Visions of Wonder 1 - 3

By Tommy Wonder
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Visions of Wonder 1 - 3

104.85 usd

By Tommy Wonder

3 DVDs: DVD $69.99 or download for $99.95 | Downloads: $99.95 | Also available individually

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Our goal at Vanishing Inc is not to push the newest trends or the latest releases. It’s to equip the dedicated magical student with the right tools. And if you’ve been in magic more than a week, you’ve heard the name Tommy Wonder. He is, perhaps, our generation’s greatest magician. He died a few years ago, way too soon, but with a legacy we can all be grateful for. And Visions of Wonder is the best way to sample this wonderful man’s magic. It is the best and most comprehensive footage of him that exists, and it should be considered essential viewing. It may not be a new release, but if you passed it by years ago, now is your chance to pick it up.

Tommy performs a variety of close-up, cabaret, and stage material, so you get a very good feel for his style and how it looks in many different genres of magic. You will most certainly learn some PHENOMENAL tricks on this set, but pay particular attention to Tommy’s performance style: he is commanding but passive, endearing but mysterious. There was only one Tommy Wonder.

The best parts of the DVD are the explanations, because Tommy takes the time to tell us how the HELL he thought of all the crazy inventions he performs and their evolution to near-perfection. Some of these explanations (especially the watch to sealed box) will make you LAUGH because they’re so clever.

Pay close attention “The Tamed Card,” perhaps the most commercial and beautiful wild card routine ever devised.

Watching these DVDs will undoubtedly make you a better magician. Tommy Wonder is the perfect role model in magic, whether you’re new to the art or a longtime student. Highest Recommendation. 

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Also available individually as hard copy or downloads:

Visions of Wonder #1
  • The Ring, the Watch, and the Wallet
  • Magic Ranch
  • Through the Eye of The Needle
  • The Tamed Card
  • Two Cup Routine
Visions of Wonder #2
  • Elizabeth IV
  • Rubik's Card
  • Deja Reverse
  • Socked Coins
  • Cough DROP
  • Vanishing Bird Cage
  • Boomerang Card
  • Ring and Rope Routine
Visions of Wonder #3
  • Nest of Boxes
  • Coins Across
  • Ambitious Card Plus Ring Box
  • Card Through Handkerchief
  • Everywhere and Nowhere

Customer reviews for Visions of Wonder 1 - 3



In my opinion this is the best DVD set on the market. Tommy Wonder is a true master of closeup magic. This is a must have for closeup magicians!



The King holds court with indispensable theory and a masterful displays of attention direction and clever techniques to inspire. A must-have companion to the Books of Wonder from one of the true wizards of our art.

VI Monthly


Tommy Wonder is truly amazing. These videos are a little dated, but his magic is timeless. There is no way to absorb everything here in one viewing. It is very interesting to watch his timing and the effect on the audience. Even after knowing the methods, his rhythm is so good that it is impossible not to get caught up in the magic. He is able to create suspension of disbelief without appearing to try. Simply wonderful. Fantastic video.



Clearly a must have. This still is in my top three magic DVDs of all time. And the great thing is, you pick up new nuances and subtleties every time you watch. My highest recommendation even if you don't do any of the material!



If you are into magic on any level you must study the work of Tommy Wonder here you get to see the legend himself.Some of the best close-up you will ever see.If he doesnt fool you,you are lying to yourself.


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  • Jim asks: I love Tamed Card and have done it for years now! My cards are pretty shot though and I was wondering if I could purchase just the cards needed for the effect or at least just the gimmicked cards, which would match a regular Bicycle Deck

    • 1. Jim answers: You would have to put them together yourself. I believe that Card Shark offers them in Phoenix backs.
    • 2. Jim answers: Thanks!
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