Thoughts on Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic

Book by Nathan Kranzo
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Thoughts on Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic

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Book by Nathan Kranzo (35.00)

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From the hilarious and creative mind of Nathan Kranzo comes the professional advice needed to truly be funny while performing magic.

"An instant Classic for the next generation of performers." Paul Kozak

Across these 116 pages, you'll find the most valuable insight Kranzo has gained over his years of performing for real audiences. These world-class pieces of advice and hilarious stories give you everything you need to build a solid foundation of comedy magic. This includes the number #1 secret to choosing funny material that works for YOU every time.

Thoughts On Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic will teach you things like:

  • How to make any magic trick truly funny
  • How to transform a simple card trick into a stand-up showstopper for a larger parlor magic or stage magic audience
  • How to increase your entertainment value for any crowd or environment
  • How to ensure you get the proper introduction needed to set your performance off on the right foot

These are the nitty gritty, hard-won secrets to comedy magic!

Grab your copy of Thoughts On Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic today!


Customer reviews for Thoughts on Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic



Nathan Kranzo offers numerous performance insights that many may find valuable. For example, his advice about handling hecklers and disruptive audience members is great.

However, the input from an editor may have benefitted this treatise.

Under the header, “In Conclusion” at the end of the book, the author writes, in part: “It’s definitely not the last word on comedy magic or maybe even, the first word.

"It’s just some random thoughts and observations I though I would share.”

The organization of the material is, indeed, random.

One wonders if Mr. Kranzo arranges the sequence of the comedic stories he tells, his routines, or performances, as randomly as the material in this book has been presented.

The typographic formatting is, well, unusual. The first and last chapters are set “ragged right” as many books are. But inside chapters are set in justified columns.

The line and paragraph spacing are uniform throughout the book, but it is widely exaggerated. This 116-page book could easily have been 80 pages long, with optimized formatting.

Finally, an editor may have suggested that the author consider the necessity of peppering the text with occasional vulgarities. Fine in comedy club, perhaps not so much in a tutorial.


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