Lee Asher


Ace of Spades magically transforms into the signed selection. It's simple, direct and a lots of fun to show around. These are three qualities we've come to appreciate in Lee Asher's material - and Panini is no exception. This entry-level card routine is impromptu, works under fire and never fails to impress.


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Customer reviews for Panini


Awesome!! My favorite sandwich effect now!!



This is a effect that is both simple in execution and simple to understand. The ace changes to the selection, what could be simpler! The teaching is easy to follow and you will get this down in minutes! It is that easy. This routine could lengthened and I created a second, transposition phase to add another phase using the ace and the selection.

Another great one from Lee Asher!



When i first saw this, I thought it was a shift of some sort but done super smooth and invisibly. But boy was I wrong! No shifts, no dodgy moves, no complicated sleights. In fact, barely any sleights at all! I couldn't believe the simplicity of this effect, only Lee Asher could've thought up something this incredible. For those reasons, this is a fantastic sandwich/ transformation effect which will suit the style of many amateur and proffesional card men alike.



This is a nifty little trick by Lee Asher that I thoroughly enjoyed learning and using... I find it to be a great opening or closing effect to most sandwich routines. Thank you so much for putting this up. Buy it, it's great and worth the price.



This trick created by Lee Asher is brilliant! When I first saw it before I bought it, I was fooled and amazed. However, after buying it and seeing how simple it actually is makes the trick just that little bit more special! It doesen't matter how good you are at card magic. There isn't really a sleight - it has just been designed beautifully allowing anybody to be able to do it. It is a brilliant trick and is definitely my favourite sandwhich effect! Definitely a must BUY!



The effect is so incredibly easy to learn and with the great crystal clear instructions, you too can perform this tricks within minutes of learning it. Absolutely worth it for the price and highly recommend to magicians of all ages!!!



I was never really a fan of sandwich effects, but after learning this, I think I'm hooked. The handling isn't too difficult to learn, and the effect itself is mind-blowing for the audience!



Panini is a great effect and a nice magician fooler. It's very easy to learn, but don't think that because it's easy it's not powerful. It is! You can't go wrong with this one!



i think panini is a very good quick effect. I have fooled many people with it



This has to be one of my favorite sandwich tricks in print. I love the method as it's so simple and direct. I often teach this to laymen who know a little bit about card magic already.