Dream Drink

Trick by TCC Presents
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Dream Drink

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Trick by TCC Presents (119.95)

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Dream Drink - magic
Dream Drink Dream Drink Dream Drink Dream Drink Dream Drink Dream Drink

Produce an array of different drinks from a singular carton of milk.

"Dream Drink" is TCC's practical and organic take on the classic "Magic Pot" effect. It is a special device that allows you to transform any normal milk carton into a powerful tool. First you pour milk and then, from the same carton, can also pour tea, coffee, cola, orange juice, red wine or really whatever liquid you want. And they're all real, consumable drinks!

The idea of pouring different types of beverages from a singular container has been around for 1,000s of years. This mysterious effect has stood the test of time because it continues to dazzle audiences of all types. In fact, Wolfgang Moser's take on the effect, better known as "The Magic Teapot", earned him a FISM trophy.

A fascination for this effect, led Colin and Heiman to study every aspect and variation of it. TCC then helped bring this unique version to life. It is more customizable, natural, powerful and affordable than nearly any "Magic Pot" style routine.

3 Essential Features Of "Dream Drink" by TCC

  1. All produced beverages are 100% real and can be drank
  2. You use the same carton for the whole performance; No switches needed
  3. The milk carton can be torn open and shown from the inside after your performance

Additional Important Details

  • Increased flexibility allows you to customize the types of liquids produced from three to five
  • Can be adapted to nearly any brand or size of milk carton
  • Very convenient for traveling performers or those who want to adapt to local brands
  • Use any cups or liquids that suit your environment
  • A fresh and modern take on one of the oldest and most fascinating magic tricks in the world

IMPORTANT: Your "Dream Drink" set comes with the gimmicks and instructions needed to modify your carton. You will need to provide the carton itself though, along with any liquids or cups you want to use use. This allows you to fully customize every aspect of the routine to suit your style and performing environment.


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Community questions about Dream Drink

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  • Will asks: Are the liquids drinkable, and do they actually taste like what it’s supposed to taste like?

    • 1. Will answers: Answering my own question. The product description states 100% real and can be drank
    • 2. Michael answers: Just a comment: The text should read, "... and can be drunk". Using the past tense here (drank) is not correct.
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  • Will asks: What kind of refills will be needed for this

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The refills for this are extremely easy to obtain
  • Ivan asks: The description says supply your own carton. Will the gimmick work with most cartons? I'd say it's fair to say the milk carton in the performance isn't common. Is the size and shape of the carton a factor? Also could the gimmick be used in a flask, as shown in the trailer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick will work with any carton, this gimmick can’t be used in a flask
  • Rod asks: Obviously American milk cartons are different from Uk cartons which again are different to Spanish or Portuguese cartons. Will this effect work with any size and shaped carton ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Can be adapted to nearly any brand or size of milk carton
  • Tony asks: I don't love the straw bit in the routine shown in the video. Is this connected to the method, or would the trick work without having the spectator drink through a straw?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They would need to drink through the straw
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