Premium Silk to Egg

Trick by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu
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Premium Silk to Egg

39.95 usd

Trick by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu ($39.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Premium Silk to Egg  - magic
Premium Silk to Egg Premium Silk to Egg Premium Silk to Egg Premium Silk to Egg Premium Silk to Egg Premium Silk to Egg

A premium version of a classic of magic designed for the most serious performers.

Classics of magic are classic for a reason. These time-tested routines continue to dazzle audiences and each generation of magicians adds their own touch as the effects evolve over time.

"Silk to Egg" is one of these iconic effects. The magician stuffs a scarf into their hand and it magically transforms into an egg. They then offer to expose the secret to this magic trick and show that the egg is just a shell with a hole that the scarf has been pushed into. Right when the audience thinks they've got it all figured out, the magician mentions that sometimes, if you're not careful, someone might see the hole. This is when the magician then removes the hole on the egg to show that the fake egg ha impossibly become a real egg. The moment where the egg is cracked open, and yolk falls out, never fails to get a gasp from any audience.

After more than a century of performances in magician's repertoires, the "Silk to Egg" by TCC offers the finest props for this beloved classic. This is not a cheap plastic version and is one of the most affordable versions of a precision-made "Silk to Egg" you'll ever find.

Underground Magician Cai Xiangyu has spent years performing and experimenting with this classic effect. And now, he's offering his own version of the props to you. Each "Premium Silk to Egg Gimmick" is made from a real egg and is one of the most cost-effective real egg versions available today.

Each egg is screened by the maker, and only a small quantity of the eggs that meet the requirements can be made into gimmicks. The eggs then undergo special treatment, including making the opening, polishing and internal reinforcement. This ensures the gimmick doesn't look like a magic prop. It retains the look and feel of a real egg, including the random dots and colors on the outer shell surface. Truly natural and authentic.

This reinforced eggshell is remarkably strong. It's not suggested that you purposely drop your egg. But, if you accidentally drop it onto a wooden tabletop from a height of 20cm, it will bounce like a ping pong ball. Drop it onto a thin carpeted surface from about 1.5m high and you should be ok too. Simply put, with normal use, the "Premium Silk to Egg" is built to last you a long time.

"Silk to Egg" By TCC Key Details:

  • Most affordable version of a premium quality prop made from a real egg
  • Handmade to perfection
  • Super smooth opening to avoid snagging
  • Internally reinforced and drop-resistant
  • Comes with stickers and matching scarves

NOTE: Props only. Routine instructions not included. However, a simply search on YouTube will offer many different presentations for inspiration.


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  • Greg asks: Do I need to supply a real egg or is it the other kind?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you'll have to supply a real egg.
  • Donald asks: is it really that smooth as in the video ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no routine taught. This his just the props
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Straight from the box…….this silk to egg is magical. Shell looks like a real egg. Comes with two silks and easy to understand video. I have been impressed with TCC line of magic and this one right up there.

Premium Silk to Egg by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu