Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)

Trick by Joshua Jay
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Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)

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Trick by Joshua Jay (99.95)

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Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) - magic
Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition) Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)

Watch the show, then learn the secrets. Due to popular demand, a new option is now available to get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Joshua Jay’s smash-hit, off-Broadway show Six Impossible Things.

Following the massive success of the limited edition “Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set”—which sold out in just a few hours—we’ve received numerous requests from magicians around the world to provide another way to be part of this historic event.

While the signed & numbered deluxe set will never be available again, we’re thrilled to announce the “Six Impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)”.

This special collection allows you to enjoy the entire 60-minute show that sold out 240 performances during its 18-month run, and then take a nearly 4-hour deep dive into Josh’s creative process—including the secrets to his most cherished effects. He shows you everything from the Murder routine to the stunning finale for his t-shirt trick, the masterful choreography used to create a miracle with a block of ice, and everything in-between.

It all comes wrapped in a gorgeous custom-made box alongside some amazing commemorative goodies that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

The “Six Impossible Things Box Set” includes:

  • Streaming and downloadable versions of the Six Impossible Things show
  • Explanations, interviews, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes venue tour
  • Deck of Six Impossible Things Playing Cards featuring exclusive artwork that also cleverly disguises a super sneaky marking system
  • “IMPOSSIBLE” lapel pin (that doubles as a functional reveal)
  • Josh’s inspiration card that he reads before every show
  • BONUS recording of a live watch party featuring Josh and other members of the team sharing exclusive commentary

The “Six Impossible Things Box Set” makes an incredible addition to any magic collection.

We know you’re eager to dive into the downloads. So, both the show and explanations will be immediately available in your account following your purchase. You won’t have to wait for your box set to arrive to access them. This exclusive offer is only available to those who purchase through Vanishing Inc.

Everything else you need to know…

Six Impossible Things was built from the ground up to help people understand what magic feels like. There was no theater or stage. Instead, guests were taken on a surreal journey through a variety of rooms for an immersive magic experience unlike anything else.

This Netflix-quality production was shot in stunning 4K to make you feel as if you are right there in the room with Josh. Both magicians and laypeople alike can enjoy it together.

Once the show is over, you’ll get to enjoy a masterclass on developing, evolving, and performing your own show. This includes explanations of the main effects, as well as a ton of incredible and practical advice covering:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Set design
  • Trick creation
  • Keeping a show fresh
  • And more!

But that only scratches the surface of what you’ll learn…

This set is not designed to give you plug-and-play effects for your next show. Instead, you'll learn the real work on how to take a simple display of tricks and transform them into something that truly resonates with every audience. A cathartic experience that leaves them with a memory they’ll never forget.

Grab the standard edition “Six Impossible Things Box Set” today while supplies last!


Customer reviews for Six impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)



Awesome show! Very different that I've ever seen.



Tremendous material!
If you ever intend to do a show, this is a must have. If you just want to learn the tricks that are in the show, you will also learn them (and they are awesome), but beware that most of them have to be done on a stage and in a show setting.
The teaching is awesome and the video and sound quality are excellent.



Superb thinking, performance, fun. Thoughts about for whom you're performing are priceless.





Joshua Jay's Six Impossible Things bundle was fantastic. I wanted to make it to NYC to see the show but could not due to scheduling and a newborn baby girl. The filmed version of the show was fantastic. And as a longtime board member of Austin's regional producing theatre ZACH, I loved the in-depth discussion on the evolution of the show. Of course, I'm also a magician who does family shows, so the detailed discussions not just on methods but motives were top notch. I paid more for this download than any other this year (or perhaps ever), yet I feel like I got a steal! Congrats Josh on this fantastic show and your artistic vision realized.



If I could give this 6 stars I would!

Unfortunately I missed out on the deluxe edition and waited just too long before they sold out. When I then saw they were releasing a standard edition I knew I couldn't afford to miss out and am so glad I bought this.

The show is worth it alone but the extra little bits that compliment the set are just a great addition



a very immersive show





I thought that six impossible things was phenomenal. The show itself is just amazing to watch. If you are trying to put a show together then this is something I would definitely recommend, at the moment I'm not but I still believe I got a bit out of this. The trojan deck is really great but you would need to do some arts and crafts as well as possibly buy something in order to achieve the effect taught. One thing that did kind of bug me was that there were a few things in the show that weren't taught (the coin portion and the restoration in Hitchcock) but I do understand why they weren't taught. Overall a great product.



In Six Impossible Things, Joshua and Andi and the Vanishing Inc. team do what they do best: create a magical experience that fresh and exciting and not only awe-inspiring but just honestly inspiring. I'm entertained but also determined to elevate the level of my creativity as well. Bravo to all.



Excellent approach to explaining the effects presented in the show and the reasoning behind each effect. Not only does the purchaser learn the effects, but receives a sense of philosophical enlightenment contributing to the "why" for that particular magical selection. "Six Impossible Things" is a very entertaining show and the structure of the show is wonderful.



Very inspiring.
I just love it.
Thanks very much for reminding me that everything is possible.



Wow. Such a fresh way to present close-up magic to a younger crowd. Found myself smiling throughout watching the performance. And that is before I have even looked at anything in the explanation section. It's nice to enjoy the performance as someone who loves the art.



10 years ago I would have bought something like this for the methods. While I really appreciate the methods thaught (the trojan deck is a killer!), I find the conversation about craft, presentaion, making something good in to something great, and stage to be the star of this.

The explination video is close to 4 hours long and it was perfect to watch one segment at a time, let the thoughts and ideas sink in, and then returning to the next segment later.



One of the best purchases I have ever made. Fantastic show, wonderful production of both the show and the explanations, and so much to learn. Thank you Josh for letting us look behind the curtain and, especially, to tell us about the amazing evolution of the show. It is truly inspiring! First we get to hear about the creativity involved in putting the show together, then the harsh reality of testing material in front of live audiences. I loved hearing about your courage to cut pieces that you probably really loved if they didn't reach the high bar you set for the show. I was especially inspired by the many successes you had because of the team you assembled and how you allowed them to contribute day in and day out. We magicians are used to doing everything all by ourselves and often our craft suffers because of it. Again, I learned so much and enjoyed it even more.



Having missed out on the limited edition deluxe set of Six Impossible Things, I was glad for the chance to pre-order this Standard Edition. Mr. Jay, Mr. Gladwin, and all of the Vanishing Inc team produce high-quality items, and their videos are certainly top notch. The video of the Six Impossible Things show is extraordinarily well-made, taking the viewer inside the venue's multiple stages (none of which are stages) and making the viewer feel present at the show. And of course, the illusions in that show are captivating and inspiring.
The main product which commands the price of this purchase is probably the 4 HOUR (that is correct) explainer video. It's not just "here's how to do..." but it is also mostly a conversation about putting together a memorable, special show for an audience. Joshua Jay is always a great teacher. Here, he's particularly excellent in that role. He cares about the experience he's creating for audiences, and his team is assembled to make that happen well. Watching this video is as close as most of us will get to being on such a team, and that is worth the price of this item.
I am writing this review before getting the physical items that are part of the set. I know what those are, and they will add value. But I'm already certain that the appropriate bottom line to my review of Six Impossible Things is this:
Highest Recommendation; buy this set.





This show is unbelievable. The quality is the best of the best. It is like you're one of the guests in the show. It is very immersive. I have watched the show several times with friends and family who all enjoy it as much as I do.

The explanation part is priceless. You will feel more prepared to understand what goes into production of this type of show.




Not just great tricks but great inside information

Worth every penny



Good thinking this one is for all levels



I have to say, I'm more than impressed with the work not only put into Josh's show, but the video content as well. I've been headlining my own show in Las Vegas for over 12 years. I make mention of this because over the years I've had to learn a great deal and continue to make adjustments along the way. Getting a glimpse behind the scenes of Josh's show has inspired me to implement a new process when deciding on the content of my current show.

Aside from excellent tricks, Josh explains why each trick was chosen and why certain tricks were omitted. Josh is an amazing story teller and you'll get to see how he draws in his audience creating a memorable experience. Honestly, if he never revealed the tricks themselves, this would still be an excellent study.

I highly recommend this product for any working magician.



This is just incredible. The thought, care and love put into the show just blows me away and the fact that Josh has chosen to share every detail is amazing.
Both the show and explanation videos are shot to a very high production standard and go to making this a must see.



VI Monthly


WOW!!!! This is great. Beyond great. I’d go so far as to say this is essential viewing for every performer no matter how much experience you have.

The show is a masterpiece and when combined with the explanations this product becomes a masterclass in how to construct your own piece of magic theatre.

If you haven’t bought this yet you should get it.

VI Monthly


This is a treasure trove of information about the effects and the BTS of running this show. Joshua and his crew are self-effacing, honest, and revealing a very unique sense of camaraderie and familial team work to make this show happen. Congrats.



Brilliant!! Joshua, your reframing of classics mixed with new miracles is a true masterclass on the presentation of impossibilities. Bravo and Thank You!!!



Amazing. Best "one man" show I have ever seen. Its strength is it is organic, meaning no "magic props." Well done. Must have taken years of thought to put together. Congratulations on this achievement.



This is amazing. Its not just a show, it is a new kind of piece of art !





A very wonderful variety of magical items presented. So much creativity going on in Josh's show, that is really inspiring to behold. I feel that this magic is on a whole other level, hard to describe with words.



Amazing and cohesive magic storytelling. Really well presented in a very close-up environment.



The show is amazing - spectacular magic presented in an incredible manner, but the "behind the scenes/explanations" video is the real value here. Even if you have no plans to ever stage a professional magic show (I don't), Josh's story of putting 6 Impossible Things together is endlessly fascinating and the lessons learned are applicable to every aspect of performing. This is ultimately less about how to do a card to impossible location trick and more focused on how to make your magic astonishing and memorable.





Amazing show ! I was blown away


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  • Steven asks: What did the deluxe one have that this one doesn't?

    • 1. Jack answers: The program, poster, pocket square. It’s not signed & numbered & also dosen’t include access to future live events
    • 2. Dean answers: The standard edition also doesn’t have the hard bound program book.
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  • Donald asks: Hi! I tried to get the Deluxe version when it was first offered in order to get the addition behind-the-scenes material but it was sold out before I tried to pull the trigger. As it was implied that this set/material would never be again available, I went ahead and purchased the show-only stream. If only I had known what was around the corner … I guess “them’s the breaks”??

    • 1. Jim answers: Customer service should be able to help.
    • 2. Justin answers: Feel the same way. Wouldn't have bought the show if I had known this would be available.
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  • John asks: Are the bending forks explained?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is discussed and explained.
  • Steve asks: Are DVDs a thing of the past? Asking for a friend ...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly DVDs are on their way out
  • Jeff asks: Do you offer a downloadable version--i.e. the video of Six impossible Things & the explanation without the merch?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We offer a downloadable version of just the show. But the show and explanation in the set are downloads.
  • Mark asks: Which thing is most impossible?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That'll be for you to decide.
  • Jiho asks: Until when can I pre-order this product?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Until March 3rd
  • Danny asks: Wondering if the ‘standard version’ is a limited version?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it isn't a limited edition, there is a certain number of sets made in the first batch.
  • Martin asks: Is there any consideration given for those that have already purchased the show download from VI prior to this standard edition being available?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Indeed there is. Check your email. You should have received an email with with a special discount code. If you cannot see it, check your junk folder, if still no joy, please email our Support Wizards: and someone will help you out with the code. Hope that helps.
  • Justin asks: I second the question above about consideration for those of us who purchased the show only, after the limited edition was sold out, before this was available. I had the limited edition in my cart, then couldn't purchase because it sold out before I checked out.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please check your email. You should have received an email with with a special discount code. If you cannot see it, check your junk folder, if still no joy, please email our Support Wizards: and someone will help you out with the code. Hope that helps.
  • Michael asks: I know it doesn’t ship till March, but are the show and explanation available to stream right away via Vanishing Inc account?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you'll get instant access to the videos after pre-order.
  • Van asks: Does the kit contain any gimmicks we need to perform the tricks? Or is the video enough to keep us going until March?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No gimmicks are included. Only collectible items that commemorate the show.
  • Mike asks: This looks a very stimulating project, which I am on the point of ordering! Just one question. Are all of the 'Impossible Things' brand new effects or are any previously released effects (e.g. The Trojan Deck) used? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While some of the effects feature previously released products or plots, all of them are unique to the show.
  • Chris asks: Does Six Impossible Things mean 6 different magic tricks? If so, what are they? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Six Impossible Things is the title of the show. You are receiving the full show, filmed in 4K plus explanations for all of the routines and interviews with the Team.
  • John asks: How can one obtain the watch used in the show?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, those are not made at this time. It was custom-made for Josh.
  • Riley asks: What are all the tricks included in this set and is the Trojan deck included?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not receive any of the props for the tricks in the show as they are all unique to the show. However, Trojan Deck is the only release that you can buy that was used in the show. All of the other props will have to be sourced.
  • Colton asks: Will the Six Impossible Things deck be sold separately in the future?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not at this time.
  • Ryan asks: Are the downloads structured in such a way that I could show the performances (and maybe any amount of behind-the-scenes content) to a non-magician without exposure? I'm interested in this box set for myself, but I'd also like to know how much I could potentially share with say, significant others who have an interest in immersive theatre/production/etc.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely! You receive two separate downloads. One is just the show, and the second is just the explanations.
  • Randy asks: Is the credit card to the block of ice explained?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is explained
  • Kiho asks: I bought this in Korea when Jay came. But cannot find lecture Is it possible to down load lecture and the show in Vanishing? QR only send me to the login page

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You'll need a Vanishing Inc. account to view the video. If you get stuck, please email our Support Wizards ( and someone will help you.
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