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Millinnium Bug trick Trick
Millinnium Bug trick
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

EffectThe perfect trick for the turn of the century and beyond. Be ready to amaze and amuse for the millennium and beyond with this easy-to-do and entertaining routine. The magician mentions fear of the millennium bug in regard to computers and explains that even cards are being affected! Three...

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21st Century Canasta Book
21st Century Canasta
Book by Mark Elsdon - $27.95

Inspired by Chan Canasta, so you know it's good. But when spectators lose their minds, you'll know it's great! 21st Century Canasta is the product of Mark Elsdon, and you probably won't believe it can be done until you read this book! A spectator shuffles a deck (even their own!) and turns over...

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21st Century Card Magic Book
21st Century Card Magic
Book by James Swain - $49.95

This, James Swain's last book for magicians, has some phenomenal magic inside. Work by Bill Malone (a great and easy pass), as well as loads of beautiful gambling-themed routines. This is an excellent volume with all sorts of strange routines unlike anything you've read before. if you...

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