Socks: Christmas Edition

Trick by Michel Huot
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Socks: Christmas Edition

39.95 usd

Trick by Michel Huot (39.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Socks: Christmas Edition - magic
Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition Socks: Christmas Edition

Our biggest hit trick is back...with a special Christmas Edition!

This version of "Socks" is ideal for the holidays, and "Socks" turns out to be a PERFECT effect for virtual shows. With the holidays just around the corner, you should consider adding this trick--and this festive pair of holiday socks--to your order.

In case you've been under a rock for the last year, here's what happens in Michel Huot's sensational "Socks" effect: you show two packets of cards with a picture of a different sock design on each one (that's right--SOCKS on cards--how cool is that?). The goal, you explain, is that despite random shuffling and a spectator's free choice to stop you as you deal through both packets, they will SOMEHOW select the same, matching socks in each packet. But it goes WRONG. They choose two mismatched socks. But, to make things right, you reveal that you are WEARING THE CHOSEN, MISMATCHED SOCKS.

"Socks" has it all: intrigue, a great premise, an unexpected surprise, and humor. It works just as well through the screen as it does live, and now we have a Christmas edition PERFECT for the holidays.

The effect is the same, but this time you predict a pair of HOLIDAY socks. Each of the cards has a different holiday sock design, which makes the trick topical for the holidays. As per the original, the chosen socks don't match, but you reveal you're wearing each one of the mismatched holiday socks on your feet. Our holiday designs are over-the-top kitsch and will add to the hilarity of the moment when you lift up your trouser cuffs to show these clashing holiday prints.

We've reflected on what makes "Socks" so powerful, and why this Christmas edition is so strong. We believe it's because "Socks" taps into a core curiosity of our everyday lives: choosing socks, occasionally wearing mismatched socks, and the rarity of finding a perfect match. We also love that the reveal is genuinely a surprise that nobody seems coming, but in retrospect feels inevitable. And, whenever a revelation can be visual rather than simply written out, it's stronger. "Socks: Christmas Edition" is the perfect addition to your holiday zoom show, and the most surprising trick you can perform for friends and family at this year's gathering.

Includes: Specially made socks, cards and wallet, and video instruction

"Socks is a fun, interactive routine with a killer surprise ending they won’t forget!" Richard Sanders

Michel Huot’s Socks Knocked mine right off my feet! So clever and simple with a fun and organically visual payoff, this piece will play just as strongly in a corporate strolling environment as it will in a casual private party. Michel’s performance and explanation made me smile from start to finish. Just great! Francis Menotti

Socks knocks my Sox off. It’s funny, mysterious, and not at all difficult. I will use it, so will you. Marc Salem

Socks is unique and super strong. It is so rare to have something that combines magic, comedy and surprise in such a powerful way for the close-up/parlor performer. This is going right into my repertoire! Marc Desouza


Customer reviews for Socks: Christmas Edition



The best thing about this trick? You come as a well-dressed entertainer. Stroll the room (I'm wearing bright pink shoes and a pink bowtie) and nobody has an idea. But when you do a little show and halfway you roll up your pants and they see these big socks, laughter is guaranteed. It simply looks stupid and nobody sees it coming. Only then do you reveal that the cards are a match after all...and mouths drop open. They have been fooled. So sweet...



Socks is one of a kind. Having so many moments of magic and all you need is a pair of socks and some cards which comes with a nice card holder. Michel's also leaves no stone unturned in the tutorial, even going to the extent of teaching you how to properly wear a pair of socks.



This is an amazing trick!
Performed it last year around christmas and everybody loves it!
The only thing i do different from the explanation of Michel is the force.
Craig Petty showed a different force for Socks on his youtube channel a few years ago that suits me more.

But this is a killer trick and a must have for the holidays!!!
it even has a card reveal on the socks itself.
Most of the times i perform it i start with a card trick that goes wrong, then do socks and as an extra kicker reveal their card on the socks.

VI Monthly




VI Monthly




This has been part of my act since it got released . Own all versions of it and the quality is great , the socks feel like banana republic socks, very comfortable to wear even if you have massive calves as they are stretchy.
The Xmas version will not disappoint you.



People love this trick. And in my eyes, it's perfect for the holidays. I don't use the kicker, but that's the beauty of magic, we can (and should) make the tricks our own. As I said, the reactions are great, especially when they really believe you got something wrong and slowly reveal the socks.
The cards and socks are of great quality, although the socks are socks, so you should wear them carefully.



VI Monthly


A really fun and unusual trick. Not much to add to everything else that has been said, except to offer one caveat-- I do think it's important for people to understand that, as with most effect trailers, what you see is the best case scenario (in terms of spectators stopping on the right cards). For seasoned pros, the sense of timing required won't be much problem. For everyone else, there is a very strong likelihood of not hitting it. If that happens, the "cleanup" is very messy. For people not comfortable with the timing, there are other methods offered, including using the gemini principle (which I think is the best version). Ultimately, I highly recommend this -- but understand that what you are buying is great props, and good routine / handling ideas. This is probably the best $40 you will spend in terms of something fun that you will use. What you are *not* buying is some secret or gimmick to make the spectators stop on the right cards as shown in the trailer. As Vanishing Inc stated, that's timing and psychology.





I performed this trick for the first time this weekend at the first holiday shows I've done this year. It went over great both times! The props are good quality and they instructions give you several options if things don't go as planned! The reactions were awesome. I did the kicker after the reveal, but that seemed to confuse everyone. Other than that, I'll be using this trick a lot this Holiday Season!



I performed this for our waitress tonight and she was blown away. A little later, she brought over another waitress and she too was impressed. Then, they brought over two bus boys and they were amazed! Since the reset is simple, I had no problem being ready! And though they were surprised at the socks matching their selections, it was the kicker that brought their acclaims! Well done! I will be wearing my socks to every Christmas event I go to this season :)



Great routine!
I worried at first, now I see a great way to have the spectator pick the socks I want. If fact you are shown several ways to accomplish this. If you're on the fence about purchasing this trick don't be. All you have to do is pick "your" favorite method and a little practice.
Thank you!
Now all I need to do is purchase the standard set of socks.



Wow! What a great trick. When I saw the original version, I wasn't really interested. When I saw the Christmas version, I thought it might be good for a couple of Christmas parties that I was performing at. Did it at both parties and it went GREAT!! I'm definitely going to have to buy the regular version now. Really enjoyed performing this. I like that there are several versions taught. The first one didn't work for me, but one of the alternate ones was perfect. This is a trick I'll be adding to my repertoire for sure. So fun for both me and the audience. They didn't see the revelation of the socks coming. And the extra kicker ending - FANTASTIC!!! I really love this trick.



Socks, they look great. the cards which comes in a quality card holder, this also comes with a PDF file of the socks playing cards, which includes a back design card, as well as all the face card images, there are two videos of demos, and tutorials, liam does one method using the gemini effect, which i think is great for beginners, the other video comes with demo and tutorials too, using severall different methods, i feel this video could of been explained a lot better, A refreshing, and a good fun trick to do for all ages.



Got this last year and it's fun to do when you have a small crowd. The matching socks comes as a shock to people. By the can have fun doing the" pateo force" with one special sock card and 13 others.
Tom Williams





Very nice Instructions. I would suggest an additional Part with instructions in "clean" english for those who are not english mother tongue. I bet if Josh would have done one Part with his touches it would be even better. Especially the pat about different forces.
But even without it is a very nice trick for all ages from kids to grannies, everyone will be entertained.
I wish there would be a Socks Version with Superheros. I would by that instantly. As I have the standard, X-mas and Halloween :D


Community questions about Socks: Christmas Edition

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  • Kev asks: Are the cards examinable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Stephen asks: is this self-working? Can it be done with no secret moves, wearing white cotton gloves? (I'm a local Santa Claus.)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As taught, it requires some timing, and a hint of psychology. But no sleights, so your gloved hands should have zero problems if you can deal cards in them.
  • Gene asks: The big problem of the orginal Socks was the size. One size fits all. Well I couldn't use them because I couldn't get them on my feet. The socks didn't stretch to well and. Did this problem get worked out for the Christmas edition?

    • 1. Dylan answers: I'm a size 13 and they fit me fine. Are you a larger size than that?
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  • Vernon asks: I am a dwarf and wear small cloths. Are the socks one size fits all?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are, but they might be a lit large for you.
  • Nate asks: Is there an option to buy one of the other “pairs” of socks? I’d like to have a little variety, without having to repurchase the whole effect.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Your wish is our command:
  • Michael asks: Is there any discount on the Holiday Socks for those of us who purchased the original Socks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not. The product includes newly printed socks and cards.
  • Travis asks: Is there a stage handling for this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The handling it comes with works for stage, you just have to hold the cards up a little more.
  • Andrew asks: I know you can buy a pair of the original socks, but can you buy the cards too? Ooooorrrr Did I imagine it, or did somebody say on the original socks questions that they had a pdf of the images, so they could make their own cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The original version does come with PDFs for printing your own cards of any size.
    • 2. Jim answers: No and no. Sorry!
  • Björn asks: Do the cards of the Christmas Edition have the same back design as the cards of the Standard Edition ?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
    • 2. Michel Huot (creator) responds: actually the answer is no!
    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
  • Shing Tak asks: is the bottom have the "Foxxe" same as standard edition?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • Vikram Singh asks: Will this version still give us access to the handling by Liam as well?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
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