Smoke Watch Pro

Trick by Joao Miranda
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Smoke Watch Pro

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Trick by Joao Miranda (350.00)

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Smoke Watch Pro - magic
Smoke Watch Pro Smoke Watch Pro Smoke Watch Pro Smoke Watch Pro Smoke Watch Pro

João Miranda's innovative Smoke Watch is back and better than ever!

When the Smoke Watch was first introduced in 2016, magicians around the world were blown away. This was the first time they could produce smoke without sleeves and they couldn't get enough. It was even used by David Copperfield live on TV at the ACM awards.

As a result, the Smoke Watch sold out completely!

Now, this original design has been rebuilt from the ground up to create the revolutionary new Smoke Watch PRO.

Producing smoke immediately adds a WOW factor to any magic trick and it's never been easier to do than now!

Key Upgrades

  • Wireless Charging: The watch automatically starts to charge when placed on top of the charger. It also vibrates to indicate when the charge is complete.
  • Crown Activation: Meticulous design and engineering was dedicated to placing a micro spring in the crown that allows you to activate the smoke by pressing it.
  • Handsfree Activation: In addition to activating the watch with the crown, there is also a micro switch on the wristband that allows you to activate it by pushing your wrist against your body.
  • Programmable Delays: You can now easily program the smoke delay time from the moment the watch is activated. Vibrations also provide constant feedback.
  • Customizable Smoke Amount: As a result of customer demand for a shorter cloud of smoke, you can now produce either 3 or 5 seconds worth of smoke.
  • Improved fan: A new manufacturing process has been used to increase the angle of the fan blade and make both the fan and smoke more efficient.
  • Increased Comfort: The internal battery is now in the watch shell instead of the wristband, making the entire device significantly more comfortable.


1. Do I need the Smoke Watch PRO if already own the original Smoke Watch?
The Smoke Watch PRO has been carefully re-designed based on customer feedback. It is superior in design, performance and comfort.

2. Does the Smoke Watch PRO tell time?
João felt it was incredibly important to create a thin and modern watch that didn't raise suspicion. For the watch to tell time, extra mechanics would have needed to be added. This would have increased the thickness of the watch significantly and made it look like a magic prop. Therefore, a conscious decision was made to have the device NOT tell time.

3. How many puffs of smoke can a fully-charged watch produce
A fully-charged battery should last for about 25 puffs of smoke.

4. How long does it take to charge the Smoke Watch PRO battery
Approximately 2.5 hours.

5. How do I know when the battery is low?
The improved circuit board vibrates 3 times in a row when it's time to charge the battery. It's also specially designed to not let you fully discharge the battery.

6. How long does it take to refill the watch?
It's very easy and convenient to refill the watch. All you need to do is apply a tiny bit of smoke liquid on the coil. This takes just 3 seconds.

Every Smoke Watch PRO set comes with:

  • Smoke Watch PRO
  • Lipo rechargeable battery
  • Optimized wireless charger
  • USB cable
  • Refill liquid
  • Leather box with custom foam insert

Customer reviews for Smoke Watch Pro



This is what it says it is, that's why I'm giving it 5 stars, infact most things on this website are what they are advertised as, and vanishing inc has easily the most responsive and active support team ive ever seen, I did not understand something on the tutorial so I emailed vanishing, Joao Miranda himself responded within 20 minutes.

Is it loud yes, sorry you cant do this in solitary confinement, does it work you bet it does!



I think the smoke watch pro is great, you get to set delay of time before the smoke starts and have the smoke go for 3 or 5 seconds, your choice (I prefer the 5 secs) but what I find is a negative is the noise, I mean their has to be some nosie in the background not very loud but there is a limit of sound for it to be 'silent' I know not every gimmick is perfect but there has to be more noise then one person talking, but this is great for parties and stage. Some other things I found was a negitive is the shape of where the smoke comes out, it's cylinder shaped and I was kinda hoping it was more rectangular shaped so is less notice able, but no one is really gonna check out your wrists, (unless they got a thing for that) just an idea, and another thing is the watch maybe too small for some people it barely fits me. Lastly their is a adapter that connects to the smoke machine and to the watch and it just might pop of now and again, it's not bad just a bit annoying because then I have to take it off and connect it back but other then those things. Pretty cool watch.



Not ready for prime time :

So I strapped this device to my ADULT WRIST and tried it a few hours . I MUST SAY THAT THIS IS PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE . I do not know if the designer understands that there are big people in the world . Genetics in his region may dictate smaller boned people but my people are a scad larger - my bothers , dad and mom all over 6ft . I guess it’s a Norse thing . We are all big people... I feel like this device needs a longer strap and more holes .( at least ) It can be worn a long time but it is pretty uncomfortable.

Charging the unit :
I charged mine on the Qi plate as instructed . It seems to get pretty warm . I am going to check with Vanishing but I have my concerns about it getting so warm. I may need to measure the temp but it seems a bit hot .

Fan Noise : unless you are in a moderately noisy room, the fan is too loud . My smoke pro has no fan and works great !I am going to say this : No fan is needed . The steam is lighter than air , It doesn’t need a fan.

$350 for this ? They need to drop the price by $250 .
I am not entirely happy with this purchase .



I have had it over a month now and it has completely petered out . For the price I would expect far better performance $300 ? Are you f ing kidding me? It is not reliable it has let me down two times already and now it doesn’t work at all. I have been very careful with it I have been very careful and keep the charged To keep it clean keep it maintained and today it completely failed . I highly recommend you don’t purchase this THING. Smoke watch PRO ? More like smoke watch rip-off.


Community questions about Smoke Watch Pro

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Dmitry Evgenievich asks: Hi. In the old version of the watch, the fans often broke, I changed 3 fans in my watch, and it was often difficult to control the battery discharge. How is this issue resolved in the new version of the watch?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Those elements have been retooled and replaced. If you are concerned, we are guaranteeing the product fully.
  • Anthony asks: Alternative watches have had issues with routing the flow of smoke. What makes this watch reliable?

    • 1. James answers: João is great at design. His design should not have routing issues.
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  • Hutson asks: Is the watch and smoke safe to the health of the user and audience?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. It's vapour produced by heating vegetable glycerin.
  • Justin asks: Does the smoke come from the watch or the strap? Im wondering if I can change the strap and use the button on the watch to start the smoke.

    • 1. James answers: The strap. Changing the strap would require some DIY work.
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  • Justin asks: Also does the smoke look ok if you wear the watch up your sleeve higher than your wrist and have the smoke come out your sleeve?

    • 1. James answers: It should work. Your audience probably won't see as much smoke.
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  • Stanley asks: Does the watch function as a normal one? Or is the screen always off?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The screen is always off.
  • Nathan asks: Is there a warranty?

    • 1. James answers: João has helped me with repairs up to two years after the purchase. After two years, you would have to buy a new one.
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  • Veronica asks: I like the idea of this device .I like it a lot . But it is close to $400 . Is the battery replaceable ? Does the heating element burn out ? I made a replacement element for one of my devices from a light bulb filament . Would that work with this ? How durable is it if dropped ? My current small , palm sized device has a replaceable element that ships with it . It cost less than a third of what this does . If the element snaps , can I replace it or do I need to send it in? Honestly , $250 would be steep , $350 is up in the stratosphere .

    • 1. Jim answers: The short answer to the technical questions is that João stands behind his products. If you have battery issues or element issues, contact him—he will help. Overall, it is durable—but since it is strapped to your wrist, dropping it is unlikely.
    • 2. Veronica answers: Some of my questions are answered but not all . Like my filament question . $350 . And I have to depend on someone standing behind their products? I have my hand held smoke device and I CAN replace the filament . ... I have a remote flash gun - I had to literally debug why it failed . ( It helps to be an electronics tech but every gadget gimmick or thing I get usually requires tweaking) Ellusionist has this flash gun. I had to come up with a bunch of fixes for it . My previous 4 units would quit working in about 2 weeks . I had enough replacing them , sending them back and aggravation. I got the 3rd gen, it works but not until I had to solder in a new switch . I have to install a reset because when it loses pairing , it doesn’t re pair unless you reset which Ellusionist left out the reset button on the 3rd gen device . I just didn’t feel like sending it back. The device is a good idea though so debugging this beta has become a project for me . I will say that what I did to that device made it much more reliable . When I took it apart , the switch was caked in some gunk probably stuff from the flash cotton . The switch was so caked , I had to replace it . ( I developed a fix for that too) also , the soldering was so bad , I had to reflow all the major solder connections . Now I just need to install a reset switch . You see my point though ? A magician needs to part electronic repair tech as these gadgets are not beta tested well . I would call the pyro mini a lemon and you gotta fo certain things to make it reliable . I as at a show and my 2nd gen utterly failed . I tested it 15 minutes before the show but get on stage and : 1985 Hyundai mode ! I have a flash gun I am developing that will be better though . I solved a major prob with Masika’s electric touch recently too . Pm if you want the fix btw. $350 ? I’m considering it, $150 for the pyro mini is acceptable but this is a bit steep.
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  • Andrea W. asks: Can I order the smoke pot separately from my watch I need another

    • 1. Jim answers: Our supplier doesn't offer them separately. Sorry!
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  • Mark asks: I'm not familiar with electronic smoke devices, so what other additional purchases will I have to make in the future? (i.e batteries, liquid, filament, etc.)

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You need to purchase the refill liquid here:
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  • Kurtis asks: Can I replace the element when it’s broke ? Are there spares available so I can fix it myself after the warranty has run out ? Thanks

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