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The Magical Mentalism Tour - magic

After the incredible success of the Travelling Trickster, Magicseen Publications is THRILLED to present The Magical Mentalism Tour, another full-length book filled with a variety of incredible and workable material from comedy mentalist Mel Mellers.

You'll learn nearly nearly 30 of Mel's wildly-entertaining and highly-commercial routines that have been honed over years of professional performances. The Magical Mentalism Tour also features an intriguing essay discussing the importance of perfecting your basics, as well as a whole section dedicated to versatile one-liners.

Mel is known for creating direct and practical routines. He has a real knack for getting straight to the point and creating the desired effect without any fuss. Many of these ideas will undoubtedly find a way into your working set.


  • Introduction
  • Svengali Postcards
  • Any Time Impromptu Book Test
  • My Drink Prediction
  • Blackout Gag
  • Minor Miracle with M&Ms
  • The Magic Square
  • Thumbwriter Ploy
  • Just Chance Running Gag
  • Don't-Touch-the-Deck Card Revelation
  • Pseudo Rapid Memory Demonstration
  • Fairer Than That
  • Perfect Match
  • Opposites and Associations
  • The Mind Reading Banana
  • Personality Cards Trick
  • Never Repeat a Card
  • The Basics
  • The Envelope Ploy
  • Snowstorm Scrying
  • Not the Queen of Hearts
  • Stand Up Any Card at Any Name
  • The Psychic Glove
  • The Devil's Hanky Switch
  • National Geographic Book Test/Drawing Duplication
  • Sergi Vodka Volotsky - the Russian Mindreader
  • Pocket Power
  • Dial a Mindreader
  • Name The Name Under Impossible Conditions
  • Pull String Switch Pad
  • One Liners

9" x 6" softback • 92 pages


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  • Glenn asks: How many of the routines in this book can be performed in a parlay or stage setting?

    • 1. Randy answers: Good question. If you're a fan of The Travelling Trickster (as I am) then you would love this. I can definitely say that the majority of the effects can be performed in a parlor or stage setting. The material is excellent, and I hope that it stays under the radar! Randy Masters
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I love Mel Mellers material. And with that being said, this book just reinforces my feelings.

Out of the 29 items in the book, I have tagged 14 as interesting in either concept/premise, method, or both. Almost 50% of the book has something that intrigues me.

I'm usually pretty happy if I get 1 or 2 items in an extremely expensive book. FOURTEEN! That's crazy. And that's not counting some of the gags!

Now I'm not saying I'll end up doing all 14 items...but I'll consider them. And this makes this book worth so much more than the price.

One point of interest...I believe this material was printed previously in MagicSeen Magazine, based copyright page.

The Magical Mentalism Tour by Magicseen Publishing