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Airtight Trick
Trick by Jay Sankey - $19.95

EFFECT: A selected and signed card is lost in the deck. A spectator chooses a balloon and the magician holds it in his open hand. The magician slams the deck against the balloon and the deck literally becomes "sucked" into the balloon! The balloon is blown up and the cards are shuffled around...

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Sankey-tized Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
Sankey-tized Volumes 1 & 2
DVD by Jay Sankey - $29.95 each

Jay Sankey has created some of the world's most inventive close-up magic. This DVD features many routines using ordinary objects like cards, coins, keys, rings, spoons and more. He employs simple methods to render his effects entertaining and magical. These classic Sankey DVDs are...

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Nanomagics DVD
DVD by Roman Garcia Pastur - $34.95

You may not have heard of Roman Garcia but once you have seen this, you will want to see more! His magic is completely impossible looking. The plots that he chooses are fascinating and his methods are amazingly fooling. - The Spitted card In this effect, the magician...

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