Rink's Magic from Holland

Book by Hugh Miller
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Rink's Magic from Holland

24.95 usd

Book by Hugh Miller (24.95)

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Another incredible collection of material with effects not found in other books. No matter your taste, you'll find something of use among the close-up, parlor and stage effects; general magic, card magic, coin magic; and so much more!

Included are:

7 Part One - Close Up Magic
9 Chameleon Discs: Red and white discs change places through a handkerchief. Uses specially prepared discs.
12 Coins Through Table (Modern Version): Double sided tape
20 Palming a Small Coin: Coin vanishes from hand (needs large fingers, tape)
22 Disappearing Coins: Two coins vanish from the hand as a wand is passed through (mag wand)
24 Biddle Coins: Three coins are counted in to left hand. One coin travels to right. "Biddle" move for coins
27 Balls Through the Table: Four Cups & Balls type balls penetrate the table one at a time (tape)
29 Indian Cups and Balls: A full routine for the Indian style cups and balls.Describes sleights needed and a routine with a puppet.
41 Start for a Chop Cup Routine: starting clean (tape)
44 A Chop Cup Prelude: a ball is introduced in a small container which is sized to fit under the Chop Cup. The container is placed mouth down under a handkerchief, the ball is placed on top, and the Chop Cup covers it all. When lifted, the ball has penetrated and is found back in the container. The ball now penetrates the bottom of the cup, and when put away in the pocket, returns to under the cup.
49 Cups, Coins and Balls: A Two Chop Cup routine with M coins and larger balls
58 Die Transposition: A black and white die transpose (uses special 2 colored die)
61 The Adhering Cigarette: Cigarette adheres first to the right hand, then the left (tape)
62 Mini Slate Prediction: Uses loose flap
68 Coin Change (With Borrowed Coins): Coin transposition in the spectator's hand
70 Find the Lady - Simplified: A "Monte" effect with colored chips and 2 alternate endings
76 The Multiple Double Coin Turnover: moved used in the above effect
76 Further Variations on the Basic Trick: above
79 Criss-Cross Coins: Two duplicate coins are marked on both sides. They change places several times. The can be borrowed and returned at the end.
84 Secret Double Turnover: utility move for above effect
87 Dr. Dailey's Move: A card move done with envelopes for above effect.
88 Double Sided Adhesive Tape and How to Prepare it For Magical Use.

93 Part Two - Card Magic
95 A Simple Force: A riffle cut force
96 Double-Lift From the Middle: found by a short
98 Follow the Joker: Spectator has Red backed deck, Performer Blue backed. Each deal a card one at a time on each other's previous card until one "deck" is completed. This is repeated with the rest of the cards. A red Joker is waved over one deck, a blue Joker over the other, and the first deck is found to be all reds, the blue deck all blues.
100 Paperclip Location: Paper clip pushed into the pack locates selected card
103 Card Transposition: Selected card vanishes from half the pack, to appear face up in the other
107 The Silliest Card Trick: Comedy trick: determining the card cut to
108 Four Blushing Jokers: Four black jokers are shown and distributed in the pack. When spread, the jokers have turned red, and the blacks are nowhere to be found.
113 Find the Lady - Three New Moves. Number One: Elmsley count
117 Find the Lady - Two: double flip move
119 Find the Lady - Three: a sort of bottom deal. Followed by performance suggestion for a Monte routine
121 Your Card - My Card: Spectator counts to card. Top portion of deck taken, and spectator is given top part, magician takes the rest. They count again to the card. Magician finds selected card, spectator finds its mate.
125 Paper Folding and Cards: Paper with cards marked is folded and cut in two: Red and Black cards separate, and are found to match cards from the deck
128 Rink's Rising Cards: using a magnetic gimmick
137 Change Over Aces: Black and Red Aces change places from middle of deck to top/bottom, as well as being face up.
139 Cheap Card Change: A card exchange using a "Reader's Digest" type magazine
142 Double Card Change: using a gimmicked card

147 Part Three - Friends of Rink
149 The Rice Bowls (Phoa Yan Tiong): Using specially constructed tins (described)
153 Colour Change Ball (Phoa Yan Tiong): White ball sinks into silk and turns red
156 Matching Cards (Cardin): A small set of specially prepared cards is handed to the spectator. The Spectator must select matching face up and face down cards, without looking at the faces of the face down cards. All matches agree!
159 Secret of the 7 Boxes (Avara): Description of a ring vanishing rattle box to be used with the ring appearing later in a nest of boxes
163 Floating Vase (Avara): How to obtain and dispose of the cork ball used in the hanging Chinese Vase trick
165 Four Glass Production (Avara): Description of cups and their manipulation
168 Elusive Coin (Eddy Taytelbaum): Coin vanishes from inside a handkerchief, and then appears back inside
173 False Triple Cut (Peter Oran): simple but effective
175 Burned Banknote (Peter Oran): A burned bill routine using a Himber Wallet
180 Torn and Restored Card (Corvelo): Three cards are torn, and the magician reassembles one behind his back from the mixed torn pieces. He puts the selected card back together successfully (note: it is not restored)
183 Mental Prediction (Corvelo): Magician is able to sketch five symbols selected by spectator, and a sixth card placed in an envelope is predicted.
187 Jumping Silk (Corvelo): A silk is placed between two ropes, one held by spectator, other by magician. When the ropes are pulled, the silk knots itself on the spectator's rope
188 Through the Table (Fred Kaps): A card is selected and signed, and returned to the pack which is placed in the case. The case is dropped on the table, and the signed card goes through the table
191 Coins Across (Fred Kaps): Four coins and shell
194 Matchbox Routine (Biemans): Four coins are placed in an empty matchbox. They penetrate the bottom of the box. (Effect precedes the following)
196 Jumping Coin (Biemans): Coin is placed on a card, and four more cards are placed crosswise on top. A matchbox is placed on top. The coin gradually rises through the cards until it appears inside the matchbox. (uses gimmicked cards and coin)

207 Part Four - General Magic
209 A Ring in the Air: A pretty linking ring move: one ring of three flies into the air
212 Another Ring Move: Three rings suspended on the thumb, no detection of key
213 Coin Through the Air: a coin routine using steel coins and a purse frame
218 Red and White Ropes: Red and white ropes are tightly knotted as demonstrated by spectators, yet magician quickly yanks them apart
222 The Sliding Knot: A cut and restored rope with gimmicked rope
228 Ring From Ropes: large ring and rope
233 Stringing the Ring: a borrowed finger ring is dropped in a cup, and the middle of a rope is lowered into the cup. When withdrawn, the ring is on the rope.
228 Seven Keys to Baldpate: Method to secretly detect the "working" key
241 Your Choice, Your Drink: To reward the spectators, a flipbook with various drinks is flipped and stopped when the spectator indicates. A flask is opened and found empty, but then pours two drinks from it.
244 The Floating Glass: Method No. 1: a glass is lifted by a spoon.
246 Method No. 2: another method
248 Match Mystery (Marconick): Matches pass through closed matchbox under a silk
251 Mirror Penetration (Vermeyden): Three silks are pulled through the center of a mirror


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