Super Lemon

Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng
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Super Lemon

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Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng (65.00)

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Super Lemon - magic
Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon Super Lemon

Convince your audience they’ve been collectively hypnotized and make them question everything they know with “Super Lemon”, your new favorite mentalism opener.

“A super opening routine for any mentalism performance. Quick, snappy, and with multiple revelations along the way. I love it.” Michael Murray

Brought to you by Henry Harrius Presents, “Super Lemon” has been Alex Ng’s signature routine for nearly a decade. It is a mind-bending routine that was inspired by a Florian Severin concept featured in his bestselling book What Lies Inside (produced right here at Vanishing Inc.).

You start by asking your audience to choose a fruit. Regardless of their answer, you produce a lemon and invite them to partake in a game of imagination. Using just a lemon and knife, you take your audience on an intriguing journey.

Through each step, they’ll be convinced you’re truly holding a lemon and knife. But, once the game is over, they’ll be shocked to see the knife is actually a fork and the lemon is simply a yellow paper ball. They won’t believe their eyes.

This is a strong moment on its own, but it is the new kicker ending that will leave their jaws on the floor. You open up the paper ball to reveal that their chosen fruit is printed on the inside.

“Super Lemon” is a simple and direct powerhouse. The perfectly-fabricated gimmick makes the necessary switch more efficient and undetectable than ever. A full script is also included to help you get the most out of this routine.

“Alex and Henry not only improved the underlying switches and perfected the gimmick, but also added a whole new miracle kicker that pushes the entire performance forward. If you want a reliable opener for our show that instantly classifies you as a master of minds, stop searing. You have found it. I am not using my method anymore, but Alex’s “Super Lemon”. Florian Severin

”Super Lemon” comes with:

  • Artificial lemon
  • Specially-designed gimmick knife
  • Custom "Super Lemon" gimmick
  • Fruit cards
  • Script PDF for the audience-tested routine
  • Complete video instructions

“This is a fantastic twist on a psychological game that will perfectly fit both mentalists and magicians. The props that come in the package make it a joy to perform.” Luca Volpe

“‘Super Lemon’ is a clever adaptation of Florian Severin’s “Imagination is a Lemon”. My mouth is watering over the possibilities.” Patrick G. Redford


Customer reviews for Super Lemon



Henry Harrius and Alex Ng have put out a very nice product. Though Ng released this in the past in his book, this is the package routine. They go through everything you need to perform this and provide several variations of the routine to help fit your style and routine. Everything is covered. The effect itself is very unique and strange. It is one of th effects that is talked about after because of how out-of-pocket it all seems. It is easy enough with some choreography and blocking along with a solid script this is a killer. Again, I need to repeat that this routine needs you to have a solid script and handle of what you want to say with the timing. While the method itself is pretty simple, the hardest part is going to be getting your audience to listen, focus, and understand what your point is.
Great purchase.

VI Monthly


A very well constructed and finished routine that is an excellent finished product. It is not more of the same ol stuff. I love the unique nature of it. The choice of fruit ideas that come with it are very well thought out but I will be trying this with a Svenpad. It would have been nice if yellow paper came with it but it would not have fit into the nice box without folding which could pose problems if you want to print your fruit. I am looking forward to performing this. I may have to get a jacket though. I don't feel like it will look near as clean without one but it still deserves the highest rating. Physical difficulty: not very. It would take a bit of well constructed misdirection to pull this off but that has already been brilliantly figured out and is well taught.



Super Lemon is a great trick! Perfect for involving the whole audience to open a show!

The routine is clearly laid out in the instructions, and although the simple moves seem bold, they fly past everyone as the misdirection is structured in to the script.
A very clever trick which I am enjoying performing in every show I do!



I like this. It's really up to you and your ability to come up with a great story or idea here. They give you the actual performance script etc. but I've changed mine up to be more of a hypnotic type effect. Super Lemon Easy to do also, you'll be able to pull this off pretty quickly with just a little practice. Anyone who is complaining about not getting the yellow paper for the paper balls in my opinion is just complaining to have something to say. Go to Office Max or Office Depot or Staples and just buy some yellow paper and you're ready to roll. I recommend this effect, the props are great, the lemon looks real and the knife and fork are super easy to use.



I have used this trick a few times already, to illustrate to my crowd the importance of talking nicely with each other. How one's words can really effect someone else's day. A true message which resonates with everyone. And then this trick is used as an experiment, to prove this point.
A few things to know: I basically knew what I was getting before ordering, and knew that it really should be a little cheaper, but also realized the quality of what I would receive would be worthwhile and last. So far I think I am right.
Next point, you will not be switching the lemon for a paper.
It will be simpler than that! You have a few options as far as the fruit appearing at the end. You can preshow force it, or during the show itself. There is a comedy aspect of her choosing the fruit available. And there are actually a number of completely different forces given with the trick. Choose what works well for the specific venue. It is not necessarily limited to one fruit, though I have just used this option so far.
The misdirection needed, is real easy!
Solid unusual trick.



This is a fantastic effect. I currently use it as a display of Psychology and how you can use psychology to rewrite memories in my shows.

The routine itself is pretty easy, not a lot of difficult moves are used to accomplish the feat. The gimmicks don't have moving parts so there is not much risk of them breaking on you. and in the end, you can build your own fairly quickly.
The only 2 things you'll need to provide are.
1. Yellow Paper (you can get a nice stack of Astrobright paper from amazon for around $20)
2. A Suit Jacket or any Jacket of some kind. (It is possible to perform without a jacket, but it requires a bit more work)

I do prefer to use a real lemon in my show (Because I use it for a different routine later, this is a good routine that allows me to introduce the material in a decently natural way)
Plus the fake lemon that comes with the routine is a different size and color than the paper balls I use. I want them to be as close as I possibly can make them furthering the legitimacy of my claims.

The instructions are In English and also have subtitles. It contains Full Studio and Show performances and goes into pretty deep detail on not only how to perform the routine but also different ways to achieve some of the needed work. The video quality overall is rated as medium. It's good enough to get the information across and doesn't feature a lot of fancy camera work.

If you are wanting a stand-out Routine for your Mentalism or Magic Show and want something fairly easy to execute, then this is for you.
If the idea of you not receiving a piece of yellow paper will encourage you to abuse the rating/review system for a product, maybe This Field is not for you. lol.



Lovely piece for parlour, and fits well with any 'power of suggestion' routines. Having used it a few times now the reactions are better than I expected, frankly. One niggle is that a l***x lemon would definitely have been better than what is provided; the ditch and switch leaves you with a lump in your pocket, or having to explain how pleased you are to see someone.



Let me just say up top, this is trick of the year contender. It won't win, because by December a load of new shiny stuff will have replaced it in our collective memory (David Jonathan will have released a new effect by then). But it probably should. It is THE perfect opener; the best I've seen in years. Weird, immersive, engaging, hypnotic, funny, powerful, mysterious - just about everything you want an opener to be (with each bit depending on your own theatrical preferences and character). The props are beautiful and very good quality. A somewhat strange choice was made with the lemon that means you'll pretty much be forced to wear a jacket or perhaps claim sudden groinal elephantiasis. This was unnecessary and loses it a point from a complete product point of view. Also note: if you buy from Vanishing Inc you don't receive the yellow paper required to do the trick. Small thing, perhaps, but why? Any effect should be do-able out of the box, especially at this price point. FYI Henry supplies this if you buy direct. So, another point deducted for this product on this website. In short: Trick of the year? Quite possibly. 3 stars.


Community questions about Super Lemon

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  • Mika asks: Is it possible to write the name of the fruit yourself? English is not my native language, so I'd need to write the name in my own language. Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • James asks: Do the audience all have to close their eyes for the hypnosis?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They don't have to close their eyes.
  • Randy asks: Please discuss difficulty of performing

    • 1. Damian answers: It’s technically easy but if you aren’t a experienced performer it will be tough. Skills in misdirection and presentation are required.
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  • Cüneyt asks: The names of the fruit does they have to be in English or is it also possible in German. In other words are the fruit cards gimmicked or can they be replaced by other ones ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The name of the fruit can be in any language.
  • Danny asks: I’ve read that if you purchase this from Vi, you do not get the yellow paper that you need to perform the trick - can you please confirm this one way or the other?

    • 1. Matthew answers: You definitely don't.
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  • Alessandro asks: Can you also craft the yellow papers with regular paper and in different languages?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
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  • Avrohom asks: This question is based on the VI posted review. Is it advisable to get a L%%%X lemon to use with this trick, instead of a real one? And if yes, any particular one recommended? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can get one but because of the method, the fake lemon that is provided is perfect.
  • Nicholas asks: Is the gimmick and all other materials required the kind of thing a person can make for themselves “in a pinch” without too much difficulty? (I care a lot about my show being “bulletproof” in case something is lost or damaged.)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The fork-to-knife gimmick cannot be made but it is possible to get creative and change the handling if you're in a pinch.
  • Bryan asks: When they choose a fruit, is it via the fruit cards or do they just name a fruit? Can it be a different fruit for different performances?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are a few versions taught.
  • Laurence asks: When will Super Lemon be back in stock?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unknown right now. But if you fill in the "email me when this item is back in stock" form on the page, an email will automatically go to you the second the stock is added to our system. Hope that helps.
  • Anat asks: Is it allowed to go through airport security with the knife/fork in the carry-on bag?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is still a metal knife and still a metal fork so I would say, it might get flagged.
  • Jaden asks: Upon reading reviews, it’s “suggested” to wear a coat. I absolutely do not use any kind of sleeves or coats when performing. Are there methods taught NOT using a coat and/or different ways to rid the lemon?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, the method taught is to ditch the lemon in a jacket pocket.
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