Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0

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Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0

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Trick by Lee Jah Bond ($135.00)

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Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 - magic
Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0

We upgraded our ultra torch to another level! Introducing E.I.S. Electronic Ignition System. Now you can ignite your torch whenever you want without set up. All you need to do is press the button -- the fire then ignites.

We also provide a feather set allowing you to do this amazing effect when fire is not available for your venue.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Visual stage magic


  • E.I.S. Torch
  • Ultra Cane (Torch)
  • Feather

Community questions about Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0

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  • Adam asks: So when you press the button the flame comes on... so i assume when u let go of the button the flame goes off? Allowing the flame to be gone before the cane is open covering the torch? Which is then creating less soot inside the cane ? And does this torch come with a metal cane? Or is it a attatchment? And if it is a attatchment what canes will it work on Thanks

    • 1. Tony answers: Here is your answer: 1. Nope! The cane makes the flame turn-off. I mean the cane expanse and make the flame goes off 2. Yes! This torch comes with a metal cane
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  • george asks: Where do I find colored canes with a threaded female connetion to use with this? All the Ultra Canes I see online don't seem to have this option.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As far as I can tell, the canes with the threaded female connection are not currently available outside of the cane included in Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0.
  • Michael asks: The video mentions a feather. Does that mean you can perform a feather to cane, without any fire?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes that's right.
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Customer reviews for Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0



It's very cool but the cane doesn't extend to it's fullest when the torch is attatched. When you use the feather or just the cane by itself it opens completely. When the torch is attatched it only opens to 3/4 of it's length. Also, it lists some accessories but I can't seem to find them - even on the mfg's website. I'd like to purchase different colored canes and feathers to use with this but they need to have a female threaded connection on the cane and I don't know of any others out there that have this.

Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 by Lee Jah Bond