World's Greatest Magic - Card To Wallet

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World's Greatest Magic - Card To Wallet

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The card-to-impossible-place plot is almost as old as card conjuring itself with the earliest ancestor of the trick we now call the Card To Wallet appearing as "The Card in the Pocketbook" in early magic literature. Over the next two centuries, magicians devised a myriad of ways to create the effect of a selected playing card appearing mysteriously in the performer's wallet, and in this collection, you'll find an amazing variety of methods for all skill levels.

Card to Wallet effects

  • Bendix Bombshell - John Mendoza
  • Professional Card to Wallet - Alexander de Cova
  • Card In Wallet - Michael Ammar
  • Card In Wallet - Eddie Tullock
  • Momma In My Wallet - Dan Fleshman
  • Card To Wallet - Alex Elmsley
  • Card In Wallet Routine - Eric DeCamps

John Mendoza begins with two selections appearing in the zippered compartment of a wallet that was in plain sight throughout the routine - and there's no palming involved. Likewise, Alexander de Cova has devised a way of recreating the famous LePaul effect of a signed playing card appearing inside an envelope, and, once again, there is no palming involved. Michael Ammar is next with an extremely logical approach to the effect as a torn playing card visibly changes into a credit card, while, naturally, the playing card is found restored in the performer's wallet in the space previously occupied by the credit card. Then, Eddie Tullock, the king of trade show performers, demonstrates how to turn a basic card-to-wallet effect into a powerful promotional tool. Dan Fleshman offers his take on the classic Red Hot Mama effect with a socko wallet finish, while Alex Elmsley demonstrates a card-to-wallet effect that uses no gimmicked wallets and is virtually always ready to perform. Finally, Eric DeCamps presents his card in wallet routine with three selections that can play in a stand-up as well as close-up situation.

The discovery of a chosen - and oftentimes signed - playing card in the magician's wallet is a centuries-old crowd pleaser, and if you're looking to add this all-time audience favorite to your repertoire, you won't find a better starting point than this collection.

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  • Mark asks: Is a special wallet required for any of the routines? Can any wallet be used? Thanks for answering this.

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, on the special wallets. They are noted in the box, where the list of effect is.
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  • Mark asks: In what box is the list of wallets needed for each routine listed? If you mean the box the DVD comes in, what about the download? Thanks

    • 1. Daniel Jose answers: That is a reference to the list, in a box, on this page.
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