Professional Sands of the Desert

Trick by Luis de Matos
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Professional Sands of the Desert

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Trick by Luis de Matos (1250.00)

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Vanishing Inc are thrilled to be able to offer you Luis de Matos' unique version of the classic "Sands of the Desert". His signature piece, this is available in a very limited number of units and is perhaps one of your only chances to own and perform a masterpiece of magic, crafted by none other than Luis de Matos himself.

For those unfamiliar with the plot (sometimes referred to as the Hindu Sands), the effect is as follows:

The performer introduces the effect with a story about alchemy. On stage is a glass bowl filled with water, which stands isolated and high on a pedestal.

For the first effect, the magician places their hands into the water and begins to create a series of magical gestures. Within moments, the water mysteriously turns from clear to black.

The magician removes their hands and then shows three tumblers, each filled with a different coloured sand; blue, red and yellow. One by one, each tumbler is emptied into the black water, mixing the water and coloured sands together.

For the second effect, the magician reaches into the water and pulls out a handful of blue sand. Not only has the magician been able to separate the sands, but magically the sand is completely dry. The sand is allowed to cascade from one hand to the other before letting it fall to the floor, again completely dry. The same process is then repeated for both the red and yellow sands, and so the magician has not only been able to separate the blue, red and yellow sands, but also made them completely dry.

For the final phase, the magician places their hands once again into the water and begins to create a series of magical gestures. Moments later, the water mysteriously and visibly turns from black back to clear, leaving the water as the routine began.

Sands of the Desert is a truly magical presentation and one in which Luis de Matos has taken to the next level. His subtleties, experience and knowledge are now being shared to allow others to recreate this masterpiece.

The bowl you receive has been custom made under specific directions from Luis de Matos and is not available anywhere else. It has been designed with the effect in mind and is tailored for both stage and parlour performances. Along with the custom bowl, you will learn directly from Luis de Matos all of the subtleties that go into making this routine truly magical, including the likes of mixing, loading and timings.

All of the apparatus required is provided and is supplied in a soft-shell carry case that allows you to easily transport this reputation maker with ease. We urge you not to miss out on owning one of these units before they run out.

Please note, we appreciate that due to this item's price you may have specific questions relating to this particular version. We are happy to answer as best we can so please feel free to contact us with any queries you have.


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  • Gerard asks: a la fin du tour est ce qu'il ne reste plus du tout de sable dans le recipient qui pourraiy etre visible par le public Post an answer to this question

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