Socks Appeal

Trick by Bill Abbott
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Socks Appeal

125.00 usd

Trick by Bill Abbott ($125.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Socks Appeal - magic
Socks Appeal Socks Appeal Socks Appeal Socks Appeal Socks Appeal

You pull out a bunch of very colourful socks from a laundry hamper explaining to the audience that it's hard to choose which ones to wear on a daily basis...from your exciting collection!

You hand out 8 single and different socks to 8 audience members to hold.

Ask each of them to drape their sock over either one of your arms, anywhere they like, as long as it's not on top of anyone else's socks.

One random audience member is selected to eliminate the socks from either arm. They make their choice and the socks from that arm are dropped into the hamper. Another audience member chooses to eliminate the odd or even socks. Whatever they select you remove and drop those socks into the hamper. Down to the last two socks you ask a final participant to choose one, they do...

You say it's an EXACT MATCH! Lifting your trouser reveal your bare ankle! (to audience laughter!)

You then lift your other trouser leg to reveal...the MATCHING SOCK!


  • Can Be Performed Close-Up, Parlour and on Stage!

  • Packs Small & Plays HUGE!

  • Can be a different sock prediction every show!

  • Involves up to 11 audience members who never have to leave their seats!

  • Perfect mentalism for any audience, adults & kids!

  • Can be Customized for the Client, Audience, Season or Event!

  • Is 100% Bullet-Proof and can be performed up close and completely surrounded! Complete Pro Pack Includes:

  • 2 Full Video Performances featuring Bill Abbott at a House Party and 'The Wonderist' Chris Funk's recent appearance on the Masters of Illusion TV Show.

  • Complete Instructional of the routine by creator Bill Abbott.

  • 8 Pairs of Socks carefully selected by Bill Abbott exclusively for the routine.

  • Black Mesh Pop-Up Hamper To 'Dump' The Socks During Your Performance PLUS Keeps Your Socks & Stage Clean!

  • Zippered Clear/White Vinyl Carry Bag for all the Props What The Pro's Are Saying:

"The simplest, minimal prop, heavy hitting, entertaining, interactive, mind blowing opener I've used in years! I received calls from magicians after my Masters of Illusion TV performance of Socks Appeal asking if it was stooged! It's that powerful!"

  • Chris Funk

"Socks Appeal has been a fantastic addition to my weekly shows at Holy City Magic in South Carolina and NEVER fails to wow my audiences!"

  • Wayne Capps

"Socks Appeal is so much FUN to perform, it's already become an audience favorite!"

  • Mark Alan

"As always, Bill delivers, as many of you know who use his products, they are workers. This is another great routine that packs small, but plays big, and Bill's subtleties, execution, and script are perfect."

  • Alex Alejandro

"Just finished a week of shows at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and Socks Appeal was, without a doubt, the one they were talking about after the show!"

  • Bill Abbott

*TV Performance Rights are prohibited.


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  • Timothy asks: Is there a gimmick included with this effect or is it more about careful wording and presentation? And is the final choice truly a free selection?

    • 1. Will answers: This is a very fancy equivoque trick. Great presentation. Most of the value here is in the 8 pairs of premium socks, hamper and the teaching of this equivoque method.
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Socks Appeal by Bill Abbott