The true packs flat plays big effect.









Very good. Simple, easy for any size group. 4 out of 5 I haven't done it live yet.






Community questions about People Power

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  • jim asks: Will I need to do pre-show work?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is pre-show for the optional teddybear prediction. But the core routine is not preshow.
    • 2. Robert answers: For the TV version it sure seems like Pre-show work is needed, but it could also be a bit of business they didn’t show in the clip. There are multiple ways to get the info. I’d prefer if it were not pre-show, personally
  • Yoel asks: Is this trick difficult to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The trick is not difficult. There is a small amount of memory work but nothing too challenging.
  • Danny asks: Is there any pre-show work that needs to be done for the ‘super-charged’ routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, and we highly recommend Before We Begin as a resource if you are new to this technique:
  • Wolf asks: Are there any limits in performing rights? Is the routine avaylable also by other dealers in Europe, to avoid the painful custom´s procedures?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's exclusive to us, but you can pre-pay the customs charges now, so it should fly through if you select that option on checkout.
  • Tim asks: Hi. Is there preshow for the prize at the end?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, and we highly recommend Before We Begin as a resource if you are new to this technique:
  • Hito asks: Does this involve dual reality?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it uses preshow. We highly recommend Before We Begin as a resource if you are new to this technique:
  • Dennis asks: Does this involve dual reality for the end prize prediction?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it uses preshow. We highly recommend Before We Begin as a resource if you are new to this technique:
  • Richard asks: Can it be done with fewer than 6 people, say, 4?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Needs to be six.
  • Steven asks: Can this be done for kids shows? And can you do it with less than 6 people?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely could be done for kids, but you do need six people.
  • Vernon asks: Is pre-show work needed to make the the teddy bear prediction?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, and we highly recommend Before We Begin as a resource if you are new to this technique:
  • Wolf asks: Hi, you forgot to answer if there are any limits in performance? I want to use the routine at any place I want, at any time I want, for any audience and in any medium, including TV, onlineshow and youtube etc. Is that possible? Best regards Wolf

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This will only work for in-person shows.
  • Wolf asks: I am very sorry, my english is obviously too bad to understand. All I want to know is if you surprise the buyer with some limits in the performing rights. Limits that are not mentioned in the sales text, but that are revealed after the customer bought the product. I want to avoid that I buy a routine that I may not perform in every venue I choose too. It happened to me that I bought a routine where the sales text said nothing about any performing rights limitations, and when I got it, I was suddenly not allowed to perform it for an audience of magicians and entertainers, not on television. Any videorecordings of my performance was also not allowed. That is only correct and legally binding if mentioned in the sales ad. So again... Do I get absolutely unlimited performing rights when I buy the routine, or are there any performing rights restrictions? I hope my language is clear enough, sorry for my english-

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can perform it anywhere you want to. And, just to help you out, any product that mentions certain rights are reserved is not legally enforceable anyway :) But rest assured, you can do this any where you want. And your English was just fine!
  • Neil asks: The pre printed cards are for the original routine and from the instructional video the bonus routine requires you to print the cards yourself. Will there be a way to purchase pre-printed cards for the bonus routine (balloons)? It's a shame they're not included as the routine is taught. ??

    • 1. Jim answers: There are no plans at the moment.
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  • Keith asks: Does the pre-show work take very long?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope.
  • Emir asks: I assume that the folder does most of the work, so I guess I can do this in any language I want? Or are the papers special in some way too?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can do this in any language. You will have to print up your own version of it.
  • Tim asks: Hi, is this similar to Sean Taylor’s routine? Also, what are the props like? Thanks :)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sean Taylor's routine is a variation of Andi's routine, albeit with some unfortunate vague crediting in Sean's book!
  • Eran asks: Do you support the format to change the print on the cards to other languishes ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards come pre-made but you could easily make them up in any language
  • Jasper asks: Hi guys, in your answers to the pre-show questions for the pre-show parts of this routine, you continuously refer to the ‘before we start’ book. Will the pre-show process for the red balloon opening effect and the teddy bear ending of Andi’s routine not be explained? Many thanks for your response in advance.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Everything is taught in the project, but the book is a good side companion when referring to pre-show.
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