Wand Spins

Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall
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Wand Spins

14.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall ($14.95)

To become a true master of your craft, you must have an eagerness to understand every detail of even the most basic ideas.

Few embrace this concept more than Ian Kendall. And in this amazing download, the master magician will have you completely rethinking your feelings on a move that is often overlooked or undearppreciated by most magician—the wand spin.

"Wand Spins" is a 20-minute lesson offering priceless insight that any magician who uses a wand can implement to immediately elevate their act. On top of learning the real work on the classic Drummer's Wand Spin, you'll dive into Bobby Bernard’s Spin to show an empty hand, and enjoy a detailed study of the Vernon / Silent Mora wand spin—including it's use as a vanish.

If you use a magic wand, or plan to use one at any point, don't wait any longer. Download "Wand Spins" today!


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Hi Robert, many thanks for your review. I didn’t put any clips of the Silent Mora vanish in the lesson for the reason you mentioned; that everyone has their own routine (and it’s not strictly limited to cups and balls, either!). However, I can provide you with a couple of clips. The first is a short demonstration I did for a group during the lockdown, and the second is from a show I did in 2006 called The Golden Age of Magic (the vanishes start at the 5:30 mark, if you want to skip the preamble!).

I hope that helps your understanding of the move. Thanks again, Ian

Clip 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13B5WaMcvVo

Clip 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T96rqy453yI



This video was such a great help and the best resource I found so far in learning the Silent Mora/Vernon Wand Vanish. And the other two wand spins are fun to learn as well! Definitely a must-buy for people who want to learn one of the wand spins.



20-minute video teaching you how to spin a wand in three different ways... Plus... It also teaches you the Silent Mora / Vernon Wand Spin Vanish.

The tuition is really clear and gives you exactly what you need to learn the spins. I specifically bought this video to help me with the vanish. Ian points out a few subtleties that have really helped me to get it to work much better than it was previously so was very much worth the price.

The videos are older, so don't expect modern production quality. What's taught is ageless and is all you need to get started with using a wand in your magic.

Highly recommended.



Excellent discussion of three different wand spins, Bernard, Drummer and Vernon/Silent Mora. The last of which is what everyone wants to learn for the Vernon Cups and Balls. The moves are taught slowly and clearly and in great detail. There is even a short discussion of misdirection which is valuable. What is lacking is a demonstration of the Silent Mora spin during a short cups and balls routine to give it context. I suppose this wasn't felt necessary as we all have our favorite routines, but I think it would have added to the lesson to see the spin as performed by Kendall in the context of a performance.


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