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We're always looking for the next great effect and love working with magicians that show a true creative spirit and attention to detail. We'd love to see what you've come up with.

Have lots of ideas? Send us your very best! We're especially looking for fully worked out routines that you have performed and refined. If you're looking to create a gimmick, it's great to see a prototype in action.

We guarantee a fast response (normally within a few hours), and we love to work with people who show a true creative spirit, and attention to detail.

At Vanishing Inc., we are committed to improving the art of magic. We have a very high standard for the magic we carry in our store. We want all of the members of our Vanishing Inc. family to feel comfortable shopping with us and knowing they're getting the absolute best. We don't carry junk, and we seek to produce magic on the cutting edge.

Why release a magic trick with Vanishing Inc.?

  • Become a partner and earn the most best royalties in the industry
  • We offer complete transparency on financial data
  • Get special perks, including heavily discounted magic
  • Benefit from the biggest marketing team in the magic industry
  • We hire our creators to perform and lecture at our conventions and retreats
Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Meet the Team

Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin are professional magicians who became best friends when they met as teenagers. They cofounded Vanishing Inc. 15 years ago and it has grown to be one of the largest magic teams in the world. With over 40 magicians on staff, you'll work directly with experts who can produce, video, photograph, and design magic at the highest quality.

Our team also consists of expert magic demonstrators at our stores in Disneyland and San Francisco, who will be performing your magic for hundreds of tourists each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these questions before submitting your trick.

What kind of magic are you looking for?
We prefer tricks or routines that have been tried and tested by the creator. Whether that's an amazing gimmick that you've created, or a full, professional-calibre routine, we want to see it!

I have an idea, but it's not finished. Shall I submit it?
We only take on routines that are fully worked out and ready to go. Read our 1,000 Performances blog post for more information.

How much do you pay?
Once you submit your trick, we'll review it and get back to you with an offer. We don't discuss payment information until we've seen the trick.

Will I get to work with Andi and Josh?
Yes — Andi and Josh are involved in every project we take on. They often perform our best magic to road test it before we release it.

Shall I include credit information?
Yes please! Including any crediting or research to show the originality of the effect is super helpful.

Can I describe the idea on the phone?
Our first point of contact is always via email. We receive a lot of submissions and it's the easiest way to allow us to review your trick quickly.

I don't have a video. Can I still submit?
We only take on performance ready magic and it's impossible to see how good a trick is until it's performed. Therefore, please include a video with your submission.

I have many ideas. Shall I submit them all?
We receive a lot of submissions, so please only send us your very best. We'd rather see your very best trick than a bunch of ideas.

I'm not a magic celebrity. Can I still submit magic?
Many of the magic celebrities of the past decade have started their journey with us. We're always looking for great talent, regardless of how well known you are.

Can I withold the method until I know you're interested?
Your secrets are truly very safe with us. We'll never share your magic with anyone else, and we'll never release it without your permission.

How long will it take to hear back?
We aim to respond to all submissions within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from us, please check your spam folder.

Can I send you a book proposal?
Sure! But all book proposals need to come with an outline and at least one completed chapter.

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Tips for the best submission

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  • Include a link to a video of the trick (example: Dropbox or unlisted YouTube links)
  • Include a brief explanation
  • Include any crediting information
  • Tell us why you think it's a good fit for us
  • Wait until the trick is ready — we prefer complete tricks to ideas