Trick by Menny Lindenfeld
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Trick by Menny Lindenfeld (55.00)

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Tempus - magic
Tempus Tempus Tempus Tempus Tempus Tempus

A revolutionary new approach to stopping time with your mind. This legendary underground system is finally being made available for the first time ever.

This is the most comprehensive course on watch stopping I've ever seen with some truly lovely touches!" Colin Cloud

"Tempus" by Menny Lindenfeld allows you to perform the cleanest and most impossible time-stopping demonstrations. These are so powerful and fair, we wouldn't blame your audience for believing you truly have superhuman ability.

With the "Tempus" system, you can stop time on single and/or multiple borrowed watches. Once time is stopped, you can let go of the watch, step away and let it be freely handled. It will remain motionless. You can even stop time while the watch hangs by the strap from your fingertips or as it lays on a table isolated under a glass.

This system gives you full control of when the watch stops and comes back to life. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to perform, especially considering it uses a borrowed watch.

Your "Tempus" set includes all the necessary gimmicks and accessories, as well as a MASSIVE masterclass on the most innovative time-stopping secrets ever developed. More than two decades of experience and 12 full routines are packed into this incredible 4-video collection. You get legitimately everything you need except a watch, because, well, you'll most likely be borrowing that from a volunteer.


  • Underground kept secret for two decades
  • Original and powerful system
  • 12x KILLER routines
  • No electronics
  • Watches can be borrowed
  • Works with most commonly available watches
  • Winding knob is never touched or pulled out
  • Handle the "dead" watch freely & openly
  • You can let go of the watch (and step away) - watch will remain "dead"
  • You have full control - cause a watch to halt or continue ticking at your command
  • Perform close-up, on the table, frontal, in spectator's hand, on Zoom, impromptu and more
  • Perform without touch - (e.g. watch isolated under glass or held by a spectator)
  • Perform fully surrounded (most techniques are 360° angle-proof)
  • Examinable before and after the performance
  • Perfect for social media videos & virtual shows
  • Small pocket space. Easy to carry and travel
  • Always ready to perform
  • Perfect for everything from close up magic and street magic to parlor and stage magic
  • Can be easily applied to your own routines
  • All gimmicks and accessories included (+ metal carrying case)
  • Comes with complete masterclass on time-stopping

"Menny's thinking is of a rare breed, both clinical and artistic." Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC)

"An ingenious method & gimmick that will make your audience feel that you have real powers to stop time! This goes straight into my walking mentalism repertoire!" Luca Volpe

IMPORTANT: You do not receive a watch with "Tempus". You will need to borrow one from a spectator or provide your own.


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Community questions about Tempus

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  • Chuck asks: Is there any risk of damaging a borrowed spectators watch? Such as magnetic forces?

    • 1. Leonardo answers: He suggests to mainly use quartz watches
    • 2. Chuck answers: Leonardo (or anyone): aren't the quartz watches (i.e. electronic/battery/quartz crystal) the ones that can easily be damaged by magnetic forces? Aren't quartz watch owners warned in their accompanying literature to keep the watch away from magnetic forces? And what about patients with implanted defibrillators? I'm just trying to be sure if I want to consider this or not and any potentially associated risks?
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  • Richard asks: It says "Works with most commonly available watches". Is it easy to tell if your victim has the right sort of watch or do you have to ask questions beforehand to find one suitable?

    • 1. Leonardo answers: You have to use a quartz watch, he teaches you how to find out if it's a mechanical or quartz watch, but you can search on YouTube as well
    • 2. Chuck answers: You said "your victim" above. My questions above is specifically so that no one in my audience will become my "victim." That's too much liability on my part!
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  • Jack asks: Will this work with the Time Smith watches?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As long as the watch is quartz style, you should be good.
  • Callum asks: Is the masterclass a DVD or download? I just purchased Tempus but it hasn't appeared in my downloads section.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Video link should come with the product
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