Slydini's Knotted Silks

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Slydini's Knotted Silks

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Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. (From $34.95)

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Slydini's Knotted Silks - magic
Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks Slydini's Knotted Silks

A beloved classic of magic remastered for modern magicians.

"Slydini's Knotted Silks" is widely considered to be a masterpiece of magic, and it's not hard to see why. All of the magic happens right in front of their eyes and is impossible to explain. It's as entertaining as it is magical.

Everything you need to perform this incredible effect is now available in one convenient place. Its easy to do and is guaranteed to astound audiences of all ages.

Two silk handkerchiefs are tied together. They are tightened by both you and your helper. Your volunteer can even tie their own knots. Despite these impossibly fair conditions, you are still able to make the knots disappear into thin air.

You will receive two premium, custom-made silks. They offer a beautifully elegant look and have been crafted to the exact requirements needed to start learning and performing right away. They're available in two sizes for either close up or parlor performances (18in and 24in).

The true gem of this "Slydini's Knotted Silks" set though is the teaching. You can now learn this iconic effect from two masters of magic's past and present. "Slydini's Knotted Silks" is easy to perform and, now, it's easier than ever to learn!

It starts with a 40+ page eBook of Slydini's original routine. You'll learn every aspect of the effect step-by-step with the detailed annotated instructions accompanied by nearly 70 photographs.

Then, you'll welcome in the legendary Bill Malone for a complete download walking you through his take on the routine. Bill's "Test of Strength" been honed and refined in front of real audiences. He will teach you every detail, right down to the invaluable subtleties that make it a true workhorse.

  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Perfectly-made custom white silks (18in or 24in)
  • Great for parlor or close up
  • 42-page annotated eBook with nearly 70 photos teaching Slydini's orginal routine
  • Digital download from Bill Malone teaching his unique handling

With this "Slydini's Knotted Silks" set, you'll have everything you need to start performing right away. The only thing missing is an audience for you astound!


Customer reviews for Slydini's Knotted Silks



This is a bargain. If you check out VI's site, you'll notice you can purchase the ebook separately...for $59.99. For this purchase, you get a small box containing the silks, a card with the access code to download the tutorials AND the ebook for $34.95.

While this is an excellent buy, I gave this a 'good' rating. While the video tutorials are of very good quality, they are repurposed vids from what looks to me L&L productions. Don't get me wrong, I was a big fan of L&L and bought a lot of books and vids from them and they produced great stuff.

My primary reason for purchasing this set was due to the annotated ebook. While I would've preferred a hardback version of the book, this is the next best thing. Slydini was one of my favorite performers and anything he released I tried to obtain for my collection. I haven't worked with the silks and don't plan to in the near future; however, I still recommend this for those collectors who are fascinated with Slydini's work.



The quality of the seams on the silks are not the best. After using them for a week, they are falling apart. I had bought a different brand those were even worse. I don’t know a good one to compare to but these don’t seem to be them!



I’m experienced with this piece of magic so I have owned several different sets of silks (handkerchiefs). This is the worst set so far. I don’t like leaving negative reviews but I have to be honest. The material is feels great the first few hours or so, but after you tie so many knots, it gets severely wrinkled and even to the point of affecting the outcome of the effect. Many loose threads and several popped stitches on my set. They say they are made to the exact specs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I hope VI sends me another set on behalf of Murphys so I can at least use one set strictly for practicing and the other for performance only.


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  • Patrik asks: I bought the download "World's Greatest Magic - Slydini's Knotted Silks" is the teaching material the same?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The methods are similar but the teaching is different.
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